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16 January - What Went Wrong?

In 49 AD emperor Tiberius kicked the Jewish community out of Rome because of serious disturbances in that community. There is a dangerous prophetic parallel to the storming of the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6. The underlying problem in both was prophets and prophecies.


9 January - Analysis of the Wash. DC, 6th of January Prophetic Disaster

On that day Donald Trump officially lost the presidential election, the Republicans lost the Senate and a mass demonstration called for by the prophetic leadership across America to "Stop the Steal" invaded the Capitol building to stop the Electoral College. It was also the day that the prophetic leaders in the Charismatic movement lost all credibility. It's time for honest analysis by the Church of the Global South...what's going wrong in the American Church?


2 January - God's Great Covet Reset of Nations, Economies and the Church

In the coming year you will much in the church about the "end times" and in the secular media about The Great Economic Reset. But if you want a different perspective here is my Kingdom analysis. You will need this if you want to understand the coming Techno-Feudalism new world order.


26 December - Is There No Cause?

There is a singular great opportunity next year for the Church in South Africa to turn our nation around, to "turn from our wicked ways" as condition of 2 Chron. 7:14 for the Lord to heal our land. I challenge you as the young David challenged the inactive army of Israel facing Goliath...."Is there no cause?".


19 December - The Two Hosts of Heaven and Alien Deception

It is Christmas time and we love to tell the story of the shepherds of Bethlehem and their meeting with the hosts of heaven declaring joyful news. But on 8 December 2020 the Jerusalem Post announced that the government of Israel has been in contact with another host of heaven for years.....on Mars. A different Christmas story from Jerusalem for a world ready for the new Messiah from space.


12 December - No Blog

Orlando had to go to the hospital the past week for a procedure, but will be back next week with the blog. Have a good week


5 December - The Queen's Gambit

On the day my sister died I had decided to binge watch the entire Netflix series "The Queen's Gambit". There are times of solace when art imitates life. Here some thoughts on "the hero's journey", life, chess, good cinema and a life worth living...


28 November - It's Time To Ignite the Fire Prophecies Over South Africa

The evangelical Charismatic movement here in South Africa needs to distance itself from the prophetic confusion coming out of America. It is time we have our own prophetic vision from the Lord of His plans and purposes for South Africa. Here some ideas for your prayerful consideration....

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