The Kingdom Vision has a radically different viewpoint as to what the Lord is doing in the earth today than what the standard evangelical position is with regard to the prophetic times in which we live. In my book I give a scriptural reason for why the times in which we live point not to the Rapture of the Church and the world take over by the Antichrist;  instead I prove that we are facing the collapse of the World System and the dramatic growth of the Kingdom of God in the earth until nations will be discipled into the Kingdom and the glory of the Lord will fill the earth. This is thus the Kingdom Age and not the End Times, the Lord is ruling now over all and not one day for a thousand years.

This radically different vision of what the Lord is doing in the earth requires that we approach many issues differently than other church leaders and this will be reflected in my books, articles and blogs over time as you follow this vision. Let me outline some of the changes in approach:

End Times of Kingdom Age?
I believe the Lord is working through a program that goes on from generation to generation to fulfill His goals which is that every knee bows and confesses Jesus is Lord, nations are discpled and His glory fills the earth. That means I do not believe in short term strategies but long term planning generation to generation. That means I concentrate on the family unit as the basic building bloc of the Kingdom Strategy as the family is the best generation to generation vehicle for expanding the Kingdom of God. Local churches are very important in God’s plan but they hardly ever last for very long.
In the World or Raptured out of the World?
I do not believe it is the purpose of the lord to take us out of the world as this world belongs to us and we are to win it back. The Rapture will take place at the Second Coming at the consummation of the plan of God. In the meantime our place is here on earth and we need to get busy with occupying till He comes. Looking for “signs” of the Rapture is futility.

Antichrist and Signs of the End Times?
I will not be doing the usual commentary on dramatic signs of the end times. Instead I will do commentary of signs of the end of the world system and the wonderful signs all over the world of the revival and growth of the Lord’s Kingdom everywhere. Nor will I be giving the usual commentary on a supposed super man that is going to set up a One World Government. It is not going to happen. The whole thing is falling apart and nobody will be able to put it together again. Instead I will however be giving you analysis of the rise of occult power as the Abyss of Revelations is now open and the Nephilim of old are back again to deceive the world in their UFO’s and new age religion.

Great Tribulation or Great Depression?
Unlike other writers I am not giving all the reasons why you will escape a supposed coming 7 year Great Tribulation. There is no such thing which I prove in my book by showing how all the 70 Week timeline of Daniel’s prophecy was fulfilled by 33 AD. Instead I will warn you that the world economic system is falling apart and there is coming great economic and other upheavals as the Lord’s judgment is poured out on the world system. 

Israel or the Church?
What will be most shocking to most evangelical readers of my writings is my belief shown from scripture that the current state of Israel founded in 1948 is not some great fulfillment of prophecy but a deception prophesied by Obadiah and Malachi that the descendants of Esau will once again reclaim their lost inheritance by force but will be destroyed out of the Land. Thus I predict the fall of Israel and with it the heretical doctrine of Christian Zionism and Dual Covenant theology that has caused so much false teaching and false prophecy into the Church. It is the Church that is the instrument of the Lord to defeat satan and bring in His Kingdom on the earth, not a revived Jewish empire.

Rapture or Dominion?
The current Church strategy is that we are about to be raptured out of the world and the Antichrist takes over. The Kingdom Vision is that the Church of Jesus Christ is triumphant in time and will spread the Kingdom into all the earth. The current Church strategy is get as many people saved before the end through Church growth. The Kingdom Strategy not only encompasses the salvation of souls but the bringing of all things in the earth under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. That means not just Church growth but family growth, business growth, education growth, education growth etc.   

Talk or Work?
In the Church growth strategy there is a major emphasis on sermons, meetings, books, conferences…all geared to the idea of getting a message out. The Kingdom Vision strategy is there is far too much talking, sermons, books, meetings etc and not enough practical strategies to start families, grow families, start and grow Kingdom businesses, schools, arts, sciences, entertainment etc. The future of the local Church in the Kingdom Vision is a working community of 5,000 people rather than a meeting of 5,000 people.  As the world system continues to fall apart nationally and internationally the idea that Church as a meeting on a Sunday morning will become non-viable…at some point the Lord will push His people more and more into genuine community. My writings will be geared towards these practical strategies for the work of the Kingdom.

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