The Restoration of Genesis 1 & 2

Evangelicals do not understand the government of God.  That is why they do not understand the coming of the Lord.  They want to see Jesus as King on earth...but Jesus wants to make us kings and priests on earth.

I have introduced you to the idea that the Lord is working on a great building project on earth variously described in scripture as The Mountain of the Lord, the City of God, the New Jerusalem, the Tabernacle of God, the Temple, the Body of Christ.  All convey the image of a structure that can be inhabited by the Spirit of God.

This is how the story in the Bible ends in Rev.21-22.  The great mistake that Bible commentators make is to assume that is also the end....what the call the "the consummation" or "the eschaton" to get technical.  Then it is all over. heaven is on earth, angels and the resurrected saints all walk around together on a new earth and everyone eats fruit and is happy evermore.

Except this is not the end of the story.  It is not even an accurate description of what the Lord is doing or what and how He is doing.  All that Rev.21-22 is telling you is what is being described is what the rest of scripture is telling you. What is that? That at the end of the Bible Eden is restored and now God can continue His original plan found in Genesis 1 &2....this is not the end of is the end of the beginning of history....there are still thousands of generations ahead of endless growth!

Genesis 2 Problem..

- Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden had a purpose.
- That purpose was lost at the fall.
- God's great plan in sending Jesus Christ as the second Adam was to restore the purpose of both Adam and Eden on earth.  I'll explain in a moment.

Genesis 1 Problem...

In Genesis 1 we have the first great commission of God to all mankind that He created found in Genesis 1:26-28..."work, take dominion over all the work of Gods hands (Psalm 8) and multiply and fill the earth".  Except they did not take dominion over the earth and multiply...the earth took dominion over them and mankind barely survived for thousands of years.

There is a difference between the calling and ministry of Genesis 1 and 2.  I am not going into an extensive debate here which I will do at a later date as to why Adam was not the 6th day creation....that he came later.  But it can be easily proven by both internal scripture analysis as well as historical and archaeological discoveries.

Genesis 1 man did not fulfil his calling to take dominion over the earth for thousands of years because Genesis 2 man (Adam) was not able to fulfil his calling. For thousands of years  mankind lived in desperate poverty sick with disease, hungry, cold, miserable short lives with a cruel earth and nature taking dominion over mankind.  For most of history there would be no different living conditions for peasants for a thousand years at a time. Same miserable tough living conditions, same mud huts, same type of rough clothing, same unsanitary conditions, same mother and child deaths at child birth, same low farm productivity, same constant hunger and disease. Same oppression of the masses by the same variation of despotic kings and lying priests.

The purpose of Genesis 2 man, the Adamic calling is that somewhere on planet earth there must be a place where the real presence of God is made manifest and where there is a Priest/King figure who bears the image and character of God and can speak with the authority of God and do the works of God on earth, a place called Eden and a Melchizedek priesthood that can teach the Genesis 1 people the ways of the Lord so that they can fulfil their calling to multiply, take dominion over all the earth.

When Eden was lost and the presence of God no longer available to mankind....the earth was filled with violence, poverty, disease, ignorance....and the oppression of mankind by demonic forces ruling through oppressive tyrants and lying priests.

And then something happened on planet earth in Northern Europe from the 1500 onwards.  By 1800 it was obvious to the whole world...the scientific revolution had resulted in the industrial revolution and new era of prosperity and abundance came about that allowed an exponential growth in both wealth and population.

Historians looking back at this pivotal era are puzzled by this era....they ask "Why the West and not the rest?'  Why Europe and not India or China with far older civilizations?  They try to come up with various theories.

But we know why.  It was the Reformation of 1517 that destroyed the power of the Feudal system of oppression by kings and priests and allowed the people access to the Word of God for the first time in thousands of years and allowed the free preaching world wide of the real gospel of Christ.

This freedom from false priests and kings brought about by the first beginning restoration of the Genesis 2 ministry allowed the Genesis 1 folk to get on with their job of taking dominion over the earth an to multiply and fill the earth.

But here we are in the 21st century and we have a major problem.  We have come to a great problem for both the Genesis 2 fold and the Genesis 1 folks.  It is this...

The Genesis 2 people...the Church thinks the following:

- We have done our work, we have proclaimed the gospel in all the earth.
- It is the Jesus must come and take us out of here.
- Nothing further can be done on this needs to be destroyed and God must start over and make a new earth where we all can live in wonderful resurrection bodies and where Jesus can rule the earth.

The Genesis 1 people think the following....

- Well ok, we have solved most of the world's problems through technology.
- We can create abundance and have endless growth through greater knowledge and greater technology.
- We do not know who God is or even if there is a God but we really do not need a God we can handle ourselves through out own human institutions.
- We in fact have a god that we made in our own image, it is called "We the people..." democracy. the rule of the people.
- We can solve our problems; if it is sickness we have increasing medical breakthroughs; if it is poverty we can create wealth and abundance through technology; if it is war and disputes among people we have human institutions such as courts and international agreements.

But both are wrong because both do not have an idea of either the magnitude of the problems ahead, or the incredible plans of God for all of mankind and His creation.

God's plan for mankind and His creation is this....
- God has created an infinite universe that has enough room and resources to accommodate endless growth.
- His plan is for His Kingdom to grow endlessly throughout all eternity.
- This is such a staggering realization that only in fact became known on the last 70 years when cosmologists discovered that there are over 1 trillion galaxies in our observable universe and it is endlessly expanding.
- But the Lord just does not want masses of people who are corrupt sinners....He wants children who are raised and disicipled by Godly families and His Church to look and act like their heavenly Father.

So here is the problem facing the Genesis 1 people....
- The think-tanks of the world elite are already realizing this whole world civilization is unsustainable.
- There are not enough resources in the world to keep this going for any length of time.
- Democracy is not working.  It is crumbling everywhere because people are beginning to realize that no matter which politician they vote for, they never get the results they were promised. Nobody trust politicians and political parties anymore.
- The world economic system is not going to work for the long run. It is fracturing everywhere and it is being papered over by more debt creation, to somehow pay the bills for governments and households.  We are coming to the end of the finance/capitalist form of economics.  People around the realize that the system is rigged for the upper 10%...the rest are going to die in poverty.
- The world ecology is failing, the oceans, the land...the pollution of 8 billion people is killing the earth, the forests, the oceans, the land, the animals...gone soon.
- The world elite see the signs and are scrambling to find "bolt-holes" for post-world collapse.

So here is the problem facing the Genesis 2 people....
- Most of the evangelical Church does not realize that they are the solution to the intractable problems facing mankind.
- They are hoping and praying that Jesus comes soon to take them out of a crumbling world system.
- But they do not understand yet why Paul said in Romans 8 that all creation groans waiting "for the manifestation of the sons of God"....please note he did not say waiting for the manifestation of the Son of God.....because Paul understood what the ministry of the Jesus the second Adam was.
- The Genesis 2 people do not yet realize that the Lord knows the problems that are facing planet earth...but those problems can and only will be solved by the restoration of Eden and the presence and the power of God on earth and the restoration of the Edenic priests/kings of the earth.

And that is what the Lord has been doing for the last 4000 years...restoring His government on earth so that Genesis 1 mankind can get on with the endless expansion and multiplication and dominion of mankind over all the trillions of galaxies in the universe.

This will go on for exactly as the Lord said it would...thousands of generations!

We are now at the end of the beginning.  The restoration of Eden, the Mountain of the Lord. the Tabernacle of God, the City of Zion is almost complete. The foundations of the apostles and the prophets have been it is time for the stone to be assembled.

Then God can carry on with His original plan and purpose and this little 6000 year detour in the context of thousands of generations still to come will seem just a little bump in the it is.

But at such a bump in the endless road of the Kingdom you and I have come and we have our part to play in the endless history of the Kingdom of God.

The second reformation of the Church now lies ahead. It is time for the glory of the Lord to fill His Temple.  It will be the breakthrough that will change planet earth and allow us to heal the nations after the coming collapse of their false idols of democracy and false prosperity. We are coming to the restoration of God's kings and priests in the earth...Rev. 1:6 "And He has made us kings and priests unto God His Father to him be glory and dominion forever. Amen."

Micah 4:1-4 "and the people of the earth will flow to the mountain of the Lord and say teach us your ways"

Its coming folks...get ready!

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