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31 October - The Importance of 2024 and the 70th Jubilee

In 2024 it will mark the 70th Jubilee since the year that Israel crossed the river Jordan to possess their Promised Land. This is a very important prophetic marker....the Church in South Africa needs to get ready for a big breakthrough in 2024..


24 October - Justice Amy Comey Barrett, the Radical Feminists and Covid Judgement

This last week a wonderful testimony for the Kingdom of God was in full view in the American Senate with the confirmation hearings of a Charismatic Catholic Judge for the Supreme Court...and it drove the radical feminists crazy. My analysis....


17 October - The Great Reset: The Church the Davos Crowd.....and South Africa

As the world political and economic foundations crumble around us you are going to hear a lot about The Great Reset. The world elite (the Davos Crowd) are building their transition arks, the church and South Africa need to do the same. My analysis...


10 October - The Great Transition Has Begun

In my 2012 book "The Radical Gospel of the Kingdom" the last chapter was entitled "The Great 2010 to 2030 Great Transition". The best sign of these times was displayed recently on a sign in Las Vegas. As in the days of is now time to build the transition arks. The world economic elites already are...


3 October - Death, Hell, Paradise and the Resurrection

Continuing from last week, I want to give you a perspective of what happens after death to the believers, the unbelievers. What is paradise, what is the third heavens and the first resurrection, the second resurrection and God’s great plans for you to grow and mature into Christ and inherit all things as His child. I offer my roadmap into eternity as I see it…


26 September - Sinners after Death: The Third Option

In this Covid era many people are wondering "What happens to sinners after death?" Traditionally two options were presented. Eternal endless excruciating torture or Universalism, eventually all are saved. There is a third option: Annihilation...the soul that sins will die!


19 September - The Hunger Crisis and the City Church Vision

We are heading into a worldwide food crisis in the years ahead. Tracy Ledger's book "An Empty Plate" shows the crisis is here now in South Africa. I propose to you the vision of the City Church working with the rural church is God's answer to multiple problems.


12 September - My Response to Joy Magazine Re: My False Theology

I placed full page ads in August editions of Joy and Juig magazine for free download of my book "Southern Africa's Prophetic Destiny". In their September edition of Joy they responded with an article that basically says the entire premises of my book are theologically wrong and unsound. This is my response...

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