The Tale of the Dragon's Tail

Now that most people who study prophecy and Revelation realize that Rev. 12;1-2 is a cosmological sign of Virgo on a date 23 September 2017 (and misinterpret it) I can now proceed to reveal to you what the "tail of the dragon" means in verses 3-4..which is also greatly misinterpreted by every preacher who quotes it! And reveal to you why it is important for our time.

Verses 3-4 of Rev. 12 are the famous verses that say "And there appeared another great wonder in heaven, a great red dragon....and his tail drew a third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth."

Every preacher I have heard preaching on Satan and his angels will quote this verse to emphatically claim this proves that a third of all the angels of heaven rebelled against God.
This claim is absurd nonsense on four counts:

1) Just a few verses later in verses 7-9 it says there was war in heaven and Michael and his angels cast Satan and his angels onto the earth. So is it the tail of the dragon or Michael that casts the devil's angels on the earth?  Obviously the "stars" spoken of in verse 4 are not angels; they are what it says "stars"...and I will show you shortly why this is another important cosmological time prophecy.
2) Do you really think a third of the great holy and wonderful angelic sons of God are so disgusted with our heavenly Father that they hate him and want to rebel? Obviously not. The ancient prophetic book of Enoch mentions 200 angels that rebelled in a very local rebellion.
3) Do you think that a third of the trillions of angels could actually fit on planet earth after being thrown down on it? At least the medieval theologians who also were confused by this wrong teaching tried to grapple with this absurdity by debating how many angels could you fit on the head of a answer the problem of where do you fit all these angels on earth.
4) Like the sign in the heavens of a woman (Virgo) in the first two verses this also is a sign in the heavens that depicts a cosmological time event of great importance to the entire story being told in chapter 12 of Revelation.

Draco the Dragon
To explain what is going on here I need to give you some star signs as the ancients saw the heavens and the gods and powers who ruled the heavens.  Stretching above the northern hemisphere across the north pole and around it was the great constellation of Draco the Dragon.

He seemed to be the supreme power because all the stars circled around him.  Today we know it is not the stars that circle but the earth that is spinning on its axis.  Below and around Draco there were the two great wheels of stars that seemed to be moving in slow rotation. The one wheel was the 12 constellations of the Zodiac.  The other wheel was a mystery to them, a bright band of stars that stretch like a snake around the earth which the ancients called the Ouraboros or what we today call the Milky Way.


They thought of the Ouraboros as a snake eating his tail.



When you look into the night sky you can see the great belt of the Milky Way. The Chaldeans imagined it to be a great serpent or dragon that is eating his tail. The circle of the Zodiac however was inclined by 60 degrees to the plane of the galactic ecliptic and so it looked like a separate wheel and within and in that wheel there were four very bright stars spaced around which formed the four sections of the Zodiac each section having a different symbol, a man (Aquarius) , a lion (Leo), a bull (Taurus) and an eagle (Ophiuchus, the serpent holder above Scorpio).  These great power symbols were combined as in a man/lion by the Egyptians and called the Sphinx or also called Cherubim in the Bible.

The 12 constellations were a well known phenomenon to both the ancient cultures as well as the Israelites.  The pagans like the Babylonians believed that the "Lord of the Rings" of the Ouraboros and the Zodiac was the great dragon enthroned in the highest heavens surrounded by the great powers of the Cherubim.  Above in the picture on the left is a Babylonian Cherub composed of a man, with the body of a lion with wings. These were the important points on the quarters of the 12 constellations.

If you read scripture and the depiction of the "Beasts" or living creatures around the throne of God described as "Cherubim" you will find them as the signs of the four points of the Zodiac:
The bull, the lion, the man and the eagle.

The encampment of the 12 tribes of Israel in the wilderness around the tabernacle also was arranged with the signs of the Zodiac on the battle flags of the four main tribes in the four quadrants of the tabernacle.

But the Lord was telling the ancients a very important truth that they needed to know:

Draco the Dragon was not the Lord of the Rings...the Lord God of Israel is the Highest, He rules over the rings of power and He rules over the Dragon.

This is the answer to the mystery of Ezekiel's "wheels within wheels" found in the famous vision of Ezekiel chapter 1.  The "eyes" that he saw in the wheels were the stars and the wheels were the Zodiac and the Ouraboros.  But riding above the wheels of heaven was not Draco but the Lord God of Israel.  And this was very important for Ezekiel and Daniel and the other young men who were captured to know.  They were going to be indoctrinated into the gods and cosmology of Babylon.  And the Lord gave them a wonderful prophetic vision of encouragement to keep faith with Yahweh who is truly the Lord of the Rings.

The Tale of the Dragon's Tail

With this as a background to the cosmology of the ancients I can now proceed to help you make sense of the further sign in the heavens and what it means...the third of the stars cast to the ground by the tail of the dragon.

There is another important fact you need to understand to interpret the sign.  It is called "the Precession of the Equinoxes" which is illustrated below...

The ancients who observed the signs of the Zodiac for centuries noticed a strange phenomenon. On the spring equinox of each year (about March 21) they would mark where the sun would rise in the morning by marking which constellation of the Zodiac would be there on the horizon.  Over a period of long time they noticed that there seems to be a slow rotation of the Zodiac as the sun would over time be rising in different constellations.  They measured it.  To go through all the 12 signs of the Zodiac it would take 25920 years.  We now know that because the earth is tilted on its axis and because it slowly turns like a spinning top, that was causing the "Precession of the Equinoxes".

All ancient cultures from Sumaria to China to Aztecs knew of this phenomenon. (The book to reference here is the great exposition "Hamlets Mill" by De Santillana and von Deschend). The Hippies used to sing "This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius" as we are moving out of the Age of Pisces".

Now here is what is important about this signs of the stars thrown to the ground:

The tail of Draco the Dragon stretches around to cover a third of the constellations of the Zodiac...4 constellations of the Zodiac.  The slow precession of the equinoxes mean that the sun rises in each constellation for 2160 years.  While the sun seems to rise the stars of the constellations seem to be cast on to the earth in these motions. 

The sign of the dragons tail casting the stars of four signs of the Zodiac to the ground is a time sign aimed at letting the Great Dragon Satan know there is a time element to his rebellion...and then his time is up.

And that is the message of the entire it, this is what it says:

There will come a time when out of the church of Jesus Christ will come an army of overcomers who will rise up in the fullness of Christ and be seated with Christ in heavenly places in spirit and in authority but here on earth will make war on the great dragon.
And because they take their authority in Christ they will come against this great deceiver and overcome him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. And it is the saints taking authority on earth that will unleash the power of the heavenly armies under Michael the great Prince who can then proceed to cast Satan and his angels out of the heavens and onto the earth....that is the story of the stars and of Rev.12.

That time has come.  The heavens declare it. The witness of the Spirit in the Church declares it.  The army of God's warriors that for decades now have been trained in teachings in faith, praise and worship, standing on the Word, confessing the power of God...there is an army moving out to battle.  It is an army of ordinary people doing extraordinary things by the power of God.

Next week I want to share with you the extraordinary things I believe are going to be seen on earth when this Satanic lot are thrown on the earth...and the coming great deception it will bring about.

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