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11 September - Building a Christian Civilization Across Africa

On this 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attack on America I maintain my analysis of many years ago: This was a sign from God, the world system as we know it is in a state of collapse. Time to re-imagine the future….with a look at the past.


4 September - The Great 7 Stage Alpha-Omega Jesus Project

To help you get perspective of where we are in the great Kingdom timeline from Alpha to Omega I will show you the 7 great creation platforms that Jesus is building from Alpha to Omega when He delivers the Kingdom to the Father.


28 August - Babylon Falling: The Athenian Democracy Experiment Fails Again

The three pillars of the modern era Western Civilization are crumbling. Democracy, Finance Capitalism and the military might to back them up. As a secular religion they need the faith of the believers.....and that is crumbling as well.


21 August - The Afghan Debacle: Babylon is Falling

The dramatic fall of Kabul to the Taliban without a shot fired has a great prophetic significance. The shift of the ages is accelerating, "the kings of the east" are moving west and Babylon is crumbling. My analysis....


14 August - The Africa Fire Prophecies and the Logos of God

For those of you who are praying and believing for the fulfillment of the fire prophecies from Cape to Cairo. There is something critical about the "Logos" of God you must understand to see a continental revival.


7 August - The Family of Jesus

Here is why I believe apostles James and John were cousins of Jesus. Why the extended family were a real problem in the New Testament Church. Why this matters today.


31 July - Dominionism and the Government of God on Earth

If you have ever wondered what “Dominionism” or “Christian Reconstruction” is basically all about, here is a good foundation teaching for you. This will help you get out of a lot of bad theology and give you a better idea of how the Kingdom of God operates on earth.


24 July - From Disneyworld to Dominionism: My Journey

The 1980's was my journey from End-Times Dispensationalism to seeking the Kingdom of God on earth. Disneyworld, actually EPCOT, played an interesting part in that journey. I hope it inspires your journey.

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