The real problem that the Lord had with Sodom was not the homosexuals (though that contributed to its demise), it was something far more pervasive and insidious and when you do a proper deep Bible study you will see why the Lord had to destroy them and why America is really in Afghanistan.

I am continuing my series on the great unravelling but to do so I need to unravel some Biblical mysteries for you regarding Sodom and Gomorrah... and then apply the issue to today's international scene. The traditional interpretation of the sin of Sodom is homosexuality hence the term "sodomite". But this is not the real issue. Homosexuality has always been around in all cultures but not as pervasive as the gays would have everyone believe and it has always elicited disgust in all societies at all times. Which is why the Bible describes it as an abomination.

Let me give you some Biblical clues as to what was really going on in Sodom and why the great judgment from the Lord...and why it has great importance for us today as a reason for the great judgment on the earth.

In Deut: 32:31-33:
"For their rock is not our rock, even our enemies themselves being judges. For their vine is the vine of Sodom and the fields of Gomorrah. Their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter, their wine is the poison of dragons and the cruel venom of asps."

The word "gall" here is the Hebrew word "rosh" meaning head which is the term for the poppy plant from which opium is produced. In scripture opium is referred to as "wormwood". So we can now understand a number of biblical allusions to this:
- Prov. 5:14 "bitter as wormwood" (opium has a bitter taste)
- Lam. 3:15 "drunken with wormwood"
- Math 27:34 Jesus was given vinegar mixed with "gall" to drink, or opium mixed with vinegar to dull the pain of the crucifixion but he spat it out.

So what we have here is the fact that throughout the ancient times Sodom and Gomorrah were known as the drug dealing capitals of the middle east. Situated on the main trade routes between east and west they were known as the places where you trade for opium. Narcotics was not only needed for pain relief but was an integral part of temple and false god rituals.  Narcotics and hallucinogens were needed as means for putting people into trance states to commune with spirits and demons.

But when nations and peoples give themselves over to narcotics then the destruction of that nation is soon to come. This is not only the lesson from Sodom but this is what the prophet Jeremiah told the people of Judah before their nation was given over to Babylon by the Lord to be destroyed.  They were a nation of drug slaves...

In Jer. 8:11 the prophet accuses the false prophets of preaching "peace, peace" when destruction was coming their way. The people were in a false drug induced peace.  Jer.8:14 says "Why do we sit still? Assemble yourselves and let us enter into the defenced cities and let us be silent there for the Lord has given us....the waters of gall to drink..."  Jer. 9:15 "Therefore thus saith the Lord of Hosts...Behold I will feed them even this people with wormwood and give them water of gall to drink". Jeremiah was trying to tell the people of Judah that the end was coming and the Babylonians were going to destroy their nation and take them into slavery because of their sin, but what did the people do...they said lets go and hide behind our walls, lets get high, this will all just blow over. The priests said "Don't worry be happy!" (like that old Raggae pot smoking song). And then proceeded to deal more drugs to the masses to dull the pain and keep the deception going a bit longer... destruction and enslavement soon came...

Here is the lesson from Sodom as well as from Jeremiah and Jerusalem: Before the Lord destroys a nation that nation is caught up in wormwood and gall...opium and narcotics.  They live in delusion of false peace and false euphoria.

This warning is repeated in Revelations 18:23.  Babylon the Great is condemned by God  and the people warned by the Lord to get out of the world system as it is falling. One main reason...."for thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived"

The word "sorcery" here in the Greek is "pharmakos" from which we get pharmaceuticals.  The international drug trade is one of the largest businesses in the world and it is literally destroying nations and people. It reaches deep into the international banking system, it funds secret societies, intelligence operations and black ops around the world. It reaches into the highest echelons of government and down to the lowest street level gangs.

Drug enslavement is the key to controlling people in all walks of life, from the highest to the lowest.  Without the power of Jesus Christ and the infilling of the Holy Spirit it is impossible to break the grip of drug enslavement.  And this then becomes one of the best ways to entrap and control people.  Which is why the control of the drug trade internationally is always and has always been a matter of national security for the great nations.  You can destroy an enemy by troops invading a nation, or you can destroy a nation by infiltrating drugs pervasively into its culture...the destruction is as certain as a marauding army.

Which is brings us to Afghanistan and the drama of the Middle East....

All the great powers seem to want to invade Afghanistan for some reason.  The British empire did it in 1839, the Soviets in 1979 and America in 2002.  Why? Because Afghanistan is the worlds greatest producer of poppies and opium.  Otherwise it is a useless piece of desert and mountains.

Britain wanted the opium production from Afghanistan because the great British merchant fortunes were made in the 19th Century from selling drugs into China for which to pay for tea imports to Britain. The Chinese wanted silver and gold for their tea and Britain knew it would be drained of bullion if that continued. So they got the Chinese hooked on opium and fought wars against the Chinese government to force them to allow their drug trade to continue....which is where Hong Kong was founded as a drug trading outpost. 

Why the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan? Because by 1979 Soviet Russia was bankrupt and did not produce any goods that the rest of the world wanted to buy and they were desperate for hard currency. So they went for Afghanistan and its supply of opium that can be easily sold onto world markets for dollars.

Why the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2002?  Forget about Osama Bin Laden, they could have captured and killed him quickly with a special they really wanted to control the country and kick out the Taliban. Why? Here is a report from MSNBC of May 2001 that will give you the clue....

Afghanistan’s cash crop wilts

Taliban ban on opium yields impressive results

WAZIRAN, Afghanistan, May 23, 2001 

  Last year, Afghanistan was the world’s largest opium producer, with 75 percent of the world’s crop, a staggering output of some 3,500 tons of one of the most addictive drugs on earth. The opium, a key ingredient in heroin, is smuggled into Europe and Asia, where it commands a fortune on international markets....
Drug growing deemed un-Islamic
But last July, the Taliban’s leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, issued an extraordinary edict. It banned poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, calling drug production un-Islamic. Few in international law enforcement took Omar’s edict seriously — until now. Delegates told that during the 10-day visit they found no evidence of poppy crops anywhere in the survey area, which concentrated on the biggest poppy-growing region of Afghanistan. “There are no poppies,” said Bernard Frahi, the head of the U.N. program’s Afghanistan project. “It’s amazing.”
So in 2001 the Taliban banned the growing of poppies and the world supply of heroin dried up.  And then America and Britain invaded Afghanistan and this is the recent headlines by the New York Times April 15, 2013
KABUL, Afghanistan — For the third year in a row, opium cultivation has increased across Afghanistan

The article goes onto state that Afghanistan will supply this year 90% of the world's heroin with production increasing every year...under American protection of course. Can't have the Taliban coming back and stopping all heroin production again!

Revelation talks about the great star "Wormwood" falling to earth and killing a third of life.  I don't believe this is some meteorite.  I believe this is the great world scourge of drug addiction that is a plague upon the earth.  In America cocaine from the drug cartels of South America has become epidemic. From Afghanistan the plague of heroin. And from the backyard chemistry labs of suburban America comes crystal meth or as we call it here "tik".  And from the new chemistry grads of China new synthetic drug concoctions that nobody has heard of yet.

Societies around the world are unravelling from this plague. It is a precursor of  the coming destruction. It always has been. As Sodom fell from drugs so will whole nations in our time.

Get out of Babylon folks....the merchants of the earth have made themselves rich with their billions from the international drug trade... but judgment is coming!

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