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25 May 2019 - Building the Future Arks of the Ages for the Kingdom

We evangelicals have not really grasped the enormity of God's Kingdom program or the generational projects needed to span the ages. But our history is filled with those who have. Noah, the Israelites, Notre Dame, the Puritans and Huguenots...people called of God spend generations to build the future.


18 May 2019 - Jeff Bezos Vision of a Trillion People in Space Colonies

In my series on building platforms for the endless growth of God's Kingdom a fascinating new development. Jeff Bezos the richest man on earth wants to build a space launch system to create space colonies for a trillion people.


11 May 2019 - Part 2: New Platforms for the Great Convergence

Imagine this...A mature mass of God's people ready for action + the anointing of the Holy Spirit + modern technology - a crumbling world system = ? Let's speculate.


4 May 2019 - Part 1: New Platforms for the Endless Growth of His Kingdom

The "end times" you hear so much about is in actual fact the end of crumbling platforms that can no longer accommodate God's plan for the endless growth of His Kingdom. Here are some ideas on what is coming next....


27 April 2019 - Of Angels and Dragons: A New Look

The Game of Throne series on TV is coming to a close. Apparently media reports say a billion people are watching. Jesus liked telling the masses parables to illustrate truth. There are some interesting truths illustrated here....but as "Winter is Coming" I want you to take another look at angels....and dragons.


20 April 2019 - The 2020's : The End of Propheteering in the Church and Government

The populists in both the church and government promise the masses what they want to hear....something for nothing. In the coming 2020 decade the masses will have a meeting with economic, political and spiritual reality. After that coming disaster we can start getting serious about Kingdom economics and real prosperity...