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Kingdom Vision Reports

25 June- Kingdom Vision Policy Paper: Our Response to Carbon Neutral and the Fuel Crisis

People and nations perish from lack of knowledge and vision. We can replace expensive imported fuels with cheap home made biofuel, create hundreds of thousands of jobs and inject R100 billion into rural poverty incomes. This is Kingdom dominion in action.


18 June- Another Trip Around the Walls of Babylon Before the Fall

Update: Crumbling world economy; Progress on WW3; Ukraine and Russia; Iran and Israel; Missing nuclear bombs; Russian 'Sleeper Cells" in America?;


11 June- 2024 : Blowing the Trumpet for Jubilee

Time to pause and connect some dots for the coming Jubilee year of 2024. Locally Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC in serious trouble; Internationally post Ukraine war Europe, America, Woke madness, international debt collapse.


4 June- When the Greeks Discovered Logos, the Polis and the Ekklesia

The Church needs to rediscover the real revelation of Logos, Polis and Ekklesia if we are to heal the nations. God first revealed it to Israel who failed. The Greeks like "tares in the field" tried to copy it and the failure of Western Civilization is the result.


28 May- The Prometheus Deception

I will from time to time update the UFO deception under the title "The Prometheus Deception-Update" because it is coming and the Church needs to be ready. This week I want to show you insights into John's Revelation that his 1st century Greek Christians recognized immediately but the modern church does not. And it is important!


21 May- The New NASA photo: An Open Door on Mars

NASA has this last week released an amazing photo from the Curiosity rover on Mars of a doorway on Mars. Plus first US Congress hearings in 50 years on the UFO threat. Plus NATO troops massing on Russia border. My Analysis: Earth is being set up for a massive deception to cripple the church.


14 May- American War Prophecies Part 2

I want to clarify last week’s prophetic bad news. When prophets speak about visions they are open to judgement and analysis. Who is the woman of power over America? What does destruction of the nation look like? Herewith my different interpretation.


7 May- The Nuclear War Prophecy

I did not want to do this blog. It's alarmist. But this week the threats out of Moscow were nuclear war threats. The threats out of Washington were we will win. Herewith the most credible prophecy I know from many years ago of nuclear war on America. I leave it for you to decide. I need to be's not all wonderful prophetic revival ahead.

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