Game of Thrones Part 4: Understanding the Kingdom of Darkness

I want to give you my working hypothesis as to how the kingdom of darkness is structured and operates, not as titillating horror stories but as preparation for spiritual warfare that is coming for the Church world wide. 

The Spirit of Antichrist

1 John 4:3 tells us that "...and this is that spirit of Antichrist that you have heard that it should come and even now is it already in the world."

This verse is a stark reminder to us that John was having the same trouble with the early church then as we have today.  People thinking that they heard Antichrist is still one day to come...but he tells them 2000 years ago and us today...that the spirit of Antichrist is already in the world and active. So at this point forget all about the false teachings you have been getting from popular so called prophecy books and televangelists about "The Coming Antichrist", supposedly coming out of the EU or out of Islam or Hitler, or Mussolini or Kissinger and all the other false prophecies and lets get back to the real prophetic Word of God....this enemy of  Christ and His Kingdom is not coming one day, he is here and he has been around for 2000 years and now more active than ever.

So lets unmask his activities, his kingdom structures, his command and control structures, his influence propaganda, his disciples, his prophets, and his human slaves. And lets do what Jesus did...."How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with him."  (Acts 10:38).

The spirit of Antichrist has been active in the world for over 2000 years. "Anti" in Greek means not only 'against" but also "in place of".  That means that whatever God is doing by His Spirit all over the world...the spirit of Antichrist is doing to replace it with the false, the counterfeit, the look-alike, the deception.

Does God have a Body of believers who praise, Him, acknowledge, Him, serve Him?
The satanic overlords crave the same acknowledgement, the same praise, the same servitude. And I want to make you aware of the various ways you can see the signs of praise and acknowledgment that his servants publicly display.

Do we learn through teaching 'how to hear the voice of God and how to be led by His Spirit?
The satanic overlords also teach their followers the various occult rites necessary to contact the spirit world for guidance. It is called in the Bible a spirit of divination and there a number of ways to operate it and I will share with you the various ways they do it and how we must stop it.

My Working Hypothesis

In my study of the satanic kingdom of darkness there are a number of what I call my 'working hypothesis" that I have concluded on. Let me give you some of the areas that I have researched and want to report on to you and hopefully it will help you in your understanding of the fight ahead:

1) The Dual Outpouring of the Spirit

"When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of God will raise up a standard against him" says the Word.  Ever since the outpouring of the Spirit in the Azusa street revival of 1906 there has been a parallel outpouring of both a new anointing of Holy Spirit on the Church and a parallel outpouring of occult satanic spirit in the world.

The horrors of WW1 and WW2 and the rise of communism and fascism was paralleled by an unprecedented missionary outreach to all the world.

The gifts of the Spirit revival of the 1940's and 1950's with the rise of evangelists and prophets and healing revivals, miracles...was paralleled by the post WW2 outbreak of UFO activity throughout the 1950's and starting with the Kenneth Arnold "flying saucer" famous sighting in 1947 and the Roswell UFO crash in 1947 at the same time as the great healing and evangelistic revivals.

The Charismatic movement of the 1960's and 1970's when God was pouring out His Spirit on all flesh and all denominations was paralleled by the great outpouring of pure rebellion and carnality of the hippy and drug culture movement with the rise of the new hard rock, heavy metal music paralleled by the new rise of worship music in the church.

I can carry on with this but you get the idea.  The satanic strategy here with the world wide flood of electronic media of TV, internet, video etc is drown the children of the world in a spirit of violence, pornography, rebellion, death and murder so that as at the Flood of Noah, the thoughts of mankind was continuously evil in the eyes of God necessitating the Lord having to destroy the earth.  All this to counter what satan knows is actually coming....the glory and the knowledge of God flooding the earth as the waters covering the sea.

My hypothesis: There is coming a greater outpouring of God's Holy Spirit on His church worldwide that will counter this evil and will instead the world media tools to spread the gospel and the knowledge of God all over the earth.

2) The Multi-structured kingdom

There is no one world government coming. The satanic kingdom is divided up in various principalities that operate under various powers.  The other mistaken idea that evangelicals have is that supposedly one third of all the angels of heaven are part of the rebel alliance.

This is a total misreading of Revelation. I do not have space to go into that issue here but let me say the best estimate of the total number of fallen angels in the rebel alliance is probably what the ancient books of Enoch (which Jude in our Bible quoted and which was widely read in Jesus day) said was 200 angels descended to earth.  They were divided up into 20 bands of ten in a band with one leader (probably an archangel) and 9 followers.

These groupings of 10 powerful angels led by an archangel have territories in the earth that they rule and operate from.  They all vie with one another for influence, for followers, for territory, for power. The book of Daniel reveals to us the actions of these archons over empires. With Gabriel telling Daniel telling that he had to fight the prince of Persia (where Daniel was living) for 21 days to get through to Daniel and then when he leaves the prince of Greece was going to come and fight.  Which we know from history was true when Alexander and his Greek army took over Persia.

Here is my working hypothesis on some of the principalities in the world today who are all striving under their archon rulers to increase their power and territory and fighting among themselves:

- Russia : Russia is operating under an ancient prophecy that they have received through the prophets of the Russian Orthodox church hundreds of years ago that Moscow was destined to be 'The Third Rome" (after the fall of Rome and Constantinople).  Russia has recently in the past years increased the power of its Orthodox church by banning other churches and by building 5,000 new churches and ordaining 10,000 new priests.

- Roman Catholicism : This ancient pagan cult ruled by the Pontifus Maximus of cult of Mithra does not wear the Triple Crown for nothing...indicating that they will rule in heaven, and earth and hell.  They have powerful troops in the field through Opus Dei, Knights of Malta and the Jesuit Order.

- The USA : They operate under the star of Virgo/Venus/Ishtar/Columba and openly on their currency declare 'Nouvo Ordo Seclorum : Annuit Coeptus" Which is from Virgil meaning "A New Order of the Ages : Our Undertaking is Blessed".  The new world order will be ruled from Washington Disitrict or home of Columba.

- The Fourth Reich : An outgrowth of the Third Reich which is ruling the EU and which Britain has said, no thanks we are out, we have our own ideas and powers for world government and that will be from City of London and not from Frankfurt.

- China : The dragon power of the Middle kingdom has always promised its followers that world rule is their destiny.  The plan is under way....but they did not count on the wonderful revival among the Chinese people

Now I can go on with Islam, Israel, Mormons, Scientology...and numerous other world power centres.  They all have mechanism of power. They all have their means at the highest echelons as to how they remain in contact and receive guidance and instructions from their ruling archons.

My hypothesis:  Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand and satan's kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. First bind the strong man of the house, then you can spoil him of his goods.

The Lord is spreading His Kingdom surreptitiously into all the strongholds of the enemy. The various principalities of each stronghold of the enemy is being invaded by God's army as strong men of demonic power are being bound and spoiled of their power, their influence, their captives and their servants.  There is revival spreading into all nations of the world! Rejoice our God reigns!

However we are from completing the task. So I want to give you my ideas on what the Lord has revealed to me about some of the strongholds, what are their power and what we need to bind their strong men in order to let the captives go free.

3) My Opening Gates of Hell Hypothesis

My working hypotheses on the interaction between this world and the spirit world is this:  Men are not allowed by God to fool around in the spirit realm and beings from the spirit realm are not aloud to fool around the physical realm.

God has given the earth (the first heavens) to mankind to rule over. He has given the spirit world for angelic beings to live in (the second heavens). Jude tells is that the Lord punished the fallen angels "who left their first estate" and mingled with earthly women to procreate children.

For spirit beings to enter the human realm they must be invited by men who must open a number of doorways for them to enter. God Himself when He wanted to save mankind had to enter this world as the Man Christ Jesus.  Jesus said I stand at the door and knock...if any man opens and lets me in....In similar fashion foul spirits and fallen angels knock on mankind's door asking for permission to enter...and thee entice with offers of power, secret knowledge, knowledge of the future, technology help, interventions, wisdom etc. 

To open the gates between this world and the next, the key is "Faith". Faith in Christ will save you and heal you. Correspondingly the satanic realm has al sorts of methods for opening the gates for them to enter our world. I have researched these and here are some of the means used and which we need to investigate further: (the use of "k" in magick is common to distinguish between stage magic and occult magick)

- Sympathetic magick
The use of "resonance" structures at special ley lines and power centres to open Stargates; used by Napoleon after a night in the Pyramids to obtain what he called his "Red deamon" spirit guide that gave him battle strategy.

- Ritual magick
Used by Joseph Smith founder of the Mormons to open a door and conjure a spirit to help him search for lost treasure.

- Talismanic magick
The use of sacred talismans such as idols, stones, icons, objects, skulls, imbued with occult power through acts of great sacrilege, child sacrifice etc to open doors to the spirit world. Such was the reason for the request for the head of John the Baptist which same head the Templars found in the Crusade (and was the reason for the first crusade and became a very powerful occult talismanic tool for obtaining riches.

- Opiates
Which have from ancient times used by pagan and no modern society to induce out of body experiences to make contact with the spirit world.  Sodom and Gomorrah were centres of drug trafficking which is the real reason why God destroyed them.

- Sex Magick
Various forms of sexual debauchery are needed to open the human spirit to the underworld.  That is why homosexuality and paedophilia are rife in certain pagan occult societies and why all ancient temples we sites for prostitution.  Also used by Ron Hubbard along with Jack Parsons in the 1930's in their "Baballon Working" rite to open a power portal which allowed Hubbard to launch Scientology and Parsons to launch "JPL" or the American space program.

There are others. But my working hypothesis is this:
The warriors of God need to know where the gates of hell have been opened and how to close them and rid planet earth of this alien invasion.  The world powers have all been duped by these lying spirits and now are enmeshed in horrors that they do not know how to get out of or how to control.  The alien invasion is intensifying and only the Church of Jesus Christ has the power and authority to bind these strong men and cast them into the Abyss for judgment.

I will be looking at a number of these 'Stargates" in the weeks ahead to help us understand how they operate and how we can cleanse our nation from their evil effects.

Lots of work ahead folks and major spiritual battles ahead but keep your eyes on our Lord Jesus who has already overcome them...we just need to enforce the judgment of heaven!

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