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20 July 2019 - How Big Government and Big Business Helped to Destroy Civil Society and Family Life

God warned the Israelites that if you want a strong king to fight your battles (i.e. Big Government) you will end up impoverished. The stats on family and society collapse now prove the scriptures true....and the need to return to the Israel Template in scripture to restore the economy, society and family.


13 July 2019 - The Great Shaking has begun

There is a season for every age. And then that season must give way for a new era. God shakes heaven and earth when it is time for a new season, a new age. Things that are built on sand fall away....this last week was just a glimpse of the end of an era.


5 July 2019 - Times and Seasons : Earth in Upheaval

There is wisdom for our generation in scripture..."There is a time and season for every purpose under the heaven.". I want to give you some perspective on the upheavals now underway in the earth. Climate change, economic, food, ecology crises etc...


29 June 2019 - Trump, Zuckerberg and the Second Reformation Part 2

Let me explain why I think Trump and Zuckerberg are a king Saul and David scenario...and answer the question: Is it time for virtual "sheep nations" to separate from the "goat nations" of the world?


22 June 2019 - Trump's Re-Election Launch and Facebook's Libra Launch

Two initiatives were launched this past week. One by President Trump and another by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's new international crypto-currency Libra. Evangelicals flocked by the tens of thousands to Trump's re-election rally, but Libra was far more important. Here is why....


15 June 2019 - Cultural Destruction

HBO's new shock teen series "Euphoria" is one of the those signs of the times to be noted. A multi-generational attack on the family to destroy civilization is now bearing a bitter fruit. An enormous challenge for the church to rebuild the waste places of cultural destruction.