Time to Build the New Jerusalem....and possess the land!

If my interpretation of the signs of the times we are now entering into are correct then here is what to look out for with regards to...Babylon falling, the Cyrus release, the building of the city and temple and the possession of the land.

I want to continue my theme that the very unexpected election of Donald Trump is analogous to the unexpected overthrow of Babylon by God's "anointed" king Cyrus the Mede (who knew not the God of Israel) and who was then commanded by God to release His people from captivity so that they can do three things:
- return to the land of Israel to rebuild the temple
- rebuild Jerusalem and repair its walls
- possess the land from the squatters sitting on their inheritance.

All of the above while two things were happening in Babylon:
- The power structures of the Babylonian empire were destroyed and replaced by new administrators with new laws and new objectives.
- The people of God were given high positions of authority in the new world order of the Medes and the Persians.

I believe the same pattern is now happening all over the world.

First the Temple....

We are told in both Ezra and Nehemiah that 42,360 Israelites returned to Palestine after the release decree of Cyrus in 533 BC plus 200 singers.  These were accompanied by the great priest and teacher Ezra who set about compiling the scriptures, teaching the people the Word and laws of God and getting the temple reconstruction started.

This great task is now happening all over the world as the Word of God is now being dispensed freely to all people and taught to all people everywhere. The miracle of modern mass media is making this task a global effort.

The mention in scripture of the inclusion of 200 singers is important.  It was not just important that the temple be rebuilt but that there be praise and worship once again restored in the temple.  And this is now the dominant theme all over the world in God's church...not just the teaching of the Word by the Ezra ministry but the restoration of praise and worship as central to the church service.

I see this most prominently in the great church growth movements in some of the most unlikeliest places.  Take for instance the Dutch Reformed church here in South Africa...which are the largest growing local churches like Moreleta in Pretoria and Kerk Sonder Mure in Centurion...thousands of members...these churches are known for their wonderful praise and worship emphasis.  The same can be said of the Vineyard movement, the Hillsong movement, Doxa deo etc.

God is restoring the teaching of His Word and the worship in His temple back to the Church!

Cyrus realizing that he was divinely raised up God for a greater purpose...to help God's people to go about their work, commanded that treasure be given to the returning Israelites to help them rebuild the temple and the city.

God has raised up many Cyrus's who know not God but who must supply the skills and materials needed by the people of God who are called upon to build the city of God and the Temple of God on earth....and if you open your eyes to this revelation you will see that the earth is filled with a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and an age of discoveries of the deep mysteries and riches of the deep that God is unlocking for His people.

Then the City...

Nehemiah was sent after Ezra to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the city. God has a plan to rebuild Jerusalem...but not the old Jerusalem.  He is planning a New Jerusalem...the City of God.  Not somewhere in heaven one day...but here on earth.  The city of God is the community of God.  There are those called to temple duty and there are those called to city duty.

Every group of churches of all faiths in every city of the world is called by God to form a Church of Pretoria, a Church of Cape Town, a Church of Singapore, a Church of Dallas....just like it was in the New Testament...the Church of Ephesus, the Church of Rome.

The job of the church in every city and region of the world is to first build the Temple of God in that city, teach the people the Word of God, restore the singers to bring in praise and worship over that city which will result in spiritual warfare that will bind the strong man of the city, the evil powers that control the people of the region and then the Nehemiah's can start their work.

The Nehemiah's of God are the leaders who raise up the warriors to go and possess the land. That means targeting the assets and giftings of the region, the people and the places and bring them under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The great challenge of the New Jerusalem's

This is the challenge that the Lord gives to His church in Rev.21....build the city of God! To what size and dimension?

Well if you were one of the readers of John's letter to the 7 churches in Asia in about 65AD when John got the vision on the island of Patmos...the Lord's message to them was that the New Jerusalem they were to build was to be 12,000 furlongs square. In miles that is about 1500 miles. And if you were a Roman citizen reading that you would recognize that size....it was about the size of the Roman Empire.  So God was telling them 'I want you to go into the whole Roman Empire and absorb it into my kingdom".  A seemingly impossible task in the midst of Nero's persecution of those same Christians reading that letter.

And for us today?

If you take that 12,000 furlongs of the New Jerusalem and convert into feet it comes to 7,200,000 feet....which happens to sound like the average polar diameter of the earth in miles.  Meaning for us modern age folks, the New Jerusalem that we must build must encompass the whole earth!

While back in Babylon....

Only a portion of the Jews returned back to Palestine in 533 BC. The rest staid on in the Medo-Persian empire where the Lord raised many to be great leaders and governors.  Daniel was promoted to second in command of the kingdom.  The faithful Hebrew young men who endured the fire test were promoted to governors of some of the 120 provinces.  Esther became queen to the king of Persia and saved her people.

This is now happening all over the world.  God is raising up His people to prominent positions of power in education, science, business, government. They are there to bring law and order and to proclaim His word and to possess riches and territory for transfer into His Kingdom.

Here is what I predict using this template as a guide....

The Financial System:

At the heart of the power of Babylon is its world financial system that has created a new Feudalism.  Under the old Feudalism of the Dark Ages the common people were oppressed by the arbitrary power of the feudal lords, the kings and their lords who owned the productive economy centred around the ownership of the land. The peasants and serfs worked the lands for the overlords in return for just enough to exist. The surplus was passed on to the lords of the realm. Key to this set up was the clergy of the feudal church who anointed the kings and justified their oppression of the people and who in turn received their reward from the king in the form of lands and property and tithes from the people.

Today the world's top 1% control the wealth of the world and below them are the government bureaucracies and support structures of the banking, media and educational elite that maintain the world power structures. These power structures have resulted in a 90% world peasant and serf class that are deeply in debt, own no real assets and live day to day or month by month on barely liveable wages.

This is the New Feudalism....

Watch in the next years....there are huge financial dislocations coming.  Entire financial power structures in the world economic system are going to come crashing down. Watch next year in Europe, watch the Euro.  Italy is headed to a referendum in December that can topple the government, France, Netherlands, Germany are heading to the polls....Britain is not the only going to exit the EU.  That whole false unity is going to crumble and with it the Euro....and that will have enormous repercussions for the world economy.

Watch the world emerging economies.  There are $72 trillion of dollar denominated debt in the world outside the United States. Most of it contracted at incredibly low interest rates.  World interest rates are going up dramatically in the future and that is going to make $72 trillion of debt unpayable.

The financial crash is coming.  The world economic system is more highly leveraged and indebted than in 2008 when the world economy crashed.  That crash was temporarily halted when the American Federal Reserve provided $16 trillion in liquidity assistance to the world banking system.  That cannot be repeated the next time because the Fed balance sheet is leveraged to the hilt. So is the ECB, the Bank of Japan and the British Central Bank.  Italy will probably be the first to go under...30% of the Italian banking debt is now non-performing and the rest will soon follow.

My prediction for the Church....

Jesus is head of the Church. He is Lord and He will accomplish what He set out to do. I believe a new era is coming to the Church.

You see the image and vision of the New Jerusalem in Rev. 21-22?  That is the Church coming together. Twelve gates...Jesus is the door but there are many gates for all the tribes of the Israel of God.  Pentecostals, Charismatics, Reformed, Baptist, Anglican, Methodist....God is going to create His church of the city.  The people of God are going to come together as Babylon starts crumbling all over the world. The coming economic travails are going to force the people of God to stand together.

Watch the emphasis shift. Before it was discipling the individual. What is coming is the discipling of nations. Nations that need healing. Nations that need to be rebuilt from the rubble up. Nations in which the masses have taken to the streets and said we have had enough of political and economic feudalism, we demand a living wage, we demand a debt Jubilee, we demand education and health and not more wars and weapons of destruction.

When this time comes you are going to be surprised how many of God's people are highly placed in governments, in banking, in business, in technology.  They are going to come up with answers and solutions.  We are going to see with that an enormous release of the new outpouring of the spirit of revival and reconciliation with signs and wonders following.

It is coming...swords are going to be turned into plowshares.  And leading the people out of the New Feudalism and into God's plan for the ages will be the new uniting Body of Christ fulfilling its Rev.21-22 calling to heal the nations and merge them into the universal city of God, the New Jerusalem.  

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