Trump, prophecies and making America great again.

I am amazed at the incredible amount of prophecies on Youtube from American preachers that the Lord has raised up Donald Trump to make America great again. Let me test this with my "end times" hypothesis and see if you agree...

I have spent most of last evening for hours going through some of the vast amount of prophecies on Youtube from all sorts of American ministries that Mr Trump has been divinely called and ordained of God to rescue America and restore American greatness.

Frankly I am astonished at all this.  I see video clips of Trump rallies and there are literally thousands of people at his meetings and it has the air of great gospel revival meetings....and for good reason.  The evangelical church and the charismatic prophets have come out in force to support a Trump presidency with all the enthusiasm of a gospel healing crusade with the theme that Mr. Trump is going to "heal" America, "save" America, restore prosperity for all etc.

In the light of my series of blogs on the End Game I want to offer an analysis to test my theories about what really constitutes the "end times" and what is really going to happen.  Now let me give a caveat here about my emotional as opposed to spiritual reaction to all this.  I really do hope Hillary Clinton does not get voted in and I really hope that should Mr. Trump win that he can do something good for America. 

But the issue is not about my feelings fallible as they are.  It is about analyzing where are we with respect to the Kingdom of God.

My end time theory revolves around these crucial points:
- we are at the end of an age and ready to transition into a new age of God's Kingdom dominion over all the earth.
- this age will end and transition just like the last age, which was the end of the Jewish/Israel era, it will end with war, collapse, social disorder and failed prophecies that will make room for the rise of a new vision and new anointing for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.
- the violence and collapse is the result of the wheat and the tares phenomenon; God allows the false and the phoney to pretend until it ripens to full growth and then you can see by its fruits whether it is of God's will or the will of man.
- we are coming to the end of man's best attempt at government and man's best attempt at prosperity in the form of liberal democracy and finance capitalism. Both are collapsing worldwide and that most notably in America (and here at home in South Africa).
- the new era is the church discovering its real mission on earth and the launch of the second reformation that will reorganize itself as the Israel of God to heal the nations and rebuild a world system on the basis of God's Word.

Now back to Donald Trump and evangelical church dreams of American greatness...

The amazing thing about this American election is the incredible solidarity of the evangelicals in America behind Mr. Trump. Why? Well because to them Hillary Clinton is the personification of evil. The oft quoted scripture they use is Prov. 29;2 'When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule the people mourn."

But as far as I can see both Trump and Clinton are moral degenerates.  But God's man of the hour is the lesser of two evils?

The answer to this conundrum I notice is now the oft repeated prophecy among these evangelicals of Cyrus the Great prophesied in Isaiah 45 to be God's anointed even though he does not know God, but prophesied to take over Babylon without destroying Babylon and release the people of God (the Jews) to build the Temple.

The interpretation among the evangelicals is that like Cyrus of Isaiah 45, Trump is to be America's 45th president and help Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem while making America (Babylon) great again with great prosperity for all.

What is fascinating for me in all this is that I know that all those evangelicals believe in a coming Antichrist, the Great Tribulation, judgment on the world system etc. but there is this desperation of "Ok we know that prophetically Babylon must fall, but please God just not now, please give us Donald and prosperity for one last great time, please don't give us Hillary and judgment!". 

Now I must be honest with you my spirit discernment tells me it is Hillary and judgment, but my emotions are with my evangelical American brethren, please Lord Donald....and perhaps Ninevah repentance and a stay of  judgment.

But if Hillary wins?

Well the established charismatic prophetic community as far as I can tell have 'bet the farm" on a 'Thus saith the Lord, Donald Trump is my anointed". And should he lose there are going to be enormous consequences to the credibility of the "prophets" and maybe it is time that a lot these people need a closer re-examination.

The further problem is the social disintegration of America.  A majority of Americans do not trust Hilary Clinton and think she is liar and a phoney.  So why is she going to get elected? because a greater majority of Americans despise Donald Trump.  What a situation....the choice for president, the two most despised politicians in America. How did it get to this?

For the evangelicals who believed in the miraculous anointed rise of God's man only to see him lose will now be confronted with this reality....Hillary Clinton is so disliked by a majority of Americans that any other Republican candidate could have beaten her...but it took the miraculous rise of Donald Trump a person even more despised to make sure that God got Hillary into the White judge America!

But how could this be?  The answer is a very scary scripture in Ezekiel 14:4,9:
"Therefore speak unto them (the elders of Israel seeking the prophet of God) Thus saith the Lord Every man of the house of Israel that sets up his idols in his heart and puts the stumbling block of iniquity before his face and comes to the prophet; I the Lord will answer him that comes according to the multitude of his idols...and if the prophet be deceived when he has spoken a thing I the Lord have deceived that prophet..."  

The terrible thing that God told Israel is that they come to the prophets seeking a word from God.  But they come with idols in their heart.  They want to hear a certain thing from God, some sign, some word of approval of the deep desires of their heart. God says I will give them lying prophets to tell them what they want to hear.

So if people want to hear "prosperity, riches, success" and that is their idol, then God will send them false prophets to tell them that...just pay over your tithes for instant success!

Why are the vast crowds of evangelical supporters by the thousands crowding the mass rallies of Donald Trump? Because he has promised to make America great again.  He did not promise I will make the Kingdom of God great again in America.  He promises new prosperity, more abundance, lower taxes, jobs, higher pay.

The false prophets of the prosperity movement have done their job.  They have prophesied what is in people's hearts.  God wants you rich and prosperous. The reality of course is that ever since 1980 (when the prosperity movement really started) the median income of the America has been falling.  35% of Americans are 180 days overdue on bills and 47% cannot come up with $1000 of emergency money.

And now there is a generation of evangelicals that want their promised prosperity.  Donald promises them that.  Hillary also promises that.  But Hillary is evil...Donald is not?  New York real estate mogul and casino gambling boss???

The truth is that God is not interested in making any country "great again".  The time has come to make the Kingdom of God great in all the earth.

America is not the only country that is in serious trouble politically and economically.  South Africa is in a similar state with corrupt political leadership and economic looting by the elite.  This is a world wide phenomenon.

What is happening world wide is the "social compact" that has been the foundation of the idea of the rule of democracy is disintegrating.  Democracy...the people rule.  They rule by a common set of rules that their societies have formulated to be their rights protected by their constitutions.

At the heart of the rights of man is the foundation document of democracy, the 1776 Declaration of Independence by the rebelling American colonies.  And the key phrase is this...."We the people....have been endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights among which are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Our new world is ordered in such a way that I can pursue happiness.

After the success of the American revolution and the enshrinement of those rights in the American constitution of 1787 it became a model for democratic revolutions all over the world where today this is the standard worldwide...democracy.

The other pillar of the world establishment is financial capitalism.  These two ideologies govern our laws and our economies.  That is how the world is run having vanquished all other pretenders such as monarchies, fascism, socialism, communism.  This is the pinnacle of human government and economic development.  There are no other options left for human progress...all else is human regression.

But deep in the hidden DNA of this world ideology is the defective gene that is bringing on the death of both the world governments and the world economies....the right to my own life, my liberty to do what I want and the right to pursue happiness.

For a while the tares grew along side the wheat and everything looked all right.  Until the world started waking up to the inevitable result of the rights to do what I want to pursue my happiness, my success...

Women claimed the right to kill their own babies, men claimed the right to marry other men, film makers claimed the right to publish any form of sexual perversions, bankers claimed the right to print money out of nothing and loan it at interest, corporations claimed the right to "personhood" and the right to plunder the earth of resources, pollute the environment, students march the streets burning and looting demanding the right to free education.....and the list goes on and on.

Man cannot rule himself, man cannot establish his own standard of right and wrong especially if that standard is 'How do I feel about it and does it make me happy?"

The American church is in a delusional state.  It is caught up in "American Exceptionalism".  It has deluded itself that its 1787 Constitution came down on mount Sinai with Moses whereas it came from a cabal of Masonic lodges united with French and British occultists to make America the New Atlantis of Rosicrucian dreams. It is an open defiance of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His law Word. It looks great upon a superficial reading. It even allows liberty for the gospel to be preached.

But the fruits are now revealing the roots.  And Donald Trump cannot make America great again.

To make America great or South Africa great will require a Declaration of Dependence with the key phrase being 'We the church of Jesus Christ hold these truths to be the evident Word of God that our creator, Jesus Christ has given us his life, and made us to be His servants for the pursuit His Kingdom and His righteousness..."  And thereafter to so constitute a new constitution that enshrines those principles and then create a society that lives those principles!

As the world democratic and financial capital economies and societies collapse around us, the new world order will be constituted by those hundreds of millions of evangelical Christians around the world that realize we have nothing in common with the world system, we have different objectives in life, we have different goals, different values, different Lord. different loves, and that we are not here to make America or South Africa great....but to fill the earth with the knowledge and glory of God.

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