The Seven Essential Foundations of the Radical Gospel of the Kingdom

I need to encapsulate for you in hopefully a simple outline what are the essential seven basic foundation truths of the what I call the Radical Gospel of the Kingdom. It is radical because it will forever change your outlook on the past, the future, the Church, prophecy, your purpose on earth and the plan of God for the ages.

It is also radical because I don't know any theologian who will agree on all seven and more importantly the conclusions I draw from each one.

Just by further explanation on what I am doing. I am busy re-writing my book The Radical Gospel of the Kingdom into three books. In these three books I am laying out the entire plan of God for the ages.  My original book had really more to do with correcting "end times dispensational prophecy".  But I realized that I need to not only explain what is wrong with current teaching on "end times" but to give a proper understanding of the plan of God for the ages and then also a strategy for achieving God's agenda for the ages.

So I divided my vision for the Kingdom of God into the following three books:
- The Radical Gospel of the Ages
- The Second Reformation : God's Plan for the Healing of the Nations
- The War of the Saints

What I have been doing in my blogs has been exploring some of the ideas in the books with you. For instance this last series on the exciting possibilities of the Second Reformation of how we can re-organize the Church into a virtual community to get everyone involved with their gifts to work on the Kingdom agenda.

But right at the start of the first book I have to introduce what I mean by the Radical Gospel of the Kingdom by introducing 7 essential foundation truths of the Kingdom message.  Individually some might not seem radical. Others theologians will argue with me. But taken all 7 together they are indeed radical...a world revolution of who we are and what the real mission of the Church is in the context of God's plan for the ages.

So I am going to list them for you without trying here to expound on them or to defend them from scriptural proofs. That is the task of the books.  I merely state them and some of their radical consequences to our approach to the job of the Church and the unfolding new radical vision of the future.  

1) The Sovereignty of God

Every preacher I know believes in the sovereignty of God. This is not in dispute. What I dispute are the unscriptural implications of preachers who obsess over the power of Satan and demons and have fallen for his lie to Jesus in the wilderness temptation that somehow Satan runs the world and he can do what he wants in it.

I say this:  Satan is liar and cannot put one sentence together without lying. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. God rules over all His creation and His will is done wherever and whenever He decides to do anything. And none can stop Him or prevent Him. He appoints the boundaries of nations and sets their time. He appoints the rulers as He wills.  He rules over all and all things will work out as He has planned from the ages. 

Therefore when Adam sinned rulership of the earth did not pass to Satan.  God has always and will always be owner of the earth and He will give to who He wills to administer His property.

God will restore administration of the earth and its resources back to the Church when we are capable of doing it according to His will and not bring shame to His name by our childish foolishness. Until then we suffer under the maladministration of sinners who God uses as a rod of correction until we grow up and start acting like sons of God....and in the meantime scripture says the "earth travails waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God."

2) The Endless Purposeful Universe

I say "endless purposeful universe" purposely because our eschatology is suffering under the limited knowledge of previous generations. The scripture says "we know in part we prophecy in part."  Jesus said I have many things to tell you but you are not able to bear them now. 

Scripture says that God has given man the task of taking dominion over all the work of His hands. Previous generations talked about the earth.  Our generation must talk about the universe. Last year a new cosmology study was released that spent years mapping the galaxies we can see.  The conclusions: There are at least 1-2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe each with at least 100 billion stars.

Psalm 19 God tells us to look at the stars and the heavens, they have a message from God to us.  What is the message?  Isaiah 45:18 God says look at the earth and the heavens, "I have not made them void, I made them to be inhabited.".

Here is the radical gospel of the Kingdom conclusion:
- The earth is not cursed, all that God made is exceedingly good (Gen. 1:31) and has purpose. The world which is the earth and the universe is without end the scripture says and the universe is endless in both time and space.
- The purpose of the earth and the universe is to bring forth life in all its forms and God has no intention of destroying it because it is doing its is sinners who must change and be renewed.
- We are to fill the trillions of galaxies with new life because God has given the universe to man to cultivate with life.
- Space colonization is essential to the Kingdom of God agenda.
- God has provided and will provide us all the technology we need to do that task when we are ready to take on that vision.

Are you starting to understand why I say "radical".

3) The Kingdom has come: The Total Victory of Christ on the Cross and in the Resurrection

I reject the prophecy teachings that the Kingdom of God has not come and will only come one day when Jesus is physically on earth. God has always ruled over earth and has always been present on earth.

When God incarnated as a man Jesus, He through His death and resurrection paid for the transgressions of mankind and allowed us through union with His Spirit to participate in His life, His victory and restored us to what we were meant to be in Eden, His image bearers on earth. His victory was total over all His enemies including death, hell and all satanic forces.

The Kingdom of God, that is the rule and authority of God manifested on earth was restored in the cross and resurrection of Christ when all power in heaven and on earth was given to Him.  The Kingdom of God is not for a thousand years sometime in the future. It is now and it is forever.

4) The Endless Growth of the Kingdom of God

There is no end.  Scripture tells us that of the growth of His Kingdom there is no end. Every preacher I ask and prophecy book I read talks about the end.  Whether you are a dispensationalist, amillennialist, pre-millennium, post millennial, all believe there comes an end and then God basically wipes out the heavens and the earth and all are now spirit beings walking around the earth or in heaven.

I reject this teaching and its implications. Here are my conclusions: Because the Kingdom of God grows endlessly it is therefore logical that requires new and more people. God's way of making new and more people is through babies. Babies made through sex and brought up in families.  There is no sex and marriage in heaven. Therefore the earth and the universe is the only God created place to create new life and the last survey of the heavens tells us there is endless room for endless growth of new life and new families.

For those who want to still hang on to a 1000 year Kingdom of God on this earth try a simple math exercise. Take  7 billion people and lets say very slow growth of 1% per year (although under kingdom conditions of peace and prosperity I expect far higher growth rates) now use a calculator and you get a sum of 84 trillion people at the end of the so called millennium.  If we assume 8 billion people on planet earth it would mean we would need 10,000 more planets to accommodate the growing population of the millennial reign of Christ.

And so I reject the idea that Christ rules for a 1000 years. He rules forever. I reject the idea that Christ rules for a thousand years on earth.  He rules forever over an endless universe and is present at all times wherever two or three gather in His name on trillions of earths.

5) The Restoration of All Things

Scripture tells us that there is coming a time of the restoration of all things.  I believe that is a restoration of all that we lost in the garden of Eden, all that we lost in the fall of Adam. All that was restored to us in Christ the second Adam.

My definition of what we lost and what is to be restored:

In Genesis 1 God created all of mankind and all the races of the earth. He created all mankind to be productive, work and multiply...that is bring forth new life and subdue the earth in order to sustain the ever expanding needs of new population growth.

I believe God created Genesis 2 man, Adam and Eve to be His high priest on earth, to be His ambassador to manifest the presence of God on earth to teach all of mankind the laws of God and His kingdom, the ways of God and to lead them to the Tree of Life who was and is the Lord Jesus that they may live forever (in heaven)

Rev.1 tells us that Jesus Christ has made us "kings and priests" to God. We are being restored as kings and priests. Kings that must subdue the earth and take dominion over all the earth. And priests to display the presence and power of God on earth.

I believe that as we mature in Christ as a universal Church we are able to manifest more and more of the power and glory of God on the earth. I therefore believe that there is coming a far greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the power and presence of God on the earth as we move forward in history for the Church to fulfil its calling.

6) The Church and the Healing of the Nations

I believe the Church is the Body of Christ, the Tabernacle of God on earth, the Bride of Christ, the New Jerusalem.  The Church will be restored to fulfil the work that Adam left undone.  That work is the healing of the nations, the discipling of the nations into the Kingdom of God. 

This is a long term task. It will mean that through time and history we make progressive victory.  The world can only progress when the Church does its job. That is why the whole of human history changed after the Reformation of 1517.

God is now about to embark on a second reformation. The Church is being transformed from a meeting in a building on Sunday morning into an "ekklesia" a community of people who will demonstrate the power and presence of God on earth and will teach the nations how we live on this earth by God's laws. These laws will cover all of human relations from politics, to economy, to culture, to farming and technology to philosophy and the arts.

The rise of the Church is happening along side the fall of Babylon, or the fall of the world economic and political systems that can no longer solve the world's problems.

7) The War of the Saints and their Victory

I believe the Church is the New Israel of God and therefore the army of God endued with power from on high to bring all things into subjection to the rulership of Christ until every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord. The last enemy to be conquered is death.

I have a different explanation for how "the rapture" works. I believe we will be changed. I believe as Paul realized that death is not God's original intent as to how physical humanity is to exit out of this earth plane into the second and third heavens. I believe there is a wonderful mystery here which is why he said "behold I show you a mystery...we shall not all die". I believe the answer to that mystery lies in Eden and its restoration. But is you want a further explanation then you will need to read the books.

I divide up the war of the saints into two battles:

The infiltration of the enemy into the church to deceive the church.
The battle outside the church in the world.

The battle in the Church is against "antichrists"  Scripture says there are many "antichrists".  I define antichrists as anything that purports to look like Christ, or looks like the Body of Christ, or the teaching of Christ but are not. They are purposeful deception to sideline the Church into dead ends or false ideas.

I believe all current teachings of spectacular prophecy books on the coming antichrist are deceptions to hide the real antichrists already deceiving the Church.  There are many of these but I will mention just two that I cover in my books:

- The Reformation leaders were right, the papal system of the Roman Catholic church is and was an antichrist pagan cult that hijacked the true church and led it into a wilderness of pagan rituals and plunged the world into the Dark Ages. I reject entirely this new longing by charismatic leaders for meetings with the Pope and the world acclaim that goes with it. 

- The other great deception in the evangelical church is the deception of Dual Covenentalism.  That God can make a covenant with people on the basis of their racial identity and that covenant can be made with people who reject the covenant made with the Blood of Christ on the cross.  There is only one covenant that is legal in God's sight and that is the New Covenant. There is only one Israel of God and that is those of the faith of Abraham and not the genetics of Abraham.  These are the new Judaizers that Paul fought in the church have now infiltrated the church once again with their false gospel that you can be saved apart from faith in Christ.

The external foes that the Church faces is the task of ridding the earth and the heavens of the infestation of demons and fallen angels.  Jesus said that if I cast out demons then know that the Kingdom of God has come.  We are going to exorcise planet earth of this alien infestation but not before they are publicly displayed for all the earth and the great deception first fills the earth (which is why the skies are filled with more and more UFO sightings)....but then the war in the heavenlies and the casting of that lot into the flames of the pit of hell.

I preach and teach the victory of Christ and His Church in time and in this earth and I reject all inferences and teachings that need a Church to be rescued from the devil!

And those are my seven foundations truths for preaching and teaching the radical gospel of the Kingdom.

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