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26 September - Sinners after Death: The Third Option

In this Covid era many people are wondering "What happens to sinners after death?" Traditionally two options were presented. Eternal endless excruciating torture or Universalism, eventually all are saved. There is a third option: Annihilation...the soul that sins will die!


19 September - The Hunger Crisis and the City Church Vision

We are heading into a worldwide food crisis in the years ahead. Tracy Ledger's book "An Empty Plate" shows the crisis is here now in South Africa. I propose to you the vision of the City Church working with the rural church is God's answer to multiple problems.


12 September - My Response to Joy Magazine Re: My False Theology

I placed full page ads in August editions of Joy and Juig magazine for free download of my book "Southern Africa's Prophetic Destiny". In their September edition of Joy they responded with an article that basically says the entire premises of my book are theologically wrong and unsound. This is my response...


5 September - A Suggested Constitutional Framework for a Christian Civilization

There is a day going to come when delegates from the churches of Southern Africa will come together in a "Holy Convocation" to create a Constitutional Assembly for a new vision for the people of Southern Africa. This will happen when the Christian majorities of all the nations of Southern Africa finally lose all faith in the current political and economic structures.


29 August - My Response to the Recent Attacks on Creationists

Recently a professor from Stellenbosch University did a full page article attack on "creationists" in our Afrikaans Sunday Paper Rapport. This is part of an ongoing debate in the media about what schools should teach. Here some thoughts....


21 August - American Gods Part 2: The Chariots of the Gods

In the last month the US "mainstream media" (New York Times, Wash. Post, Wall Street Journal) have all reported Pentagon admission: "UFO's" are real, they are "off earth" construction. In these crazy days ahead, in case there is the usual "October Surprise" before the American election here is my "just in case" briefing....


15 August - American Gods and Crazy Politicians

In the winter of 1776 at Valley Forge general George Washington has a divine visitation from an ancient "goddess". When he built America's capital he dedicated it to her: The District of Columbia. And therein lies a tale of trouble....


8 August - Madness as the Nations Approach their End Times

Have you noticed all the absolute craziness that the politicians are up to around the world? There is a strategic reason for this as well as a prophetic reason. The next four months will be hectic...

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