Three Revolutions now Changing the World

I want to explain for you three world shaking revolutions now happening and that will impact the future of the Church in a profound way.  They are happening worldwide in the social order, the financial order and the technology order.  They are harbingers of the coming Second Reformation of the Church of the 21st Century.

Let me give you the prophetic framework to understand what the Lord is doing now in the earth.  It is found in Haggai 2:6-7 and then repeated in Hebrews 12: 26-29:

In Haggai:
"For thus says the Lord of hosts. Once more in a little while I am going to shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and also the dry land. And I will shake the nations and they will come with the wealth of all the nations and I will fill this house with glory. Says the Lord of glory."

In Hebrews:

"And His voice shook the earth then but now he has promised saying Yet once more will I shake not only the earth but also the heaven. And this expression Yet once more denoted the removing of those things which can be shaken as of created things in order that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.  Therefore since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken let us show gratitude....for our God is a consuming fire."

When God shakes the world political, economic and spiritual orders it is for a purpose. And I am going to give you my interpretation of what the current world shake up is all about and what the purpose of God is in the current world turmoil.

Both Haggai and Hebrews give us an idea of why the Lord disrupts the world system. Haggai says the Lord shakes up the nations of the world so that they must bring their wealth into "this house".  WE need to identify the wealth and the house.

Hebrews says God shakes up the world systems so that those things which have no permanence and which are not able to endure and were therefore not built on the rock of Christ, the King are to be removed so that those things can be transferred onto eternal structures, namely His kingdom and that Kingdom is then to be transferred to His people for proper administration.  So what are the things that are not able to endure in this world that are being shaken and transferred to the Kingdom and authority of Christ?

Well let me summarize the three revolutions in the world this way:

Technological revolution is leading to economic revolution which is leading to social revolution....and these three are now evident in a world systemic collapse of old order systems that can no longer cope with the challenges of these revolutions. Or as Hebrews says the shifting of the tectonic plates is causing heaven and earth disruptions to the powers of heaven and earth and when this shaking is done, only the Kingdom of God will be left standing.

Haggai makes it even more succinct:  There is a great transfer of wealth and power from those world powers who have been corrupted by it to those of the "house of God" who can direct that wealth and power to God's eternal purposes.

The Technology Disruption

With the onset of the Protestant Reformation that brought freedom from medieval feudalism the world was changed forever by the new prosperity of the Industrial Revolution. God's Genesis Dominion Mandate to mankind could now be implemented once mankind was delivered from the oppression of kings and clerics. 

As mankind obeyed God's injunction in Proverbs to seek knowledge, understand and wisdom the riches of God's abundance in His creation could be unlocked to the enormous benefit of all people on earth. Poverty was alleviated, medical discoveries healed sickness and disease, productivity and wealth creation leapt ahead and the result was that the gospel could be spread all over the world through great missionary enterprises.

The key technologies that started this revolution in productivity was capturing energy to supplement human labour. This energy came in the form of wind, steam, electricity, petroleum and eventually nuclear.

The Financial Revolution

With increased productivity from access to cheap energy and the technology that came with it to convert that energy into mass production of goods and services the enormous increase in productivity allowed for people to accumulate savings and these savings were collected into great capital pools by new financial institutions to finance great infrastructure projects and finance the acquisition of capital goods and also provide common workers access to pensions and social services and security for old age.

The Social Revolution

The technical and financial revolution led to a social revolution.  Instead of most people working on farms just to feed the population, mechanization released the majority of people to pursue other work projects. And factories also did not need so many workers so that released people to be writers, entertainers, scientists, doctors, educators and a whole new world of social life could develop.

Everything looked fine for a long time....

But that whole world system is now falling apart.  And you can see it in the daily media reports:

A. The social compact of societies that made stable nation states possible is lost.   

The creation of the democratic nation state was based on the enlightenment idea of the "social compact".  People come together of like minded values and write a contract with each other called a constitution that says these are the laws and norms by which we want to be governed.

But that social compact all over the world is being destroyed by globalization, corrupt politicians and destructive social and financial behaviors.

Britons just voted for 'Brexit" because they said I do not want to be flooded out by foreigners who do not have our values and I never agreed to be ruled by unelected Brussels bureaucrats. And Britain is not the only country in the EU wanting out.  All across Europe people are saying the politicians have lost touch with the common people.

Corruption by governing officials all over the world is causing populations to rise up against the political elites:  Zimbabwe, Nigeria, (and so many other African countries that are now basically ungovernable), Venezuela and the lists go on and on. With the availability of the internet and public exposes of political corruption now common, the ordinary people all over the world have lost faith in the entire political class.

Even in America the world bastion of democracy the common people are so disgusted that this current election cycle has seen a mass uprising against the political elites of both the Democrats and Republicans.

B. The Financial World Disruption.

Actually better description is financial world collapse.  There are so many things to say here that I just don't have space in this blog.  But just a few pointers:
- the central banks of the world are now in the process of destroying their monetary systems by the endless creation of fiat money or debt creation in the trillions to try to create the illusion of "growth".
- Central Banks are destroying the world pension industry by creating endless amounts of government bonds at zero percent interest which is destroying those people who save their money in order to earn interest on their savings for retirement.
- The easy credit by the Central Banks are being channelled to their favoured bank clients who then lend it to their favoured corporates who use the cheap money to both buy up assets as well as buy their own stock and in this way asset prices are inflated and the rich get richer and the middle class get wiped out.
- The bailouts of the banks instead of the people is causing enormous riots and resentment by the common people who realize there is a major financial scam on the go but even though they do not realize how it is being done, they know they are getting poorer every year.
- The major banks of Europe such as Deutche  Bank of Germany and almost all of the Italian banks are insolvent.  That goes also for Portugal, Spain Greece etc.  There is coming an enormous financial crash of the Euro and which will ignite a world financial storm of unprecedented proportions.
- The world debt situation of banks, countries, companies and households is so great as to be basically unpayable.  The governments of the world are desperately trying to paper over the cracks and keep spending going with more and more debt creation.

It will not last and when it craters the last of the world social and political cohesion will crack with it.

C Technology Disruption

In the midst of all this social and financial gloom the wonderful news on the technology front is that we can create a whole new world of finance, production, prosperity, social order and medical advances with the incredible wealth of new technology that God has released to the world.

One of my favourite writers Doug Casey in his book "The Second Industrial Revolution" lists some of the now available and coming disruptive technologies:
Over the next 20 years Doug says that technology will cause the biggest change in the history of the world.

And my point:  The current world social and financial systems will not be able to handle these coming changes....but the Kingdom of God will!

I quote:
Energy—With the exception of nuclear, all power comes from the sun. In the past, solar, wind, and similar power sources existed mainly in the dreams of economically illiterate hippies. But now, combined with rapidly advancing battery technology, they finally make sense. Better yet, oncoming generations of modular nuclear reactors will be tiny, extremely safe, simple, and cheap. Maybe fusion power will finally become practical—although that would just be a bonus.
Oil and gas? They’re important as feedstocks, but mainly because they provide very dense energy. They are, however, essentially compounds of hydrogen and carbon, two of the most common and simplest elements. With adequate (and sufficiently cheap—this is the key) power, they can be created in unlimited quantity; the chemistry is quite basic and well understood. Among other things, algae can be programmed to manufacture them in quantity.
Space—One of the good things about most governments being bankrupt is that they’re being forced to cede the conquest of space to entrepreneurs, who will colonize the moon, the asteroids, and the planets. I love Elon Musk’s quip: “I hope to die on Mars. Just not on impact.” Of course, if he’s lucky, he may live to be several hundred years old because of other developments.
You need “stuff” to make what you need. A lack of raw materials has always been a major reason for conflict. But digging things out of the Earth, using big yellow trucks, will no longer be humanity’s only option. The asteroids are full of dense elements. They’ll soon become available in massive quantity, cheaply.
Life extension—It’s clear we’re on the edge of solving the problem of aging; it should be addressed as a degenerative disease. All other diseases are simply footnotes to aging. If you live long enough, you can be, do, and have everything that you can imagine. It’s likely to be possible soon.
Biological engineering—The creation of not just new body parts, but new bodies, made to order, is in the works. And new species. And much more. Who really knows what can be done with DNA? But the answer is probably: Almost anything, in lots of ways.
Distributed manufacturing—A.E. van Vogt’s The Weapon Shops of Isher predicted machines that would create advanced weapons for you, in the privacy of your own home. Now that’s possible with 3-D printing. Soon, if you can design something, or get the design, you can create it. At home.
Robotics—Not just smart machines in factories. In fact, factories themselves may be on their way out. Humanoid beings—products of bioengineering and AI—could replace them. They’ll perhaps be almost indistinguishable from normal people.
This alone, the creation of intelligent machines, will overturn the nature of society, family, warfare, work—everything.
Artificial intelligence—I believe that a difference that makes no difference is no difference. That’s the concept behind the Turing test. At some point, very soon, machines will be smarter than their creators and will, in turn, create other machines smarter than they are. And continue doing so at a geometric rate.
Nanotech—I did a chapter on this in Crisis Investing for the ’90s. At the time, not one person in 100 had a clue what it was. In its ultimate form, nanotech—the use of molecular-sized assemblers and supercomputers—will change the character of reality itself. Totally and unrecognizably. It amounts to pixie dust, making it possible to manipulate the 92 naturally occurring elements into useful compounds cheaply and easily. It’s becoming possible to fabricate totally new materials, like carbon nanotubes, vastly more capable than any “natural” material.
Computer science—Electromechanical switches, then vacuum tubes, then transistors, now silicon chips, and soon quantum computing are taking place on a molecular level. All the knowledge in the world contained in a cube. Or perhaps in the head of a biologically enhanced robot. Or perhaps in an interface to your own brain.
Virtual reality—You’ll be able to immerse yourself in a world of your own creation, activating all of your senses, in a veritable Star Trek holodeck that will be almost indistinguishable from real reality. Perhaps you will prefer to live in unreality. All in the privacy of your own home.
The Next 20 Years:

I believe the current crack up of the world systems is God ordained, not to punish the world but simply because human systems built on the shifting sands of greed, power, control, fame etc cannot sustain the glory and blessings and abundance that the Lord wants to give us His creation in order for us to fulfil our created potential.

It will require a new world order. That will be the job of the Church over the next 20 years. Create a new vision of the Church as both a local and world community of people, a new identity for humanity, a new purpose for humanity, a new motivation for humanity and new way for all of us to relate to one another.

Because believe me on two counts:
- This whole world mess is going to fall in our laps because we are not being raptured out of here to protect us from the world fallout of collapsing world system. God intends to flow the world's riches into His Church for proper administration.
- We, the world wide Church of Jesus Christ, are going to be the only coherent, united, trans-national world entity capable of creating a new world social consensus for government, for creating a new world financial system that will create world prosperity while protecting the environment, the only entity that is capable of reconciling humanity to both God and each the aftermath of the coming world collapse.

Big job ahead folks!

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