Kingdom Vision

The Radical Gospel of the Kingdom

We cannot go deeper into the 21st century with an eschatology of the 19th century. It is time to get the mind of God for our generations ahead. It is time for a vision of victory.

That is the purpose of this website…to explore the challenges for the Church of the 21st century and come up with a new vision for the church and a new strategy that will accomplish the great thins God wants to do in the decades ahead….in a world radically different in the next 40 years than the last 40 years.

The Old Paradigm…

I was part of that great 1970’s Jesus People revolution where literally hundreds of thousands of young people got swept into a major revival and were energized with a prophetic vision that we were the last generation…we need to go into all the world to preach the gospel and then comes the end. After college instead of graduate school I decided to join YWAM and help launch a base in South Africa. From there I went on to all sorts of other ministry type outreaches of missions, teaching seminars, conferences, cell groups etc.

A major factor at that time was the incredibly influential book by Hal Lindsay “The Late Great Planet Earth.” We all read it and we all believed it

Well you should have been there in 1980 but throughout the 1970’s most of us believed that since we were the last generation and we were therefore the generation that will “see all these things” namely the return of Israel to the land in 1948 we calculated 40 years for a generation would bring us to 1988 and then subtract 7 years for the Great Tribulation meaning the Rapture would either take place in 1981 or 1984 depending on your prophetic view.

It was a crazy prophecy time: Israel had just captured Jerusalem in 1967, Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and surely the invasion of Israel was next, the Islamic revolution had taken over Iran, the Gog – Magog coalition was evident with Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, joining a grand coalition with Iran, the Soviet Union and a China militant under Mao, ready for a 200 million man army to march on Israel for the start of Armageddon. And then there was Greece the 10th nation to join the European Union in 1980 completing the 10 nation revived Roman Empire for the Antichrist to appear and form a world government from Brussels and make a pact with Israel…and then of course there was the energy crisis, the Club or Rome reports on the end of the world etc. As I say…prophetically it was all happening.

Man those were real “signs of the times” days! I see preachers today trying the usual “signs of the times” these days desperately trying to prove the usual end of the world signs and what a struggle. Russia as Gog? Invading Israel….really? The desperate search for a plausible Antichrist and a one world government. Where? The European Union? A 200 million Chinese army marching on Israel? More likely 200 million Spirit filled Chinese Christians spreading the gospel!

Except in those days end time prophecy was all the rage and you did not question it…but in my spirit something was not right. From 1980 I started a search for the real gospel of the Kingdom. Many of the young people of my generation returned from world missions to the reality they now had a family and moving into our 30’s with no rapture and no end times and so many started the great independent churches across the world by the thousands, others like myself went into business with one foot in business and one foot in the ministry. Which helped me to understand both the problems and issues of ministry as well as the problems and issues of business life.

Well for me its 38 years later and both business and the Lord have been good to me and I believe the Lord revealed to me the real gospel of the Kingdom of God for our next generation. I want to pass it on to the next generations.

The old generation that like Israel passed away in the wilderness that said:
- No. it is not the times, we must wait for Jesus and the Millennium
- No we cannot do it because the Antichrist must take over the world
- No we the church cannot do this because it is not our job, it is Israel’s job to bring in the Kingdom…and you are preaching heresy…”Replacement Theology”!
- No we cannot do this, it’s totally impractical…you are preaching …Dominionism, Kingdom Now… heresy!

….that generation and that theology is behind us. It’s time for a new vision of victory for the church of the 21st Century. And believe me none of us from the Jesus People of the 1970’s thought that we would still be around 40 years later in our 60’s! What happened over the last 40 years nobody predicted, nobody prophesied, nobody expected! Take note, Jesus warned “Many shall come in my name saying, I (Jesus) am the Messiah and shall deceive many.” We in the evangelical movement must own up to this reality…all the prophecies of 40 years ago…nothing happened that was predicted!

Now in my 60’s I am not ready to retire or relax. Like Caleb I am ready to work with God’s new generation of Kingdom warriors to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven! In the intervening years I have had the wonderful privilege to not only be active in ministry but in business operations and in science and technology. This has given me a unique perspective on the wonderful tools that the Lord has given us in the new economy and the new technology combined with a new anointing of power that is now manifesting all over the world

The Great Transition: From the Old End Times to the New End Times

The old “end times” had all sorts of “signs of the times”. What were those signs of the times and what did those signs point to?

The Old End Times Theology:

Well to put it succinctly: The signs pointed to the end of the world, they pointed to a victorious Satanic Antichrist taking over the world, they pointed to a defeated church unable to bring in the kingdom of God and that needed urgent retreat out of the world. But the defeatism of the old theology did not end there, even after Jesus returns and rules from Jerusalem for a 1000 years at the end of that 1000 years all the nations of the earth are so disgusted with Jesus that a world rebellion organized by a newly released Satan turns the whole world against Jesus and His Kingdom and then in response God burns up planet earth and destroys it all and starts all over again.

The New End Times Theology:

What is “the end” of the new End Times?
- We are coming to the end of all human systems built on sand that cannot bring forth the Kingdom of God.
- That means the world economic system built on greed and self enrichment and based on endless debt creation is coming to an end.
- It means the world wide experiment in human government that man through democracy can govern himself apart from God and the Spirit of God or the laws of God is now spectacularly failing all over the world.
- It means that human culture and world civilization based not on man created in the image of God and for the purposes of God is collapsing in a race to lowest forms of degeneracy, where all things are permissible but nothing matters. The very foundations of civilized structure and order is being eroded and cannot be rebuilt by human ethics or the values of secular humanism.
- The end result of these mega-trends is the destruction of the world eco-systems and the degeneration of social order into chaos.

What is the new transition vision from a collapsing world order?

I am proposing to you that the coming great commission of the church is the vision of Revelation 21-22 which is:
- the restoration of all things prophesied by Peter on the day of Pentecost
- the restoration of the presence of Christ again on the earth.
- the healing of the nations by discipling the nations into the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
- the defeat and judgment of all Satanic forces in the heavens and on earth.
- the endless growth of the Kingdom of God…world without end!

How we go about possessing this great ‘Promised Land” is the strategic message of this website which I needed many years of study to discover. The church was not ready in 1980 but the church 38 years later is ready!

I want to show you the signs of the new times of transition, but first lets be honest about the failures of the Old Signs of the Times:

These “facts on the ground” do not fit the prophecy predictions coming out of the American church for the last 60 years or more. None of the prophecy predictions of the last 60 years by popular authors or preachers have come true. I am going to show you scripturally and historically:
- Why every prophecy prediction by the Dispensational Rapturists has always been wrong and will always be wrong.
- Why there is no Antichrist coming out of the EU or anywhere else and I will also show you how all the prophecies of Antichrist have been fulfilled historically and at what dates and times. And why there are “many Antichrists as John tells us and what Antichrists we now face in our time as we take possession of the new Promised Land.
- Why the real satanic antichrist is an occult deception that is now increasingly manifesting itself more boldly each year and it eventually will deceive the whole world except the church.
- Why the devil is not taking over the world and why he is now being defeated by the church all over the world.
- Why there is no Russian invasion of Israel coming and why the invasion of Gog and Magog happened in 39 BC.
- Why there is no Antichrist pact with Israel coming.
- Why we are not living in the End Times but in the Kingdom Age and what that means for the coming great revival and the discipling of the nations.
- I will give you a new exciting vision of God’s plan for the saints to be changed in the twinkling of an eye…not as a rapture to be taken out of the world but a new and powerful opening to meet Christ in the air to do spiritual warfare to kick Satan out of the heavenlies and to open a oor for mankind to exit this world to Paradise without dying!
- Why the prophecies in Ezekiel of the return of Israel happened in 141 BC and 101 BC and not in 1948 and why the current nation of Israel is going to collapse (and cause incredible confusion among evangelicals when it does because they do not know of the prophecies of Esau and Edom’s judgment and destruction).
- Why the “end times” and “last days” described by Jesus and the writers of the New Testament were from 33 AD to 70 AD and not today.
- Why “Har-Megiddon” (Armageddon) is not a valley outside Megiddo but “the mount of assembly” (which is Jerusalem) and why Armageddon took place in Jerusalem in 70 AD just as Jesus predicted it would. Revelations accurately predicted how long it would take, what kind of an attack and how all the nations that Ezekiel 38 & 39 prophesied would take part in that battle did in actual fact take part.
- Why “this generation” that Jesus referred to in Math.23 and 24 is not our generation (2000 years later) but that generation that heard Him (33 AD to 70 AD) and why that generation saw Him coming in the clouds with great power and judgment on Jerusalem in 70 AD. - Why the entire 70 Weeks prophecy of Daniel 9:23-27 was finished in 33 AD which means that there is no future week of 7 years tribulation still ahead.
- Why there is no future Antichrist treaty with Israel broken in the midst of the 7 year tribulation as that prophecy accurately showed what Jesus did in 29 AD at His baptism causing the “sacrifice and oblations to cease in the midst of the week”.
- Why the original Greek in Rev. 20 uses a plural for “thousand” (not singular) and why therefore Jesus reigns for “thousands of years” and not “a thousand years” (that’s right, there is not one verse in the original Greek text of the Bible that says Jesus reigns for 1000 years!).
- Why the “thousands of years” of Jesus reign began in 33 AD at His resurrection when all power in heaven and on earth was given unto Him and why it continues still today two thousand years later just as Rev. 20 said it would.
- Why we are now ruling with Christ and now seated with Him in heavenly places and not one day in a future Millennium. - Why the church will be triumphant over all the power of the devil and why the gates of hell will not prevail against the church and therefore why the greatest outpourings of power and glory are still coming which will result in nations being discipled into the Kingdom of God just as all the prophets said would happen.

The New End Time prophecies of the Kingdom Age now being fulfilled:

In the place of this gospel of defeat (Dispensational Rapturism), I am going to introduce you to the gospel of the Kingdom as preached by Jesus and the apostles and prophesied by all the prophets and it will explain to you why theses great prophecies are going to be fulfilled by the church:

• “and the time came that the saints possessed the Kingdom” (Dan: 7:22)
• “and the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” (Isaiah 11: 9)
• “and the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. (Hab. 2:14)
• “at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow” (Phil. 2:12)
• “and the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains…and many nations shall say, let us go unto the mountain of the Lord …and he shall teach us his ways..” (Micah 4:1-2)
• “and it shall come to pass in the last days that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow unto it. And many people shall go and say Come ye and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord …and he will teach us his ways and we will walk in his paths…and he shall judge among the nations and rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.” (Isaiah 2:2-4)
• “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever.” (Rev. 11:15)
• “and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth…and in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed … and it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand forever.” (Dan.2:35,44)
• “and there was given him (Christ) dominion and glory and a kingdom that all people, nations and languages should serve him…” (Dan. 7:14)

Now I know what you are thinking. Yes these are wonderful prophecies but its not for now, it will happen one day in the Millennium when Jesus will reign. We cannot bring about this kind of world wide revival. But that is where the defeatist theology you have been taught gets in the way so that you are immobilized by unbelief. This is what Jesus commanded his church upon his resurrection:

“And Jesus spake unto them saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world.” (Matthew 28:18-20)

You see all those wonderful prophecies about nations coming into the kingdom of the Lord and His glory filling the earth? You have been taught it is not us but 144,000 Jews are going to do that job and it is not now but one day in the Millennium. Wrong! Jesus gave His church the job upon His resurrection. It is your job and my job to disciple the nations and we are more equipped and empowered to do this job than any generation before us.

So Jesus is not one day going to rule in some far off Millennium for a thousand years: He started ruling over all principalities and powers in heaven and on earth since His resurrection in 33 AD and He has given His church that authority to establish His Kingdom in all the earth. He is not one day coming to be with us, He says He is now with us all the time until the end of the world, until the job is finished, to give us all the power we need to disciple the nations. This is the wonderful gospel of the Kingdom! That’s right, the Kingdom of God has come and Jesus is now Lord so get on with the job!

I see the signs that the Kingdom of God has come as prophesied and I see the following:
• I see an outpouring of judgment on the earth as false ideologies, nations, economies and peoples not grounded in God’s Word come toppling down…Nazism, Communism, Capitalism, democracies, oligarchies, dictatorships, corporations, banks, religions, every knee will bow and every tongue will eventually confess that Jesus is Lord!
• I see an outpouring of God’s Spirit on His people worldwide bringing with it a supernatural power to bind the strongholds of Satan and cast down fallen angels and demons into the Abyss for judgment and bringing in a great harvest of souls with a demonstration of Godly power the world has not seen since Jesus walked the earth.
• I see a new leadership of Apostles and Prophets, Teachers and Pastors, Evangelists who have a divine vision from God to establish His kingdom and not their own personal empires, programs and organizations.
• I see the Body of Christ coming into a new supernatural unity around the world as we discover that the Bible really has the answers to poverty, disease, the economy, environment, education and Godly government.
• I see the Church moving from Sunday morning meetings of anonymous people throwing pocket change into the offering, listening to sermons they will forget by Monday morning… to dynamic covenant communities that are debt free, wealth creating organisms that care for the elderly, educate the children, establish Godly families and care for the earth.
• I see the world looking onto these new functioning Church communities and coming to us saying …our world is falling apart, our economic models aren’t working, our governments are collapsing, our families are disintegrating… teach us your ways!

The Radical Gospel of the Kingdom means that…

• The Kingdom of God came when Jesus rose triumphant from the dead and all power in heaven and earth was given unto Him. That means we are now in the Kingdom age.
• Jesus is now Lord and King seated at the right hand of the Father and He now rules over all (and not one day in the supposed Millennium) and will continue to rule until all His enemies are made His footstool; the last enemy to be conquered is death.
• It means that Satan and Antichrist are not going to take over the world...the Kingdom of God is going to grow and grow until it fills the earth just as Daniel prophesied it would.
• It means that there is no 7 year Great Tribulation ahead but a great world wide depression as the world’s economies and governments collapse. We are going to be here to witness that Babylon the Great is falling but we must also develop strategies to get out of the collapsing world system.
• It means that there are no 144,000 Jews to bring in the Kingdom, it is the job of the church of Jesus Christ empowered by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
• It means that the scale of the work ahead of us is so great that everyone must get involved bringing their talents and abilities to the task ahead.
• It means that since all sectors of society must come under the Lordship of Jesus we need to empower teachers, farmers, businessmen, doctors, technicians, everyone to see where they can bring the Lordship of Christ into their world of expertise

We are in world of New Renaissance …that will lead to a Second Reformation

The New Technology Tools for the Great Transition

By now we all know we are living in an era of incredible technology transformation. This is my analysis of the meaning of this technology revolution for the new era ahead:

Every time the Lord took His people out of bondage He gave them wealth out of the old order to build the new order.

This happened when Israel left Egypt after the national collapse from judgment. The Israelites were given great wealth to take with them.

This is what happened when the Persians released Israel from Babylonian captivity. They gave them great wealth to rebuild the Temple and rebuild Jerusalem.

God is giving us the great tools we need to disciple the nations. Some of the great tools come out of the computer revolution and the internet that followed. It caused a social revolution that connected the people of the world…for free!

In my young days we had heroes of the faith like Bro. Andrew smuggling Bibles into communist countries along with many of our YWAM teams. Today you can download just about any Bible translation from any language freely anywhere in the world. And on top of that the Chinese communist party is now the world’s biggest printer of Bibles!

Youtube has revolutionised ministry teaching. Anyone can upload their video teachings for free. And there are almost 2 billion people seeing Youtube videos every day! For free!

But there are many other radical new technology breakthroughs that are just incredible in their impact on the world. I am thinking of:

- Bitcoin and Blockchain: This is going to revolutionize the whole international banking and money systems that will allow the creation of private money, decentralized ledgers that will allow peer-to-peer contracts and sales without third party record keepers like governments or banks. The incredible advances here will allow us to consult these devices on problems in science and engineering, medicine, teaching of pupils, help in research and many numerous applications.
- 3D Printing : This will allow us to do manufacturing in small communities of critical parts and equipment for decentralized manufacturing. And in medical breakthroughs they are now printing new body parts like ears or bones.
- On line shopping : Companies like Amazon and many others now connect consumers with producers directly skipping the large overhead costs of shops and malls and sales personnel.
- CRISPR Gene Splicers : this dramatic breakthrough in gene splicing has allowed the ability to customize quickly therapeutic solutions to diseases by creating or eliminating new DNA sequences that remove harmful DNA or add beneficial DNA. This is already helping enormously in the medical field and will help also in new crop varieties for boosting food production.
- Energy revolution : There is an energy revolution now taking place that is making photo voltaic energy from the sun cheap and practical along with new battery technology that will create a new era of electric vehicles and allow local communities to power their own homes and industries from local sources. Along with this are new small modular nuclear reactors that will revolutionize the nuclear industry to produce great quantities of electricity at very low costs and provide heat for water desalination and industrial processes.

And I can go and on…too many breakthroughs in technology to mention. But what is the impact of these tech breakthroughs for the Kingdom of God?

Apart from the speed and ease of reaching all the world with the gospel through a world wide social network, these technologies also allow now for the break-up of the vast big power monopolies of energy, finance, banking, manufacturing, marketing, news media, government….all these have been incredibly disrupted by the introduction of these technologies.

This tech disruption of power monopolies means that there is now a shift to handing power and ability to local communities. To new start-ups, to new entrepreneurs, to allow people to form viable local communities outside the power structures of the world system.

It is precisely these tools that we need to create a new world order parallel to the existing collapsing world system for our people to meaningfully “come out of Babylon my people” as the Lord warns us in Revelation 18. It also means that a one world government under any Antichrist you may want to conjure up is impossible. It is not going to happen. The world instead is dividing and subdividing. People are asking governments and politicians What have you done for me lately? Why are my taxes so high? What am I getting? People are realizing, Hey we can do it for ourselves!

What signs are you looking at? What time is this?

Could it be that we were looking at the wrong signs. Could it be that major leaders in the charismatic evangelical church could be so wrong about what the Lord wanted to do in the earth? Did anybody predict the walls would come down and communism would fall allowing the gospel to really be preached in all the world? Could it be that the Lord really wants to save the world and not condemn billions to a Christ-less, Antichrist world government?

So again I ask you, Why would the Lord want to Rapture us out of here when there are still billions to bring into the Kingdom and when whole nations are collapsing and need to be discipled into the Kingdom and when the devil is on the run. You say, no all the signs are there for the end, for the Rapture? What signs? I was there in 1980, we had many more “signs” than you could possibly find in the world today. The end did not come 40 years ago so what makes you think the end will come in the next 40 or even next 20 years? Don’t you think that the Lord might want to save a few more billions of precious souls?

So how about another 20 years of accelerated gospel outreach all over the world as churches everywhere multiply, divide, grow, expand, build and evangelize like they have been doing the last 20 years. Where do you think we will be in 2040? How many billions do you think the Lord wants to bring into the Kingdom? And now couple that with an accelerating collapse of governments, of banking and financial institutions, of ideologies like Islam…do you think there is any place on planet earth that will not be affected by multitudes more coming into the Kingdom? Do you think the laws against preaching the gospel in Muslim countries and in Israel or Cuba or North Korea are going to hold up the advance of the church when we have the Spirit of the Lord in us and the amazing tools of modern technology to reach all the world?

So we come now to the challenge of this website and its message to this great evangelical charismatic movement around the world…

What if the Lord does not come in the next 20 years and we continue to grow world wide as we have done over the last 20 years and we grow to beyond a billion, 2 billion…to the point that we are the only world wide cohesive ideology left that is believed on by most people, in all nations, in all languages and cultures?

What if the collapse of fascism and communism in the last century is continued in the 21st century with the collapse of Islam and the Liberal Democratic nation state and the 2 pillars that support it: Corporate Finance and the support of “we the people”?

What if international Financial Capitalism falls with the current ongoing destruction of national currencies, middle class jobs, savings and pensions?

What if there is no rapture in the next 20 years and no Antichrist world government to take over a collapsing world system? Can we actually believe the Lord for world revival and a ministry of healing the nations?

Which brings us to this question: What is the Lord really saying and doing in the earth in our generation, in the church of the 21st Century and through the church in the 21st century?

That is what I want to explore on this website and with my researches and articles. A new vision for the Church of the 21st Century.