Cosmic Game of Thrones Part 6:  The Alien Invasion

All great powers of the world are trying to come to grips with the "watcher" phenomenon.  That mankind is not alone on planet earth...that we are being watched and surreptitiously interacted with....but for what reason?....and by whom?

After World War 2 there came a strange phenomenon all around the world....called "flying saucers" by the one of the first public reported sightings by pilot Kenneth Arnold.  Soon many new reports began to surface gaining national prominence with the famous "crashed saucer" report at Roswell NM. in 1947.  Then the big time saucer flap right over the Capitol in Washington DC. in July of 1952 meriting headlines in the venerable conservative Washington Post:


The public were alarmed and outraged...what is going on?  Who are these and what are these? Aliens from another world? Nazis from secret Antarctic bases? Soviet advanced technology?

Already during WW2 American pilots were reporting strange aircraft following them they called "Foo Fighters" who when challenged sped away at speed but never interfered with their missions...just watching and observing them.

While the Truman administration and subsequent administrations did everything to calm public fears with...nothing here, just your imagination, swamp gas, hallucinations etc. Behind the scenes a vast secret national security apparatus was being assembled with huge budgets, secret research labs funded, scientists recruited in what seemed to be a second "Manhattan Project" to find what in the world is going on, who is behind this incredible technology, can we reduplicate it, are these forces hostile etc.

Why the public display of hidden powers?

For we Kingdom warriors of God we have always known that there are hidden occult powers operating in the heavenlies and on earth. We also know that deep in the political power structures of the world there are people who also know who the "gods" are.

But the worldwide "UFO flap" after WW2 and into the 1950's was such an international brazen display by the hidden powers of their presence that it alerted millions of people to the reality of once hidden occult forces. 

The result was that military men, scientists, bureaucrats, psychologists...a range of various disciplines starting getting involved in trying to figure out what on earth is going on?

For the first couple of decades into the 1960's there was still this hippy era, new age cult idea of the "space brothers" have come to save mankind from nuclear annihilation and bring peace on earth.  But as we moved into the 1970's something very sinister started developing...

First the questions started developing...but why don't they just land on the White House lawn and demand a meeting at the UN and declare peace on earth and enforce it with their advanced technology? Why don't they solve our energy crisis with clean unlimited energy from space?  Why do they continue this "hide and seek" now you see them now you don't!

Then the chilling reports started coming out....UFO abductions!

These are not our advanced friendly Star Trek space brothers....
People were being abducted and really weird things were being reported...sexual perversions, harvesting of human sperm and eggs, rape, animal abductions with large amounts of blood and organs harvested.

The public at large was beginning to realise why the world governments were hiding the truth of "alien" visitations.  Yes they were here, but they could not be controlled, they were extremely irrational in their behavior, they were malicious and dangerous and there was nothing that can be done to protect ordinary people.

While a lot in academia decided this was a totally taboo subject, a veritable career destroyer should any serious scientist study this phenomenon or even acknowledge its existence certain secure tenured professors at respected universities took up the issue. Among them Dr. John F. Mack MD Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Prof. David Jacobs of Temple University.

Dr. Mack took the position that if these thousands of report by ordinary people of being abducted by Aliens were as widespread as reported then we have situation of national mass psychosis and this must be studied.  Prof Jacobs did the same.  As they delved deeper into this phenomenon with thousands of case studies here is the conclusion of Dr. Mack on the UFO abductee problem...

"The fact remains, however, that for thirty years and possibly longer thousands of individuals who appear to be of sound mind...have been providing to those who will listen consistent reports of such events.  Populations surveys suggest that hundreds of thousands and possibly more than a million persons in the United States alone may be abductees or "experiencers" as they are sometimes called"

Maybe more than a million people traumatized by UFO abduction experiences???

What indeed in the world is going on here?

Prof. David Jacobs who has studied the abduction phenomenon for decades has come to the very incredible conclusion....and I really suggest you take the time to listen to his conclusions on Youtube :

Aliens walk among us: Hybridization program 1100 documented abductions Dr. Jacobs

What Dr. Jacobs concludes is that we have an alien infestation on planet earth, they are involved in creating a Transhuman hybrid species on a massive scale and they want to take over.

Now if I was not a Bible believing and Bible studying child of God I would think this guy is completely off his rocker.

Except that I have read this agenda Genesis 6!  The sons of God (the fallen angels) come down to earth and take human wives for themselves.  These offspring of the mating or hybrids between mankind and angels are called in the Hebrew the Nephilim.  They ended up squatting all over the Promised Land of Canaan in various tribe known as the Raphaim, Gibborim, Anakim,....which is why the Lord told Joshua wipe them out man, women and child....which modern day people reading the Bible say "But how can God be so cruel!". 

These hybrids were prophesied to come way back in Genesis 3:14 when Satan seduced Eve and God cursed Satan and said..."and I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed..."  Which is why the Lord cursed Satan and said "you will eat dust" meaning he was to be cast out of heaven and confined to earth so that God can raise up the seed of Christ, the church, to execute judgment on him and his seed.

After the Eden incident the same thing happened in Noah's day....mingling of fallen angels with mankind to bring about evil hybrids.

Daniel 2:43 prophesied once again at the end of the age..."they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men but they shall not cleave one to another..."

The Ancient Histories

All ancient histories record this phenomenon in some way. The Greek mythologies are full of the stories of the gods fighting among themselves and copulating with humans to produce Nephelim hybrid offspring of great power, intelligence and beauty.  Hercules was supposedly such an offsprin.

The ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead once again stories of the gods and their wars among themselves and their offspring on earth.

When the archaeologists of the 19th  century uncovered thousands of clay tablets from ancient Sumer and Babylon, prominent among these was once again vivid stories of the gods, the Annunaki who came down from heaven and mingled their seed with men and warred among themselves.  The ancient Babylonian creation epic in the Enuma Elish being the most prominent of these histories.

For millennia these tales and the equivalent Bible stories were considered just myths and fables.  Today nobody in high places of power consider them to be fairy tales.

What is happening behind the scenes is the following:

The American government when it invaded Iraq sent their troops to the Iraq museum and antiquities department to capture all the ancient artefacts they could that shed light on the Annunaki, who are they, where do they come from, what do they want, how do we deal with them.

Ever since the space program developed from the late 1960's into the 1970's the Americans and the Russians have discovered ancient ruins on both the moon and Mars.  Some photos are doctored expensively to hide these artefacts others cannot be hidden,  Every manned space flight seems to have tracking UFO's that follow them. These things are not spoken of or told to the public...and for very good reason. 

The reason being firstly it would cause pandemonium among the world's religions to be told about space entities. Secondly it would cause mass panic for people to find out these entities cannot be controlled or defeated by any known human defence system and to compound that problem is to tell the populace sorry but it seems these beings are exactly what the ancient myths described the gods to be....avaricious, violent, liars, narcissists and they take special delight in playing tricks on humans.

So sorry but we cannot protect you from their abductions!

In the meantime world powers while they are desperately trying to figure out what is going on and what the alien agenda is are doing the following:

- Enormous research is going into exotic weapons technologies such as anti-gravity craft, directed energy weapons, cloaking technology etc...and yes they have actually developed all these technologies.  Some of those craft you see up there are secret government craft.

- Appeasement policy:  Everything possible is being done to appease the gods. This can include human sacrifice (which why there seems to be such an enormous amount of violence and senseless wars), child sacrifice (abortion, some how these gods love this great sacrilege), special monuments to their egos, constant permission and requests for rights. For instance NASA has a very special ceremonial process of when they launch space missions : only permitted when certain stars are in alignment and certain dates. Even names of missions need acknowledgement of the gods. Otherwise spacecraft mysteriously blow-up.

For the Kingdom of God....

This is an enormously dangerous time.  The time when Satan had to remain behind the scenes and not show himself openly is over. We have entered the time when Satanic forces have emerged from the Abyss as Revelation has prophesied.  They are going to deceive the nations.  Public disclosure is coming. Disclosure by space agencies that there are ancient artefacts in the solar system. Disclosure that governments are in contact with extra-terrestrial intelligences.  The cry for world government and earth coming together will be overwhelmig.

But for us the time of the battle that will destroy Satan and his angels and bind them and cast them into hell is now approaching.

But I need to share with you another important piece to the puzzle:
Why the Transhuman alien hybrids?  Why the alien abductions and harvesting of human sperm and eggs, why the hybrid mating?  What is behind the alien abduction strategy?

I leave that for next week....

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