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15 January- NASA, Aliens and the Vatican....and Musk and Mars!

Two interesting news reports. NASA asks the Vatican to help them with aliens. Wall Street Journal says the Vatican is losing Latin America to the Pentecostals. And then there is Elon Musk and Mars. Let connect some dots.


8 January- Convergence and Divergence : End Times and New Times

I offer you an interesting way to analyze the dichotomy between "end times" and Kingdom restoration worldwide. With the help from the folks at Rethinking Humanity. Let's rethink and re-plan the future.


1 January 2022 - No blog this week.

We will be back next week 8th January. Have a blessed New Year and lets prepare for Kingdom action in 2022.


25 December - Raising God's Ensign over South Africa: It is time for action

If we want our next government in 2024 to declare that Jesus is King over South Africa and actually govern like that is true, then we need to have an action plan starting in 2022. Here is my start....


18 December - Poland Declares Jesus King of the Country
Plus: New Edition of Radical Gospel Now Online

In a national ceremony attended by the President of Poland the Polish people declared Jesus Christ the King of Poland. When will we do that in South Africa? Plus my new updated and revised edition of the Radical Gospel of the Kingdom available for free download for your holiday reading.


11 December - The Coming Luke 4:18 Revolution in the Church

There are times in Church history when a truth of scripture catches fire and the world is changed. It happened with Luther and the Protestant Reformation and with the Azusa revival and the Pentecostal Revolution. The Church is about to wake up to Luke 4;18 and the world will never be the same again.


4 December - Angels, Quantum Mechanics and Evolutionary Creation

Last week I discussed how science discoveries of the 20th C. proves the God Hypothesis of creation . But what about the proofs of science showing a graduated evolution over time of creation? Here is my synthesis of scripture and science. See if it works for you.


27 November - The Return of the God Hypothesis and the Return of the Gods

Steven Meyer's new book "The Return of the God Hypothesis" gives three powerful discoveries of 20th Century science showing intelligent design of the universe. The UFO community answer is yes, ok, but which gods?

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