Why do Angels Sing?

Everyone knows angels sing. But I have a radical idea as to why angels sing. And it has to do with how the world was made and why the universe is billions of years old.

There is a heated debate in evangelical circles about the age of the earth, or how long creation took place.  I definitely do not believe in evolution. It just takes too much faith. Simple observation (apart from the laws of thermodynamics) tells you things gravitate from order to disorder (technically, entropy increases with time). The deeper science digs into biology, DNA, chemistry...the more complex the whole situation gets to where it is just absurd to think chance and time caused self organizing complexity.

But I am also not comfortable with a 7,000 year age for the earth and a six day creation.  I am told by the Lord to study the heavens and His handiwork and they glorify him and I cannot absorb the immensity of our universe with its billions of galaxies and I just get this feeling this grand spectacle of endless space needs a setting of endless time.

I am not arguing that the Lord can't make the world in 6 days and rest the 7th. I frankly wonder why 7 days, why not a millisecond?  What troubles me further is how far the Biblical literalists want to take what they think is a scientific biblical cosmology.  The latest literalist argument is taking this to the next logical conclusion and argue from scripture for a flat earth and a sun that rotates around the earth.  There are now a proliferation of these videos on YouTube.

For those who want to study this further I suggest a fine book by Dr. Davis Young an evangelical Professor of Geology at Calvin College called "Christianity and the Age of the Earth".  He convinced me that the science of dating is actually correct and that this is not contradicting scripture. Another good presentation is by Dr. Michael Heiser a top biblical scholar in ancient languages resident at Logos; you can find him on YouTube with a wonderful exposition of Genesis 1. (Hint: He gives a great explanation that the message of Genesis 1 and 2 is to the world of the Israelites was Who made the heavens and the earth, not how it was made.)

All that for background that is too extensive for me to go into in this short blog in case you want to study further. But lets get back to why angels sing and how I think that impacts the creation of the worlds and the age of the earth.

The Big Bang and String Theory

Science is fairly confident as to the origin of the universe in a "big bang" from an infinitely dense dot to a super rapid expansion of the universe with its galaxies, suns and planets.  They are also fairly comfortable with the theory of what is happening in the very tiniest subset of all atoms....they call it "string theory" which basically postulates that our world of matter and energy emerges from the smallest possible little strings that are vibrating. In fact it seems that all energy forms are wave forms, light, electro-magnetism and now last month the discovery of gravity waves.

Well that got me thinking....about singing angels!

It seems as if someone is singing and causing a lot of waves and we can detect the waves but not what medium is waving or who is doing the music...or do we?

Now consider some other interesting music phenomenon in the cosmos....

NASA in their satellite probes to the planets turned the microphones on at Saturn and found music coming from the planet...well at least sound like music.

The many years ago an astronomer by the name of Bode made a discovery called "Bodes Law".  To understand it you need to understand something about music. Our musical octave has 12 notes, 7 major and 5 minor.  Middle C (C4) on the piano vibrates at 251.6 cycles per second. Every octave of C as you go up the piano the cycles double.  The next octave of C (C5) is 523.2 cycles.

Now here is something interesting that Bode discovered about the planets and their distances from one another and the sun.  Taking Mercury as 0 and the proportionate distances of each planet from Mercury (as a fraction of 1 AU) these are the distances of the planets:

Mercury  -  0
Venus      - 0.3
Earth       - 0,6
Mars        - 1,2
Asteroids - 2,4
Jupiter      - 4,8
Saturn       - 9,6
Neptune    - 38.4
Pluto         - 76.8

Do you see the pattern?  Each is an octave away from the next. In fact that is how piano strings are strung in a piano octave to octave. The planets are spaced like octaves of each other.  If we had ears to hear we would hear a wonderful harmony of the planets.

In fact this is exactly what David was writing to music for the chief musician in Psalm 19.  He says, The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament his handiwork. Day unto day they utter speech and night unto knight shews knowledge. No speech nor language, their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world."

Can you see what David is saying here!  The heavens and earth are singing but in spite of the fact we cannot hear their sound yet their message is going through out the earth.  Except today through science we are starting to pick up the sounds and the message.

Now here is another interesting experiment with music and form done by Dr. Hans Jenny.  He suspended fine light coloured particles in water, known as a "colloidal suspension" and then vibrated the water with notes of the "Diatonic" music scale (those are the 7 major notes, the white keys on the piano) and found a fascinating phenomenon taking place in the water.


This is what appeared in the water. He found patterns of the five Platonic solids taking shape depending on the notes.

Well what does this tell us? If you make the right sounds in the right medium those sounds will form shapes.

Now the idea that the reality that we call the universe might in fact be the result of some incredible music coming from somewhere is not new in either religion, science or philosophy.  In fact both of the great writers C.S.Lewis and Tolkein intimated as much in their writings.

C.S. Lewis in his Narniad had Aslan singing Narnia into being in "The Magician's Nephew".  Tolkein composed a whole "Elvish Book of Genesis", the opening section of the posthumously published Silmarillion describing the creation of the world by the One God (Illuvater). In that mythical account he has God proposing the creation of the world as a musical theme which he gives to the angels (the Ainur) to develop.

Ok so you see where I am going with this! I am actually suggesting that the myriad companies of angelic hosts are not just standing around heaven telling the Lord how wonderful He is (and yes He is wonderful and we all rejoice to tell Him how much we love him) but they are actually working angels....they obey God and work with God in the great task of creation and all the work that goes with it.  And if "string theory" and the big bang are correct, they probably do that job by singing!

Do I have some scriptural back up for my speculation? I think so....

Consider the following:
- I believe that here in our earthly realm we are called to be co-labourers with Christ. For which we are quick to say "It is not me, it is the Lord's doing". And yet whatever gets done here on earth must be done through man.  Why should it be any different in the heavens with the angels?
- So my next proposition is that whatever gets done in the heavens, the Lord gives the job to His angelic hosts and they also say 'It is the Lord's doing, of ourselves we can do nothing".
- Angels are not omnipotent. They have limitations.  It took Gabriel 3 weeks to get through to Daniel. And he needed help from Michael.  So angels need time and energy to do their work.  This is important in my time thesis of the age of the universe.
- Angels are made to make music.   In Ezekiel 28 we have a description of Lucifer the anointed cherub.  He is described as glorious, perfect in beauty.  Covered with glory. And then comes an interesting description of part of his anatomy in verse 13 says this "the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in you in the day you were created."  Tabrets and pipes are music instruments.  What we see here is that angels are made with the ability in their anatomy to make music...no external instruments needed!
- The way God works with us is similar with angels and their work.  1 Cor. 3:11.12 tells us "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ. Now if any man build upon this foundation gold silver, precious stones, wood hay stubble..."  God lays the foundation and gives you gifts to work with. You choose whether you are going to build gold, silver or wood hay stubble.  It seems to me that the Lord gives us a lot of freedom with our lives as to how we build with the foundation he gives us.
- I think He works the same way with the angelic hosts.  Here is what the Lord says to Job (Job 38) "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth...when the morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy.?"
Do you know what I think when I read that all the heavenly hosts made a mighty shout?  I think "Big Bang!".  And you know what I think when the morning stars sang together?  I think the wonderful stars, heavens, planets, suns, galaxies and beasts and seas and birds came forth from that great symphony of creation!

Here is what I see in my spirit....

I see Jesus Christ the mighty Word of God seated on the throne of heaven with all the heavenly hosts around him.  He created all things. All things proceed from Him. All things are made for His pleasure.

I see Him laying the foundation for creation.  The very stuff from which all is made proceeds from Him.  All things are made by His Word.  So He declares the Word...

Let there be light.....and I see mighty angels going forth to do His bidding and bring forth light.
I see him saying...let there be suns and planets....and I see the heavenly hosts obeying His desire.
I see Him saying let there be animals and seed and plants....and angels who are His children go forth to do the will of Him who commands all.

So I do not care if it takes angels 13 billion years to make things in obedience to the decrees of heaven. What is that in the light of eternity? Just remember we are made just a little bit lower than the angels. We also take our time to do the work of God.

And here is a crazy thought.  I believe the Lord gives us here on earth a lot room and latitude on how we do our work. He loves the sight of us doing creative work. He enjoys our spontaneous creativity. Why not His other children the angelic hosts?

Do they also not have freedom to try things. To make all sorts of attempts at animals, plants. Can they not improve on their work and designs? Could it be that huge lumbering dinosaurs were first attempts at animal creation and it was not that good so we had a mass extinction and they started over with nicer cute mammals?  Making a world ready for the Father to give birth to His own wonderful creation "man" made in God's own image, and made by God Himself, the crowning achievement of His creation?

I believe all of the created world we see about us was brought into existence through song and music vibrating on an invisible foundation that God Himself laid. I believe the angels are singing the songs of creation that make the worlds appear. But I believe the musical score was written by the Lord Himself who is conducting this great heavenly choir from His throne. 

I believe this symphony has been playing for at least 13 billion years and everyone in heaven is having a wonderful time singing along, praising and worshipping Him through their work.

Anyway, just a theory I have...it works for me...hope it helps you.

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