Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 19 May 2018
Koinonia Discipleship and Kingdom Government

I am continuing my reason why Koinonia discipleship is critical to the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth....and it has to do with how human government is no longer working and how the Lord governs in His Kingdom.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 12 May 2018
Kingdom Discipleship or Kingdom Violence

I want to teach you something about the importance of small group discipleship by explaining one of the most misunderstood sayings of Jesus...the violent take the Kingdom by force..

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 5 May 2018
The City Church and the House Church:  Platform for Exponential Growth

There is something very important to learn from companies that are experiencing exponential growth.  Create a platform that brings people and services together.  This is the new model for the Church of the 21st Century..

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 28 April 2018
Transitioning the Church into the Kingdom Agenda

Just as Israel was captured by Babylon so the Church and its Kingdom agenda has been captured by Mystery Babylon. But the great exodus has already begun. Here is what lies ahead....

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 21 April 2018
The Transition to Exponential Growth

There are two groupings in the world today who are planning and executing a program for universal endless growth...the world's richest 1% and their technocratic elite....and the other is the government of the Kingdom of God led by Jesus Christ.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 14 April 2018
Corporate Capitalism and the Death of Nations

The transition of the Church to the ministry of healing the nations starts by recognizing that nations are dying and honesty about one of the major causes of the death of children caused by Corporate Capitalism.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week:7 April 2018
Issues in Transition to Kingdom World Government

I want to give you some  analysis of world power dynamics so we can understand our path as a church towards God's goal of handing the Kingdom to the saints. There are important things happening in America, Russia, China, the EU, Israel and the Catholic Church that need analysis...but lets start with some economic analysis.

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