Game of Thrones Part 5: Communication with the gods; temples and High Places

One of the great themes of preaching for many years now has been "hearing the voice of God".  Is it then any wonder that among the various competing factions of the enemy empire that all world power structures at the highest levels have developed means to communicate with their overlords?

The Gates of Hell

Ever since the great deception that led to the fall of man in Eden mankind has been open to making deals with satanic forces.  But because the earth has been given by God to man, satanic forces may not enter this world without an official invitation. In the Bible and in my study series on this theme the places where entry into this world are gained are known as "the Gates of Hell".  The word "hell" used here and the way Jesus used it means "sheol" or the realm of does not mean the fiery place that people normally associate with "the lake of fire".

To open a gate of hell and allow demonic spirits into a realm first requires communication with those spirits.  This communication always involves a set of negotiations. From the satanic side there are two things presented:

- First is the promise of help in various ways.  Help to obtain riches. Help to obtain strategic victories in battle. Help to curse enemies. Help to obtain secrets to technology. Help to obtain secrets of what your enemies are doing.

- If you accept this offer then you are given the means to obtain this help. You must open the gate between Sheol and earth and allow them across.  This always parallels in an evil way what the Lord requires from us to be led by His, obedience and sacrifice.  Faith and obedience open the doors of hearts to be filled with the Holy Spirit and they also open the doors for sinners to open the doors to the demonic realm.

The Lord warned Israel on the various means used by demonic forces to try to communicate with mankind in Deut. 18:10-12:
" There shall not be found one among you that makes his son or daughter to pass through the fire, or uses divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord."

The Lord warns Israel of these things because they are real!  They work...and they cause enormous destruction in the lives of those who practice them. Let me give you an example....

Oracle at Delphi

In ancient times the god Apollo was the god of divination.  He had shrines and temples at various places where his priestesses would offer divination services for a fee.  The most famous of these was the python priestess at Delphi who would go into a drug induced trance to give prophecies to those who came to enquire.

One of the most famous was recorded by Herodotus in his hsitories...king Croesus of Lydia, the legendary richest man in the world of his time.  He was not convinced of all this and wanted a sign before he paid. A letter came from the oracle and when he opened it described exactly what he was eating when he opened it. He was hooked on prophecy!

So he paid and asked his question. He wanted to go to war against the Persians...would he win?  Back came the reply:  "A great empire will fall".  Overjoyed he attacked Cyrus and promptly was defeated and captured.  His great empire of Lydia fell.  I am sure the demons had a great laughing time over that con-job they pulled off. 

This kind of destructive occultism went on for hundreds of years.  Tantalizing prophecies...only to end up with destruction, division, strife.  The oracle advised Diocletion to persecute and eradicate the Christians.  When the Christians took control of the empire the emperor Theodosius in 393 AD retaliated by breaking down all the pagan temples.

Rebuilding the High Places

In the history of Israel in our Old Testament you will find repeated references to the 'High Places".  These were sites built by Solomon and most of the kings of Israel on specially located sacred sites as places where Israel could consult with and communicate with the "other gods" in case they could get a better deal than with their Lord abomination in the eyes of the Lord!

2 Ki. 17:9 "and the children of Israel did secretly those things that were not right against the Lord their God and they built them high places in all their cities...
1 Ki. 11:7 "and Solomon build an high place for Chemosh the abomination of Moab in the hill that is before Jerusalem and for Molech the abomination of Ammon..."

"High Places" are where you can communicate with demonic spirits. This is where deals can be made, offerings negotiated, instructions given.

When the Christians tore down all the pagan temples of ancient Greece and Rome important places to consult with demonic spirits were removed.  Satan set about an international program to rebuild High Places.....

The Knights Templars

 Everyone who has read Dan Brown's books (The DaVinci Code)  or seen the movies has by now been introduced to the 'Knights Templars".  In all the films of the Crusades and Midlevel Europe their famous 'red cross" is every where.  They are a mysterious group with speculation as to the famous "Templar Treasure" and how they amassed it and what happened to it. Latest books all seem to indicate that they did not disappear they just morphed into the Freemasons.

My speculation...

Everyone has their "conspiracy theory" let me give you mine...

The basic narrative is that 9 poor knights calling themselves 'Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon" or the "Order of Solomon's Temple" proposed to the king of Jerusalem after the crusaders regained the Holy Land in 1099 that they wish to protect pilgrims coming to Jerusalem. Their order was recognized but they did little protecting but much digging for 9 years on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Apparently they found "a great treasure".  Because soon afterward they formed an international order and noblemen gave up great riches and lands donated to the order to become a poor knight Templar.  They soon set up the first international banking empire amassing great fortunes, were granted tax free status by Popes and kings and finally in 1309 king Phillip of France, deeply in debt to this group had enough and set about their destruction to somehow capture their great treasure.

When the various Templar leaders were arrested and tortured to confess their great secret to riches a very strange story came out....the head and bones of John the Baptist!

This group revered John the Baptist as the true messiah and their "spiritual guide".  What they apparently discovered in the excavation of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was the purported head and bones of John the Baptist.  What does this mean?

Throughout ancient occult practices it was common to use a skull that had been decapitated from preferably a child or holy person and then pickled and preserved and a gold or silver coin placed under the tongue...this became a sacred Talisman which could be used to call up dead spirits and talk with them. This is the reason that Salome asked Herod for the head of John the Baptist....a great holy prophet....his head would have great occult power to provide the gift of prophecy!

In Templar church in London the graves of ancient knight Templars are signified by "cross legs" honour of the skull and cross bones of John the Baptist. That "red cross" is not the cross of  Christ.; is the cross bones of John.


The Spirit of Baphomet

The testimony of the captured Templars was that when they were inducted into the secret inner rituals of the order then they were introduced to this mystic Talisman who upon going through a secret ceremony this occult head would speak to them. They came out of that initiation white and ashen faced and very scared.  They called this head 'Baphomet".

Their secret treasure was not the gold of the temple treasure of Jerusalem (that had already been taken by Vespasian and Titus in the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD and used to build the Roman Coliseum). It was the occult power of an ancient skull and crossbones that enabled them to conjure up spirits who would lead and guide them in war and commerce to amass great fortunes.

What happened to the Templar Treasure?

This is one of the great mysteries of all the books and conspiracy theories.  What did they do with all the great treasure of money and land they were given and amassed from banking, trade and pillaging?

Well frankly they did exactly what they said they were there Temples!

One of the great mysteries of this time is where did all the money come from to build the great Cathedrals of Europe which by the way were mostly built during this time?  It came from the secret treasure of the Templars!  That is what they called themselves....a brotherhood of knights dedicated to the building of temples.  What are "Freemasons" It comes from the French "Frere Maisson"...."Brothers of the Temple".

But why build the great Cathedrals? Your answer lies in the greatest of the old Cathedrals...
Notre Dame....or Our Great Lady.

This is a great "High Place" built on sacred occult sites and dedicated to the great ancient goddess Ishtar (who goes by many names) with the usual occult symbols of the "sun god" in the centre and the 'twin pillars" of Enoch on either side which you will always find on Masonic symbolism.

Within this great "High Place" you can speak to dead spirits "the saints" and make offerings for blessings, protection, guidance and you can also make special supplications to the great goddess herself to intercede for you with great Jupiter or Zeus (supposedly Mary mother of God).

These great occult "high places" replaced the great Roman and Greek temples that were torn down by the Christians where people could consult dead spirits.  Now they could do it once again openly in the name of "Christianity".  But it needed great amounts of money and dedication from the 'knights of the Temple" and occult guidance on how to obtain that treasure to rebuild the ancient high places.

And needless to say even as in times past when it required the sacrifice of children and sex magick to conjure the spirits....don't be surprised if in these places you hear that homosexuality and paedophilia are has always been a part of the ancient mystery occult practices.

Apollyon Released

In Rev. 9:6 we are warned that Apollyon (or ancient Apollo) would once again be released.  Apollo was the god of divination and he is also called "the destroyer" in Revelation.  That means that all who call upon his occult power for secret means to power, wealth and position will end up bringing destruction upon themselves and the world.

Do not be amazed that once again the rulers of the world are calling on ancient spirits to help them in the Game of Thrones.  All over the world the gates of hell are being opened by financiers, corporations, politicians, and celebrities to give them an edge in the war of principalities and powers for control of the world empire.

But it all for vain....and it will end in great destruction which is now becoming more evident as a world cataclysm is building in international finance and the clash of civilizations.

You must be in prayer and under the protection of the Lord our God....please read Psalm 91 once again after reading this blog and be strengthened in your spirit...our Lord reigns!

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