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Brexit and world economy, Russia, Israel, US Presidential elections, East-West war build-up. What are the prophetic trends on the world scene?

Several weeks ago I warned you about the most recent "end times" prophecy miscalculation of the followers of David Montaigne that on 6 June President Obama would be unveiled as the Antichrist, that being the mid-point of the 7 year Great Tribulation as he calculates it from scripture. I noted that Bro. Montaigne was gracious enough to apologize profusely to the Body of Christ for his mistake.

Which brings up the point which I wish to emphasize again: All prophetic interpretations that have as their starting point the defeat of the church in the form of an escape out of this world and the victory of Satan in the form of a New World Order, one world government ruled by his Antichrist is never going to work out and will always leave the Church confused as to how to interpret the signs of the times.

So lets make a quick international analysis of current world events in the light of the following paradigm:
- The world system is on a path of crumbling to pieces as per Daniel's prophecy to the king of Babylon. This New World Disorder is part of God's plan so that a New World Order emerges of nations discipled into the Kingdom of God by a triumphant and growing Church.
- On the path to world breakup we are now in a profound shift of world power from west to east that is reflected not only in the world economic, military, and international relations realignments but also reflected in the shift of the future church growth and power from the western Anglo-American church to the second and third world church based in the global south and east.

Lets look at some of the strategic re-alignments now taking place in the world:

Russia - Israel Relations

Centre piece to all Dispensational prophecy errors in the Church is the centrality of Israel in God's plans for restoring His kingdom and the marginalization of the Church through its absence on the world stage (through the rapture).

Key to this prophecy mistake is the supposed future battle of Armageddon that will result in a dramatic divine intervention on behalf of Israel against Gog-Magog forces headed by Russia and consisting of a collection of armies from Europe and Islamic states.

This whole scenario is so improbable and made more so three weeks ago when Pres. Putin and PM Netanyahu signed a new cooperation agreement for joint military exercises. Why?  Because they just signed an agreement for Russia's Gazprom to jointly develop Israel's vast offshore gas fields and those gas fields are now going to be jointly protected by Russia and Israel's armed forces from terrorist attacks.  In fact Russia-Israel relations are very good, far better than Israel-America relations.

Israel and Arab Situation

If I look at the aftermath of US intervention in the Middle East after 9/11 I would say that people high up in the US political military structures are firm believers in the Armageddon script as written by Hal Lindsey in 1971's Late Great Planet Earth and took it upon themselves to do whatever they can to wipe out all of the potential coalition of forces that are supposed to invade Israel in "the last days". 

Best guess are the Neo-Cons at the Project for a New American Century that laid out the plan for this devastation back in the 1990's. The great Arab enemies of Israel that would form part of the Armageddon armies such as Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan....all wiped out to the ground! Next on the list in this scenario would be the last possible members of the grand Armageddon coalition, Russia and Iran.  So if I am correct in this the next US president and America-Russia, Iran relations dramatically deteriorate towards war.

Now let me make my position plain: I do not believe in this Armageddon script. You will see in my book that I can show the whole Armageddon prophecy was fulfilled in 70 AD and the Gog-Magog invasion of the real restored Israel happened in 37 BC but I get the feeling that some people very powerful are doing everything they can to protect Israel from any possibility of Armageddon.

And I further predict that they are going to try to finish the job with a coming conflict with Russia and Iran....and that will trigger a world cataclysmic conflict!

American Elections...

Which brings up Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  The Yanks have this little saying, 'I have no dog in this fight" which is my position sitting here 10,000 miles away. I also have no criticism for them as in "are these two candidates really the best you folks could do?" Who am I to judge seeing as who we here in South Africa have as a president.

However I have the feeling that they will probably vote in Hillary Clinton and that will have severe prophetic consequences for the future. Apart from the fact that the American prophet William Branham said he had a vision back in 1933 of the end of America to be preceded by several signs including that woman would be dressing mostly naked in public, people would be in little egg shaped bubble cars that would drive themselves and then America would have a woman president....and then he saw bombs falling all over America....

Anyway apart from that particular prophecy (of which there are numerous others) I get this impression from Hillary Clinton and her joy in bombing Libya to rubble that she is very willing to bomb Iran and escalate the conflict with Russia from cold war to hot war.  Dangerous times ahead....

The Russia-China Axis

I sense a world power shift taking place.  The same as happened after say 1870 when America took over from Great Britain as the world pre-eminent economic and military power. It was not sudden. It happened over several decades...but it was evident as inevitable by 1870 and after the disastrous World War 1 and the British economy in tatters and deeply in debt to America the shift in world power was openly acknowledged.

The same is now progress. I don't want to call this a fulfilment of Revelation 16:12 "and the way of the kings of the east might be prepared".  But what is very dramatic is that Russia and China have formed a very strong military and economic partnership as both feel threatened by the United States.  America has over 700 military bases around the world and a significant amount of those are placed along the borders of Russia and China in an openly admitted policy of "containment".

China is using her vast foreign exchange pile and her industrial might to create a new "silk road" vision. That means building the physical infrastructure across Asia, Africa and other places in the world for her to easily extract and transport vast amounts of raw materials and export vast amounts of manufactured goods.

Russia is eagerly aligned with this program with the idea of creating a vast new world market bringing together the great nations of Eurasia in a single integrated web which at present includes Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar etc. This will also in time include reopening the "silk road" trade routes to the Middle East countries of Iran, Afghanistan and others.  This is the region of the world called "the world island" by the British geo-strategist Harold Mackinder who declared in early 1900's that "whosever controlled the world island, controlled the world".

This alignment of nations is now being brought together by not only market infrastructure but also the move towards a new world currency alignment. They are all committed towards the goal of stopping international trade finance through US dollars and the use of their own national currencies in trade among themselves.  China and Russia are already trading in Yuan and Rubles and have set up their own international bank clearing mechanism bypassing the world SWIFT system based in Brussels. Other nation are joining this new international trading system.

The implications of this shift in world power are going to be both profound and dangerous. For the Anglo-American-European western powers this financial and trade shift is an existential threat.  America's world power is based on the supremacy of the US dollar. It is an exorbitant privilege to be able to just print up trillions of dollars out of nothing and as a nation buy whatever you want anywhere in the world.  The moment the US dollar is no longer the pre-eminent world reserve currency, that is the day America as world superpower dies. 

This analysis based on the fact that America runs structural fiscal and trade deficits on the order of a trillion dollars for each every year.  The American way of life is dependent on them being able to print up an extra 1,5-2 trillion dollars each year to buy what they want internationally. That is what keeps Walmart shelves stocked.

The next American president will need to treat this new world power axis formation as an existential threat to the future of America.  Which is why all the power structures in America are pushing for a Hillary Clinton presidency.  There is no way war can be avoided if America is to break up this new world power alignment. That is why Great Britain had to go to war with Germany in 1914 and 1939, that is why America will have to provoke a war with Russia.  A war with one of the axis powers is preferable to taking on both Russian and China.

Which brings up Brexit

The decision by Britain to vote to leave the EU is going to have very grave consequences and will add to the momentum towards war. This is how I see it:

Already yesterday's Uk Express newspaper had the report headline:
"End of the EU: Germany warns five more countries could leave Europe after Brexit"

The five countries whose opposition parties also want votes on remaining in the EU are France, Austria, Hungary, Finland and Netherlands. The issue is not just control of borders, that they do not want to be flooded out by mass immigration from other countries but they are all considering also dumping the Euro and going back to national currencies. Certainly Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal are technically bankrupt and their Euro debt mountains are unpayable and their banking systems insolvent.  They urgently need to have their own currencies so that they can devalue against the strong German backed Euro.

The fear of America is the breakup of Europe and countries like Germany seeing that their future trading and economic relationship is with the new world economic axis power of Eurasia and away from America and the dollar. America was able to keep them under control as one bloc under its hegemony with NATO bases and dollar reserves. If the EU now starts fracturing that is no longer possible.

But the break up of Europe is now inevitable. Scotland already says they are going to have another referendum on leaving the UK so is Northern Ireland.

What then all those prophecies of a united Europe as a "Revived Roman Empire" ruled by the Antichrist?

That goes in the dustbin of all failed prophecies that follow the Dispensational paradigm.

What do I see happening?

The world economic order is breaking apart. The time is coming when the great wealth of the world financial powers as expressed in Rev. 18 disappears.  The merchants of the earth weep.

I see the inevitability of war. The issues are too great and intractable to be settled by negotiations. The war scenario becomes inevitable to me is Hillary Clinton is elected.

I see the great revival and move of the Spirit coming from the east.  The Chinese church has already expressed its goal of saving the Arab people as "God's orphans" and bringing the gospel to them.  Chinese are welcome in Islamic countries. Western missionaries are not.

I see a collapsed western world economic system as a catalyst for revival in America and Europe as the gross materialism of our present age is wiped away and a renewed search for true spiritual Christianity is catalyzed by the influence of the Chinese church world wide.  And that includes a great revival in Russia among the Orthodox church there.

Wonderful and dangerous times ahead....stay close to the Lord and build His Church in your community. You are going to need the fellowship of the saints in the times ahead!

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