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Kingdom Vision Reports


17 August 2019 - Part 3: Abraham The Father of Many Nations

I need to prove to you something which is not part of "end times" preaching....that God is going to redesign the international political/economical world order into "sheep nations" and 'goat nations". You need to believe this if we are to heal our land.


10 August 2019 - Part 2: Raising an Ensign over Jerusalem and Southern Africa

Isaiah prophesied that God would raise an ensign over Jerusalem to bring the Israelites out of Babylon captivity....and Isaiah prophesied that in the latter days God would raise an ensign in Southern Africa to establish His kingdom there. But without a vision we will perish....


3 August 2019 - Part 1: Can These Bones Live?

There is a fascinating story behind the distance between Babylon and Jerusalem (539 miles). It is the answer to God's question to Ezekiel....can a people captured by Babylon be resurrected into a sheep nation? Can the bones of the captured nations of Southern Africa be resurrected into sheep nations?


27 July 2019 - If You Know the End….You Will Understand the Journey

There is an end goal to your time on earth….and you need to understand the journey. There is a goal to the present age of the Church...and you need to know what it is and how we get there. There is an end to a nation state like our country of South Africa….and we need to know how that journey will look like and what comes afterwards.


20 July 2019 - How Big Government and Big Business Helped to Destroy Civil Society and Family Life

God warned the Israelites that if you want a strong king to fight your battles (i.e. Big Government) you will end up impoverished. The stats on family and society collapse now prove the scriptures true....and the need to return to the Israel Template in scripture to restore the economy, society and family.


13 July 2019 - The Great Shaking has begun

There is a season for every age. And then that season must give way for a new era. God shakes heaven and earth when it is time for a new season, a new age. Things that are built on sand fall away....this last week was just a glimpse of the end of an era.