Last week I introduced you to some key ideas for the Kingdom economy. This week I want to introduce you to three ideas central to the coming Jubilee Reformation. The world system hijacked our first Reformation...but this one they will not be able to requires Spirit filled people to make it happen.  And it will bring in universal prosperity after the coming world economic collapse and after the coming world revival.

The TV series "The Borgias" now on DSTV graphically portrays for us the utterly corrupt world of priests and kings of 1500 AD just prior to the revolt started by Martin Luther in 1517.  The Protestant Reformation unleashed the power of the Word of God to people and that galvanized the Puritan army of Cromwell in England and the Huguenot army of the United Provinces of Holland against the Catholic army of Spain. The "divine right of kings" was destroyed in the first and the militant power of the Pope was destroyed in the second. 

The resulting freedom allowed people to practice what the Bible taught:
- The rule of law and not the arbitrary rule of kings
- The right to private property and not the kings and priests owning all the land and renting it out to the common serfs.
- The release from debt resulting in the principle of limited liability.
- The requirement of sound money (God hates unequal weights and balances i.e. inflation)
....and many more laws in the Bible that brought the common people freedom from priests and kings and allowed the scientific revolution to start and from there the industrial revolution.

The recent release of the gross movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" and the many riots of the people of the world in cities everywhere is a timely reminder that it is time for a second Reformation. The fruits of the first Reformation eventually got hijacked. The colonies that the Puritans established in the New World to live out the vision of the Kingdom of God on earth got hijacked by the Masons in 1789 with establishment of a new constitution dedicated to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".  Their revisionist new view of history was that it was the Renaissance and the Greek civilization that brought you out of bondage, not the Reformation and the Bible.

But now they are in big trouble, they have reproduced the corrupt bankers of Renaissance Venice like the Medici's and the Fuggars in the form of all the usual Wall Street and city of London corrupt elite. They have reproduced the corrupt politics of Pericles's democratic Greece with its dreams of loot and empire that destroyed Athens within 60 years. It's all happening again...we are once again being ruled by an oligarchy in a new corporate feudal system where the 1% of the world control the wealth and power, the middle class is being wiped out and the broad mass of humanity is consigned to a month to month struggle for survival. Miss three paychecks and you are destitute.

To break the power of the New Feudalism and establish the Kingdom of God in its economic objectives will require a second Reformation. The first Reformation laid the foundations for prosperity. Now we have to build on it with the principles of the second Reformation.  The world could copy the economic principals of the first Reformation....they will not be able to copy the second.  It requires a Spirit filled community of believers to make the principles work. Not a mob looking for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" but a community who have died to self, bond slaves to Christ seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

The Jubilee Reformation

The coming second Reformation will be built upon the rubble of a collapsed world economic system and the foundation of the Jubilee principle of Leviticus 25.  When you say "jubilee" to people it is commonly associated in the media with debt forgiveness...and that is wrong.  The Jubilee in Israel was proclaimed every fiftieth year after 7 X 7 year cycles. Debt forgiveness was to take place after every 7th year. So normally a Jubilee year would start after a debt forgiveness year. But it is not the same thing.

The Jubilee year was for a specific purpose.  Every 50 years the productive assets of the nation of Israel (which was the land) was to be returned to the families who owned it and lost their productive assets in the previous 49 years.  God promised the Israelites when they left Egypt that He would send them to a productive land and that every family would own their own land assets and productive assets on the land like vines, fig trees, cattle, minerals etc.

In Egypt they were wage slaves owning nothing.  They subsisted day by day from their daily work.  God's plan of prosperity was for every Israelite to earn income from both labour as well as income producing assets.  The purpose of the 50 year Jubilee was to make sure that those who lost their capital assets had those restored to them so that after being given debt release they now have capital and they can start to rebuild their lives and families to prosperity.

This is God's plan for prosperity...the issue for us as Kingdom warriors is to creatively find ways to design an economy so that we can achieve those objectives for God's people.  The 5% mega-wealthy of the earth did not get that way from hourly wages. They got that way through owning capital assets and those capital assets almost always were acquired with other peoples money cleverly leveraged through financial instruments and market manipulation to produce huge financial gains.

We have to get God's people out of this mad world of financial manipulation and create a parallel economy that will create a financial jubilee for our people. In my book "The Kingdom Economy" I lay out the design for such an economy. But crucial to that Kingdom economy are three important innovations that will bring us into Jubilee prosperity.

But to make those three innovations work we need Christians that are in a true covenant community relationship...and that is a big topic that I cannot cover in this blog but we will get back to that issue in the future....

Here are the three Jubilee innovations...

1) Collaborative Ownership - Christians need to own productive assets and they need to own assets in collaboration with other Christians. They also need to work with other Christians and support Christian endeavours that will result in greater capital accumulation within the Christian community.

2) Collaborative Consumption - We don't need to own everything we need to use, if we share ownership with other Christians we can use more things for lower cost and greater savings. Our savings can then be channelled into capital assets.

3) Collaborative Production -  When Christian management, workers and consumers work together we can help each other to design better products at lower costs.  In the world economy product development and innovation come from "creative destruction" of dog eat dog. In the Christian community it comes from creative collaboration.  If a product is defective we work to make it better together. If we need new product development we get together as a creative community and collaborate on new developments.

The idea is this:  Capital assets come from savings and investments.  In the world system capital assets are owned by the corporate elite because we take our savings, put it in the bank, the corporation goes to the bank and borrows our savings to buy and develop assets and then they hire us to work in the factories they own with our savings. 

We have to break this cycle.  Collaborative ownership by the people of God start with a return to mutually owned banks and insurance companies where we place our savings.  The Afrikaners after the destruction of the volk in the Boer war did this with Volkskas and Sanlam and mutual investment companies like Federale Volksbellegings.  Fortunately the South African government has passed strong legislation to encourage Cooperatives as well as banking legislation that allow new entrants to use the national electronic payments network.

Collaborative consumption is made very easy these days by the internet.  It can be the very small to the very large.  You don't always need to buy new expensive toys or spots equipment for the kids.  Use it and pass it on to the next family. Or rent it out, or set up a community exchange for toys and sports equipment. Same with books. Same with rental of all sorts of things like garden equipment.  There are a host of things that a clever church community can organize in a town with other churches to share or rent instead of buy and own and throw away.  The more the trust among the community the easier it is to share more things. Christians should excel at this.

Collaborative Production can take place in a number of areas and again the internet is going to be a  great help here. I wish I could buy my clothes direct from a clothing factory owned by textile workers who are in the Kingdom fellowship. I want to send an email fo my shirt size and receive it in the mail, or shoes, or suits and jackets, or furniture, or a myriad of products made and supplied by my brothers and sisters in the Lord...and don't forget there are 700 million more all over the world if someone here does not make what I want. I also love how the Amish, Mennonites and Hutterites in America do collaborative production.  When a young couple get married the community builds their house debt free for them...can you imagine the capital savings you can make in lifetime when you start out with your house debt free? And their transport community owned, and their food production done by the community and traded among each other...

Can you see where this is heading?  The Lord wants us to be prosperous. To be prosperous we need to be debt free and have income from labour and from capital assets.  To have income from capital assets we need savings for investment. To have savings for investment we need to lower our expenses so we can produce more than we consume. To do that we need to work with other Christians in collaborative consumption and production.

To do all the above we need to be a real community of believers, a real Body of Christ, really caring for each other bearing one another's burdens, working together. The world cannot and will not be able to get this type of economy working...only we can do it.  But if we do it, our prosperity and blessing for our families our children, our future will be very obvious to all the world and they will come to us as Micah 4 says and ask us "teach us your ways"!

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