The Las Vegas Tragedy and Rev.12 Prophecy

I need to write about that terrible massacre in Las Vegas.  I need to comment on it in the context of what we have been saying about Rev. 12 in recent weeks.  I see a deeply occult sign in this tragedy of the war in heaven.

The greatest mass shooting in American history.  Why? What was the man's motives? An elderly accountant with a gambling habit.  What could have driven him over the edge to commit such an atrocity that must have taken weeks or even months to prepare and not just a momentary act of insanity?

I believe this entire tragedy has serious occultic and Satanic signs all over it.  With clear signs that point to the war in heaven as outlined in Revelation 12.

We have been following signs in the heavens that point to a shift in the ages. Blood moons, darkness across America in a dramatic nationwide eclipse, and then the much debated 23 September sign of Virgo with the 12 stars and moon and sun seemingly fulfilling the Rev. 12 prophecy.

I have given my reasons that I believe in the 23 September heavenly sign not as the end of the world or the rapture but as the sign of the ending of an age and the beginning of a new prophetic age the church is moving into.  The time has come for the saints to rise up and take their place seated with Christ in the heavenlies and exercise spiritual authority.  It is time for spiritual warfare. To what end?

As we read further in Revelation 12 after the rise of the overcomers to authority in Christ there is warfare in the heavens. Michael and his angel army casts the devil and his angels out of the heavens and casts them onto the earth.  Two things result from that:

-Firstly verse 10 says a loud voice in heaven declared "now is come salvation and strength and the kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ....and they (the saints) overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony"

- Secondly as a result of the saints taking power and authority and casting out the devil onto the earth verse 12 says "Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea for the devil is come down to you having great wrath because he knows that he has but a short time."

I wanted to do a blog this week on the coming of the devil to earth and how he has been preparing his followers for the coming of himself and his other rebel angels but Las Vegas happened. I will do it soon.  I will show you in the media the movies the literature the arts the political world the business world there has been signs and signals by practitioners of the occult powers eagerly expecting the soon return of the gods.  Satan has been preparing his followers for his coming to earth. He knew since 33 AD at the resurrection of Jesus Christ that he has lost. As Jesus said "now is the prince of this world judged".

But the key truth that has escaped all the preachers of end time prophecies who keep telling us that the church must taken out of the world to avoid the Antichrist and persecution...the key truth they missed is that the church is here to stay and in fact is the executioner of the satanic hordes working with the heavenly army of angels.

Now back to Las Vegas.....

Satan needs to encourage his followers on earth that he and the other gods are the real powers in control and that they are powerful and in control of nations and history.  They desperately don't want the church to reveal the real secret....they are a bunch of rebels on the run and have been cast out of heaven by the power of the Son of God and His heavenly and earthly armies.

So what Satan does is he has prepared spectacles of deception that have signs associated with them that the practitioners of the occult and dark powers will see that their dark Lord is alive and well and showing his power on earth and is to be feared and obeyed....which is why scripture says..."Woe to the earth...."

Such is the tragic spectacle of the massacre of Las Vegas.  It was a specially designed stage with props to capture the attention of the world and to send a message to the world powers in business, entertainment and government.

Look at the stage of the massacre....

The concert area where 22,000 people gathered for a country western music festival called "Route 91 Harvest" was in front of the Luxor Pyramid casino with a giant Sphinx and a large Obelisk in front of it.


The three pyramids of Egypt on the Gizeh plateau outside Cairo are a physical altar on earth to the three stars of Orion's belt in the heavens.  Orion or also known as Osiris is the god of the underworld.  The sphinx is what the Bible would describe as a Cherub,  a crouching lion with the head of a man.

The pyramids were an occult door into the realm of the underworld guarded by the Cherub sphinx.  In front of it was the obelisk or stele of Osiris which is a phallic symbol.  Sacrifices were made to the god of the underworld.  Mostly those were human sacrifices.  The pharaoh as the son of the gods would enter the Pyramid and lie in the sarcophagus overnight and he would be able to travel into the spirit realm in out of body experiences.  Napoleon did that when he invaded Egypt as a young general.  That is where he picked up his spirit guide which he called his "red daemon" who guided him in battles.

The music festival was sponsored by "Sirius XM".  Sirius if the blazing star at the centre of the Masonic symbolism.

The people at the festival as one commentator on CNN said would have been mainly Donald Trump supporters with their love for country western music.

They were "harvested" in a mass massacre in front of the symbols of the god of the underworld...Satan/Osiris who always demands human sacrifice in a place also called "Sin City" (Las Vegas).

The shooter was Stephen Paddock. According to the Oxford English Dictionary the name Paddock is another word for a "familiar spirit in the shape of a toad'.  The toad of course being a sacred god symbol in ancient Egypt because of its hallucinatory excretions used for trances.

In Shakespeare's Macbeth (Act 1 Scene 1) the three witches speak...
" I come Grimalkin
Paddock calls anon.
Fair is foul and foul is fair.
Hover through the fog and the filthy air."

The power brokers of the world would have been aware of the symbolism.  In the power centres of politics in Washington occult dark power is the key to a rise to power....


That is John Podesta holding up his hands with two very powerful occult signs on his palms "14" and the "fish symbol".  I am not going to bother explaining the deep dark mystery behind those signs. Podesta was chief of staff in the White House for Bill Clinton and was the chairman for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Bill Clinton very seriously talked about how his wife would through séances in the White House talk to the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt.

The lady on the right is Sally Quinn the wife of the editor of the Washington Post and the top socialite in Washington for the power elite. This is her book which came out last month about her spiritual journey describing how she is a practitioner of voodoo and occult magic.  She confesses about 3 people who died after she put curses and hexes on them.

The world of Hollywood, Wall street and Washington are filled with these people who realise that if you want an extra help up in your career up the ladder of power, wealth and fame....then there are powers to appeal to that will assist you for a price.

Those powers have been cast on the earth and are greatly angered that their time is short. That is why the power centres of money, Hollywood and power politics are crumbling...because their time is short.

The time has come for the saints to possess the Kingdom!

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