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4 December - Angels, Quantum Mechanics and Evolutionary Creation

Last week I discussed how science discoveries of the 20th C. proves the God Hypothesis of creation . But what about the proofs of science showing a graduated evolution over time of creation? Here is my synthesis of scripture and science. See if it works for you.


27 November - The Return of the God Hypothesis and the Return of the Gods

Steven Meyer's new book "The Return of the God Hypothesis" gives three powerful discoveries of 20th Century science showing intelligent design of the universe. The UFO community answer is yes, ok, but which gods?


20 November - COP-26: Abraham and Climate Change

COP-26 climate conference in Scotland had 20,000 attendees. But no participation from the evangelical church.. Since we the Church will inherit the earth then climate change is an issue that needs discussion in the Church. Here are my suggested guidelines with help from patriarch Abraham.


13 November - The Metaverse: A World Captured in the Matrix

Facebook announced that they would change their name to 'Meta". Their entry into the virtual world of the Metaverse. This world is new to me. What I discovered has staggering implications for the future of the world and the kingdom of God.


6 November - Laws of Prosperity for the King's Kids

The greatest guide to success in scripture is the Law of Life provided by Solomon to those destined to be the King's kids. I provide you with a template for meditating on these laws day and night that all you may do will prosper. Also I include my wife's book "Leef Met Wysheid" as PDF download on her using the meditation template from Proverbs in this week's blog. "LEEF MET WYSHEID"


30 October - Intentional Thinking: The Discipline of Meditation

There is lots of teaching about how to pray. Very little about how to think. There is great discipline and blessing in what scripture describes as "bringing every thought into captivity in Christ Jesus". Very necessary in an era of dis-information overload.


23 October - Zombie Nation: The International Scourge of Synthetic Opiates

Meth P2P is a neurotoxin. It causes psychotic behavior It systematically destroys the brain. It is now easy to manufacture from available chemicals. It is highly addictive and it is everywhere cheaply available. And a major contributor to societal collapse and the growing international madness.


16 October - The Amish and Covid: Lifestyle and Health

There are some interesting statistics coming out of the Amish community in America that needs comment. And no this is not a Covid rant...but it is about living a Kingdom lifestyle that makes the world sit up and take notice.

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