Cosmic Game of Thrones Part 3:  Principalities and Powers; Sigils and Ensigns

Ephesians 6:12 is one of the most preached verses in the Bible but our "traditions make the Word of God to no effect".  Nobody seems to want to identify who are the principalities and what are the powers.

This scripture is famous:
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

In our study of the cosmic drama around us of a spiritual war being played out on the backdrop of human history it is important to recognize the players on the battlefield and the weapons of the warfare.

Paul recognized this throughout his epistles. Most churches only pay lip service to this. In our on going series to help you understand the cosmic battle I want to divide up that verse into three categories:

1) We wrestle
2) Principalities
3) Powers

The Kingdom of God is divided into various areas of authority and territory with rulers over then and there are various weapons of warfare available to the church also called powers.

The kingdom of darkness is also divided up into various principalities headed by Archons or also known as fallen angels who have various powers which they use to control their territories.

Lets look at some of the examples of what I am talking about by looking at their symbols that the Lord has given to us to understand the battle order, the weapons and the territory objectives.

A. Who are "We"

Below is a graphic of what the Bible in Acts 7:38 describes as "the church in the wilderness".  I know it does not look like our neighbourhood church.  It is in fact an army encampment.  It is the Israel of God, the army of God, making preparations for battle to dispossess and clear out the Promised Land of Nephilim, giants, idols, temples, and all manner of satanic invasion and occupying forces sitting on the inheritance of God's people.

The army of God was divided up in 12 divisions (the tribes) and these army divisions were grouped in 4 Army Corps each under its own banners.  All were around army headquarters of the Tabernacle where orders were issued from the heavenly commander. The support functions were done by the Levite encampments around the Tabernacle in the form of instruction, training, singers of continuous praise and worship in the Tabernacle and offering of sacrifices.


What you see here in this graphic is a physical earthly manifestation of the throne room of God in heaven with our Lord and King enthroned and the hosts of heaven around the throne in their various orders and functions. I can't elaborate here but that is the reason why the Lord told Moses to construct the Tabernacle according to the pattern in the heavenlies.

In various scriptures we see that the battle ensigns of the army of God are to be rallied around and planted on "the high places".  An ensign is a battle flag to show soldiers in the midst of the battle where our commanders are and where to rally and what ground we have taken.

Num 2: 2 "Every man of the children of Israel shall pitch by his own standard with the ensign of their father's house."
Isa 18:3 "All you inhabitants of the world and dwellers of the earth see you when He lifts up an ensign on the mountains and when he blows the trumpet hear you."

Understand this: The Lord's army will plant their ensigns on all the "mountains" of the earth.  In scripture 'mountains" are signified as nations and territories.

B.  Principalities and their Sigils

The principalities of the Archon fallen angels also have areas that they rule over and they also raise their banners and ensigns (known in occult circles as 'Sigils").  Here are some of the sigils of occult forces:

The "Skull and Bones" is a secret society with many members in powerful positions in government and corporations. The 322 on their insignia is a much speculated on and they won't answer when asked (as was President Bush) as to what it means. It probably stands for Genesis 3;22 when Satan promised "You shall be like God".

The IHS symbol is the Sigil of the Jesuit order.  Those three "strokes" beneath their initials are the Hebrew "Vav" letter which is the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet or 666.

The swastika is a very ancient symbol of the Aryan races and can be seen on ancient Hindu Sanskrit writings.  It symbolizes the northern polar star of the constellation of Draconis the dragon with the tail of the dragon sweeping the stars of heaven.

My evangelical brethren will not like this but there is no such thing as the "Star of David".  It is in fact the very ancient symbol of the Cult of Saturn also known and The Lord of the Rings. In Acts 7:43 Stephen accuses the Sanhedrin that their forefathers forsook the Lord and "you took up the tabernacle of Moloch and the star of your god Ramphan figures which you made to worship them."  The Sanhedrin stoned Stephen for that accusation....and I am sure many evangelicals will want to stone me for that too!

The emblem you see here is not the Christian cross. It is the "Rosy Cross" sing of the ancient gnostic cult of the Rosicrucian's.  Lots to unpack here and which we can take up later.

C. Powers

The various Archons and their principalities have also at their disposal various powers by which to entice, bewitch, infiltrate and control mankind in order to gain territory and influence.

One of the greatest powers of influence and control that the Archons have is money and corporate power. The most famous occult power symbol in plain sight of course is the symbol of the serpent entwined around the twin pillars of Enoch...the dollar sign.

Corporate logos throughout the world also must acknowledge the Archons.  What people in the upper reaches of corporations and governments have realized is that there are hidden powers and forces behind world events.  If you do not "worship" these powers in the form of obeisance, praise and acknowledgment then things can go very wrong with your enterprise.

I can give many more examples of this but for sake of the limits of this blog I will just mention that the Chinese from ancient times recognize the Dragon power and you must ask "permission" of occult forces where you can build, what you can do. All ancient societies know you need to make sacrifices, acknowledgements, praise and worship to these forces.  Modern organizations like NASA know to their cost that you cannot just launch spacecraft into space without permission and acknowledgment of the gods of the air.  And so you have the 'Apollo" program, Gemini, Mercury etc and you only launch on certain dates when the stars are aligned proper. I kid you not! More on this later....

We need to explore these principalities and powers more as we proceed with this series.

For now let me say this...

The entire preaching on "end times" you are getting from books, TV and the pulpit is wrong!

There is no one Antichrist that will rule the world...there are many Antichrists as John writes in his epistle because there are many principalities and powers and we need to defeat them all.

Further....the Antichrist does not win!  There is no One World Government coming ruled by Satan. That is the vain imaginings of satanic forces who are all fighting for world control and Christians listen to their nonsense propaganda and believe it and desperately hope the Lord is going to take us out of here to spare us supposed persecution.  The only one world government coming is that of the Kingdom of God whose ensigns will be raised on all the mountains of the earth as we defeat the Archons one by one.

Further..."We wrestle not against flesh and blood"....that means we the Church are going to do battle against the principalities and powers and that means we do not get taken out of here until we have defeated them and forget the idea that 144,000 Jews are supposed to bring in the Kingdom of God...that is phony Jehovah's Witnesses nonsense infiltrated into the Church.

And we do not wrestle against people...we do not fight people who are under the powers of the enemy. We do not fight the Pope or priests or nuns or the Rothschild's or Obama or Hillary or Hitler....we pray for people for salvation and we win them for the Lord.  We fight demons and fallen angels and consign them to hell!

Much more on this later.....
For now...pray for our leaders, our government, our companies, our institutions and lets get them under Godly men and women who will bring them under the control of King Jesus!

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