The Seneca Cliff and the Problem of Complexity

I want to explain to you two insoluble problems facing the world governments that only the Kingdom of God can solve. And it will help you to understand why His Kingdom is not of the world and why the Kingdom must be in you before it can be in the world.

There is a basic human problem that the world political and economic systems are now bumping up against that will lead to the inevitable collapse of the world order and which are insoluble...meaning regardless of what political party or economic theory or new technology advance you try to apply to the problem it will not work.

The problem is basic unregenerate human nature and it causes two insoluble problems or effects:
- The Seneca Cliff phenomenon
- The Problem of Complexity.

Both will lead to the inevitable collapse of the world order and both can only be solved through the inner change or regeneration of the sinful human nature of mankind. Jesus knew this and that is why He said the meek will inevitably inherit the earth and sinners will eventually be their own sin nature.

The Seneca Cliff

This phenomenon is named after the Roman philosopher Seneca who said "The path of increase is slow but the road to ruin is rapid."

Scientists call it a "Seneca Collapse" when for instance you put yeast in a sugar solution and you plot the growth of the yeast cells you have a rapid up ward curve of yeast growth and then a sudden drop in yeast growth when all the sugar is consumed.

Look at the charts below....

The first is the chart of a typical Seneca Collapse. The second is a 50 year chart of the North Atlantic cod fishing catch from 1950-2010. By 1980 the cod industry was absolutely thriving with huge catches so much so that great investment in new larger fishing boats were made....and then suddenly the total collapse of the cod fishing industry which has never recovered.  Human greed and the need for profit from endless growth in cod tonnages caught destroyed forever the cod industry in the North Atlantic.

This is being repeated in fisheries all over the world.

In the Amazon rain forest of Brazil the forests are being cut down at an ever increasing rate. Why? Because the need to plant ever more acreage of soy beans and corn. Why? For the ever increasing needs for pig and cattle feed lots.  What is going to happen?  Well unknown to most people is that the Amazon rain forest produces an effect called "evapo-transportion" whereby the trees release water vapour into the atmosphere causing a low pressure system over the Amazon of Brazil which in turn draws in the water vapour from the Atlantic ocean which cause the vast rains over the Amazon and Brazil.  At some point the amount of trees cut down are so many that the low pressure system dissipates and we have suddenly a Seneca heavy rainfalls, the Amazon and much of Brazil turns into a the Sahara desert which used to be a lush region of vegetation.

Will they stop cutting down the Amazon? No. Greed and political corruption will ensure Brazil turns into a desert.

The same is happening in Indonesia's rain forests. They are being burned down and levelled to make way for palm oil. 

The same is happening to the decimation of the primates of Africa now being hunted to extinction for bush meat, as are the elephants for their ivory as are the rhinos for their horn.

Will it stop before we reach extinction levels? No. Why? Because of greed and political corruption.

Include in these disasters the disappearance and collapse of the world's honey bees from pesticide poisoning and then how will the world's fruits and flowers be pollinated? The world's banana supply is now facing extinction because of an infestation that is now spreading worldwide. Why? Because the Cavendish variety is the world favourite and has become a single monoculture with practically no other variety available anymore and the Cavendish is mow succumbing to this infestation and no other world variety is available for mass planting.

And I can go on about the world aquifers being depleted beyond replacement and the water wars that are coming.

Not just the earth's ecology is heading for a Seneca Collapse.  The exponential growth in the world debt creation is now legendary.  Barack Obama is leaving office in America having added $9 trillion to the American government debt. When he came into office 8 years ago it was $10 is now $19 trillion. It took 200 years to create the first $10 trillion in debt and only 9 years to create the next $10 trillion.  Will it stop? Never. Will it be repaid? Never. The same can be said for every nation in the world. Debt is being piled on by governments and corporates and households for the sake of endless growth now ....and let the next generation pay it off.  Which is never going to happen because a Seneca Collapse is coming for the world financial system...soon!

What is the cause of a Seneca Collapse?

It is the unbridled greed of mankind that says ok I know that resource is disappearing but I am going to take and exploit it in any case because if I don't get mine, someone else will.

The second problem....

The Problem of Complexity

The book to read on this fascinating problem is the anthropologists Joseph Tainter's book, "The Collapse of Complex Societies".

Let me explain the problem with this example from recent economic history:

After the Great Depression of the 1930's the American Congress realized that the banking system was out of control. They were essentially gambling with people's saving deposits by making very risky loans. So they passed the Glass-Steagall Act in 1933 to put a wall between investment banking and commercial banking to stop this risky behaviour.  This Act of Congress was 37 pages long.

In 1999 President Clinton in the pocket of the Wall Street bankers repealed Glass-Steagall. The bankers immediately got back to turning Wall street into a casino operation. The result was the world banking crisis of 2007. Once again Congress had to pass new legislation to get the banks under control. It was the Dodd-Frank Act. of 2010. It was 2300 pages log.

The problem was this. The finance world had found so many ways to break the laws and con people out of their money that lawmakers had to try to stop all the various schemes that was being used at that time to scam the system....needing 2300 pages of new rules and regulations.  

And still every year one after the other the major mega-banks are being fined billions for unethical corrupt practices.

Bit this can be spread over all of society. Every year thousands of new pages of legislation and regulations are promulgated by all nations in a desperate attempt to set rules of behaviour for society at large so that we do not destroy our selves or destroy the environment or everything around us in the desperate attempt to keep constant increases in profits each year, endless growth, etc. It is a vicious dog-eat-dog world out there.  And every year more accountants, lawyers, police, prisons, regulations, laws to try to keep the world system from grinding to halt through theft, corruption and greed.

But the world and its interactions are now too complex to be controlled or monitored any more. Corporates and people are becoming transnational with no loyalty to any nation or any ideology. Everyone is out for themselves. Who cares for tomorrow? Who cares for the next generation?

Below is the Seneca Collapse chart for this generation....

The Old Covenant and New Covenant Solutions

Jesus knew what the problem of mankind were. He knew that He could not build His Kingdom with unregenerate mankind. His Kingdom is to built to grow forever.  To do that you cannot fill your Kingdom with sinners.  If you do then you inevitably face the problems of complexity, greed and corruption that leads to a Seneca Collapse.

That is why He said unless you are born again you will not enter the Kingdom of God.
That is why He said my Kingdom is not of this world...or in other words, my Kingdom is not like this world's Kingdom.

What is the difference?

God started the process of His kingdom under the Old Covenant with Israel. He gave them a blueprint for the Kingdom and a set of laws to operate by.  They failed. He knew they would fail. Why?

Because the law was not in their hearts.  It had to be pushed from the outside with promises of blessings for obedience and threats of destruction for disobedience. Israel promised they would keep the Law. They did not.  It was not in their hearts.

Then God prophesied that the time would come when He would make a new covenant with Israel and mankind...He would write His laws on their heart through the indwelling of His Spirit in the hearts of His people.

The law would then become God with all your heart, seek first His Kingdom and love your neighbour as yourself.

Just imagine a world in which bankers and businessmen and teachers and workers...everyone had that kind of heart filled with the love for God and for their would not need 2300 pages to warn bankers to behave themselves. Your would not need an army of police and prisons to threaten people with punishment if they act unlawfully. No lawyers, no accountants to stop people from lying about their taxes.

Now let me apply this to our present situation:

I believe we are heading for a Seneca Collapse in the world's economies.
I believe we are heading for a Seneca Collapse in the world ecosystems and in the carrying capacity of the earth to keep supplying a world of greedy people who want endless profit growth.
I believe we are reaching the limits of complexity that our political and social and economic systems can handle and as trust evaporates and everyone realizes the whole world system is a game of musical chairs and the music is about to stop and the strong will grab what they want and the poor will be left with nothing....the world societal complexity breaks down.

I don't believe the Christians are ready to take on the world responsibilities as most have not yet been discipled into Kingdom principles and most are still playing  the world games of how I can be a superstar in Babylon with Jesus as my life coach.

I believe after the coming world Seneca Collapse there will come a great Holy Spirit revival as the evangelicals realize they are the only ones who can restore a new world order and that new world order can only be built on people who have been born again and discipled into the Kingdom of God...because those are the only kind of people who can live sustainable on planet earth for thousands of generations and not ruin the planet.

I believe Jesus is coming to establish His residence in His Temple which is the Body of Christ the Church. And He will rule the earth from His New Jerusalem, His Bride the Church. It is that indwelling of the Spirit of Christ in our hearts that will enable us to establish His eternal Kingdom by living out the law of love in our lives and in our new societies. These new creations in Christ can then design new systems of economics, new law systems, new societies, new ecologies.

In the meantime I am going to continue in my blogs to share ideas with you on how we can create  a new world and start planning the agenda for the new world order.  

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