God instructed Moses to build the tabernacle according the pattern He showed him in the heaven. Satan instructed his followers that if they build according to the pattern of heaven that he will show them then they will have access to heavenly power. You will be surprised at the patterns and who is building them.

Paul says he died and was taken up to the third heaven to the throne of God, the great tabernacle of God.  It was this great tabernacle of the third heaven that the Lord showed Moses and instructed him to build an earthly tabernacle according to the pattern of the heavenly tabernacle. Heb. 8:5 says of this "who serve unto the example and shadow of heavenly things as Moses was admonished of God when he was about to make the tabernacle: for see says He, that you make all things according to the pattern showed you on the mount."

We on earth in this realm live in the first heavens which stretch into space.  Between our first heaven and the throne of God in the third heaven is the second heaven. This second heaven is the realm of angels and spirit beings.  This realm is timeless and contains enormous powers and energies which are controlled by angelic beings of great power.  The Bible describes Satan as a prince of the power of the air...the Greek word for "air" being "ouranos" or heaven. He is a prince of the second heavens and knows how to operate its powers.

The Lord offers His people access to the power of the third heavens if they follow His laws and according to the patterns He laid down.  Satan offers his followers access to the powers of the second heaven if they follow his laws and his patterns to access those powers.  This in actual fact is the mystery of all occult societies wrapped in this expression believed by all occult groups: "As above so below".  

Last week I introduced you to one of Satan's favourite occult deceptions. The cult of Isis and Osiris which was a copy of the gospel story of the saviour born of a virgin and dying for the sins of the world and resurrecting to eternal life and promising that eternal life to all who believe on him.  I said that the sign in the heavens of this goddess cult is the planet Venus (the morning star) and the sign of the risen saviour Osiris is the "bright star" Sirius.  But here on earth the followers of the cult must create the heavenly pattern on earth to access the powers of the "earth mother" goddess and the power of the risen god.

The pattern of the goddess Venus or Isis (and many other names like Columba, Semiramis etc) is the five pointed star, the pentagram.  This is why...

What the ancients noticed about watching Venus is this. The movement of Venus traces an 8 year pattern in the sky that repeats every 8 years. If you connect all the dots over 8 years of its movement it traces out a pentagon. That is why a pentagram is a great occult symbol of power that is key to calling up earth spirits.

Now lets look at Osiris/Orion in the sky and see how his pattern of the heavens was created on the earth by the ancient Egyptians. Everyone knows the constellation of Orion's belt of three stars... which point to Sirius.  This was patterned on the ground by the three pyramids of Gizeh as a means for accessing the resurrection power of Osiris.  The symbol of his power to give new life is the erect phallus used to impregnate Isis. In occult societies the erect Obelisk is a place of power to draw down the power of the heavens to earth. 

Places of great power are where the occultists place their two great symbols of the obelisk and the pentagram to call on the spirits of heaven and earth to bless their undertakings to create a new heaven on earth.

If you think this is just ancient superstition...think again! There is a reason that world's largest pentagram (The Pentagon) and obelisk (the Washington Monument) are situated in Washington DC. It is the centre of world power.

The statue of George Washington used to stand in the Capitol Building. His hand raised to heaven and earth means "As above, so below". George Washington was a Mason and he and his fellow Freemasons laid out America's capitol according to occult power principles.

It was called DC or District of Columbia as a home for Isis, the ancient goddess of the earth also called 'Columba, the dove". This is her "District" or her home. It is her city with her power symbols.  She stands atop the Capitol building as the highest place. Her District was carved out of Maryland and Virginia.  Virginia and Maryland stand for "Virgin Mary" or just another symbolic reference to Isis. The capitol of Maryland is Annapolis which in Greek is Anna's City ("Polis"). Anna was the mother of Mary who was according to Catholic false cult doctrine born from her mother Anna also as a virgin birth (called "the Immaculate Conception"). The city for Isis was to be "foursquare" (10 miles on a side) with a river running through it (The Potomac River) just as the heavenly New Jerusalem.

In the Old Testament this practice of building occult places of power was often done by the apostate Israelites to worship false gods.  They called it "high places". It does not mean high as in height. The word is the Hebrew "ramah" meaning an "eminent place".  Read this from 2 Kings 17:9:

"And the children of Israel did secretly those things that were not right against the Lord their God; and they built them high places in all their cities from the towers of the watchmen to the fenced city".

 Today the children of Israel are still secretly building themselves high towers and fenced places for secret rites to access occult powers.  Those in the power places of the earth are drunk with power. Political power is not enough. Money power is not enough. They want the power of the second heaven. The power to change times and laws, the power to be like God and live forever without God. Satan has promised them this power if they follow his ways.

To the secret intercessors of the Church: Our power is the power that flows from the third heaven, from the throne of God Himself. There is no need to fear. Evil men will not prevail. Pray for our leaders in the world that they may be delivered and come into the glorious deliverance of God's great love. His love conquers all. His power rules over all. None of the works of the Satanists will prevail. It will all collapse in their own corruption because Satan is a liar. The glory of the Lord will not only fill all the earth but it will also fill all the secret places of corruption and power. Lets pray for them!

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