Cosmic Game of Thrones Part 7:  The Enigma of the Dying Earth

Why do people, nations, civilizations submit to rule by the Archons? Because they offer solutions to the age old problem from the days of Eden....the enigma of the dying earth.

Let me give you a graphic of the problem all of life on earth faces:

Here is the problem and then I will share with you the solutions offered by the Archons (fallen angels) and why everyone from Adam onwards fell for the lies of their solution to the enigma of the dying earth.

On the left is our earth. You can see it is finite. There is only so much room and so many resources. On earth there are inert (i.e. lifeless) resources such as minerals, metals, water etc.  And then there are life bacteria, vegetation, animals, people. Life things grow and multiply.  Inert things cannot grow...they are a fixed quantity.

What allows life things to grow are nutrients plus energy. The primary source of energy is our sun.  Now you need to this concept:

Life grows exponentially.  Energy from the sun grows arithmetically. Inert metals, minerals and water do not grow at all.

Arithmetic growth is:  1+2 = 3  2+2 = 4  3+2 = 5 and so on.
Exponential growth is:  1x2 = 2  2x2 = 4 4x2 = 8  8x2 = 16  16x2 = 32

The suns ads energy to the earth arithmetically every year...meaning the same amount of energy is added each year.  But all of life on earth grows long as there are nutrients and energy to keep the growth going.

Conclusion: The earth is a closed ecosystem and you cannot have endless growth in a closed ecosystem.  So to keep all things in balance and not allow runaway growth of any form of life you must have a death mechanism introduced to curb endless growth.

Grass and vegetation gets eaten by deer, and deer must have predators like lions to keep their growth in check. And lions die of starvation when too many deer are killed.
Fish have sharks, whales, dolphins, penguins to keep their growth in check.
Endless exponential growth of life on earth is kept in check by death....death by disease, famine, disasters, earthquakes, predators etc.

Here is how the Bible in Romans 8 describes the dying earth enigma....

"For we know the whole of creation groans and travails in pain together until now...and not only they but ourselves also....but the creation itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption (death) into the glorious liberty of the children of God...for the earnest expectation of the creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God."

The challenge that confronted Adam in Eden was that God's kingdom required endless growth and he was faced with limited resources.  Now I cannot in this blog tell you how he could accomplish that....and that in itself is a fascinating study which I am busy with in my book 'The Restoration of All Things".  Let me say joining Satan's rebellion he believed the lie...."You shall not die..." And so death entered into the world...meaning that the means of endless growth was blocked and the only way that the integrity of God's world ecosystem could be maintained was through the life/death cycle.

Now the Bible says all of creation, the world and universal ecosystem is waiting for "the manifestation of the sons of God"...the return of the fully restored Adams to break the life/death cycle and allow for the endless growth of God's creation.

Now let me show you a graphic of where we are now and why the earth is now groaning and in travail....and the solutions that the Archons are offering the leaders of the world today in the great Cosmic Game of Thrones....

Our problem is this....
For thousands of years the growth of mankind was totally restricted by death through lack of resources.  Or at least mankind's understanding of how to create resources.

Then came an event that Dan. 7:21 describes "and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom..."  The start of that happened at the Reformation of the 1500's and the 1600's The people of Europe could break free of Feudalism through understanding the Word of God. That led to the enlightenment age, that led to the scientific revolution, that led to an enormous release of human and earth energy that fed a massive geometric growth in population.

With this massive breakout of the world wide spread of the Word of God and the upliftment of mankind from abject poverty the Archons sprang into action.  The "malthusions", the Darwinians and all sorts of secular philosophers then became the prophets of is but an advanced animal, this exponential growth cannot be maintained, the earth is doomed....what is to be done? Yes indeed what is to be done?

I see four possible answers offered by the Archons to mankind to counter this enormous spurt of energy, population growth and improvement....with the constant cannot go on....disaster ahead....we will help you to survive the coming was these..

1) The Nation State
2) The Corporation
3) The Techno Wonderland (essentially the Tower of Babel solution)
4) Existential Nihilism

The message or lie from them has always been the do not need to die if you listen to us...we have a solution to the dying earth enigma.

The Nation State

It became obvious to everyone that with the enormous growth of world population the control of resources and markets are critical to survival. But here was the obvious point to all the policy makers....not everyone can survive...the good ship Titanic Earth is going down and there are only a limited amount of lifeboats.

So we got the age of nationalism to gather people into warlike groupings in the nation state with the promise...give us your obedience, your loyalty, your taxes, your time, and we your government will provide for you.  And so it became wars and nation against nation in the fight for territory, food, resources, energy.

And this of course behind the scenes in the spirit realm was actually a personal fight of Archons against Archons, demons armies against other demons in their personal fights for their own kingdoms, honour and glory.

The Corporation

The Corporation as we know it came alive in 1871 when the American Supreme Court declared that a corporation was in future to be considered a "person" with equal rights to natural persons.  Prior to that corporations were chartered by states and had a limited life and limited powers which could be taken away.

From that time on the states all over the world  followed suit and granted "eternal life" to the corporate entity.  This entity became a new and powerful tool in the hands of the Archons.  Essentially they said to the very ambitious men...forget governments, the nation state...far too unwieldy. Forget about the poor that governments must care for or the environment, or human welfare.  The growth and survival of the corporation is paramount and for the corporation to grow requires income and profits....and if you will feed the corporation, the company will feed and reward you with great wealth and power.

The corporation became far more powerful than the nation state in the hunt and acquisition of scarce world resources. It was quick and nimble, it could operate across national borders, did not have to weigh itself down with welfare or the sick or the needy, it could acquire resources with enormous speed and agility and the driving force was the greatest force among mankind....greed, power, wealth and fame.

The Techno Wonderland

In the Tower of Babel incident a telling comment was made by scripture..."now if they are able to do this then nothing shall be impossible to them that they can imagine"

The ancient book of Enoch reveals to us one of the primary seductions of the Archons to mankind.  Each different Archon offered mankind wonders of technology and occult powers.  How to do metallurgy for instance to make wonderful and powerful weapons of warfare. Why? Because weapons of warfare allow you to steal and kill to obtain resources from others.

Today I must tell you I love following the techno wonders of today's exponents of unlimited abundance through technological marvels. My favourites are the guys from Singularity University such as Peter Diamandis (love his books "Abundance", "Bold") and Ray Kurzweil ("The Singularity is Near") who are supported by teh Silicon Valley billionaires.

Their vision is yes....we are facing exponential human growth on a limited planet but we are in the midst of exponential technological growth that will solve all our problems.  Now let me be honest with you  I love the technology stuff and I actually also believe that the Lord has placed us in a universe with endless growth potential and with endless energy at our disposal.   And of course we in the Kingdom of God will be very happy to use all their technology as it all belongs to our God....

But they are building a technological Tower of Babel that will never survive the human greed and lust that has always destroyed the human prospect.  They think they are going to build a space faring species....but I can tell them now that the "prince of the power of the air"  Satan, will egg them on but will never allow them to escape his prison earth.  They do not realize you first have to bind the strongman of the house (earth) and then you can escape into the universe....

Existential Nihilism

This is the vast and increasing amount of people all over the world who have just basically given up on this life and its struggles.  From Buddhists and Hindus who are trying to escape reality and wait for reincarnation to hopefully a better the millions of kids such as those in Japan who have given up on marriage, children and family and are lost in a dream world of video games, porn, internet, and electronic fantasy worlds with no ambition and no desire to aspire to anything in this life.  And this includes the other fantasy world addictions of dope, pot, meth....anything to escape this seemingly senseless world.

In the midst of the crisis of a dying world with nations, corporations and people fighting for survival in a world of dwindling resources and increasingly meaningless existence....we the Church of Jesus Christ are now the only answer.

That is why scripture says the groaning of the world is crying to God for the manifestation of the sons of God....the restored Adam company who can bring the presence and power of God back into the world to give us hope for the future and way out of cosmic death.

And it is that restoration of Eden and its restoration of the power and presence of God which will open the Eden Stargate where we escape death as the means of exiting this world that is a fascinating study all on its own....and that is how we will win the Cosmic Game of Thrones.

But that is a subject for a future series....

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