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28 November - It's Time To Ignite the Fire Prophecies Over South Africa

The evangelical Charismatic movement here in South Africa needs to distance itself from the prophetic confusion coming out of America. It is time we have our own prophetic vision from the Lord of His plans and purposes for South Africa. Here some ideas for your prayerful consideration....


21 November - Trump Prophecies Part 2: The Aftermath Analysis

I want to give you an update on recent happenings this last week in the re-election battle in America and also examine some of the implications for the evangelical church of the fall-out of recent developments.


14 November - Trump Prophecies: Prophetic Disaster or Miracle Resurrection?

There is enormous confusion and turmoil in the prophetic movement around the world with the apparent loss by Donald Trump of the American election. What happened to all the prophecies? Have we been deceived or is there a miracle resurrection ahead? Let me outline the options of prophetic deception or miracle resurrection,,,.and the consequences of either.


7 November - The Word Made Flesh

Some initial remarks on the possible USA election prophetic disaster. Plus a new perspective on the coming of Jesus Christ.


31 October - The Importance of 2024 and the 70th Jubilee

In 2024 it will mark the 70th Jubilee since the year that Israel crossed the river Jordan to possess their Promised Land. This is a very important prophetic marker....the Church in South Africa needs to get ready for a big breakthrough in 2024..


24 October - Justice Amy Comey Barrett, the Radical Feminists and Covid Judgement

This last week a wonderful testimony for the Kingdom of God was in full view in the American Senate with the confirmation hearings of a Charismatic Catholic Judge for the Supreme Court...and it drove the radical feminists crazy. My analysis....


17 October - The Great Reset: The Church the Davos Crowd.....and South Africa

As the world political and economic foundations crumble around us you are going to hear a lot about The Great Reset. The world elite (the Davos Crowd) are building their transition arks, the church and South Africa need to do the same. My analysis...


10 October - The Great Transition Has Begun

In my 2012 book "The Radical Gospel of the Kingdom" the last chapter was entitled "The Great 2010 to 2030 Great Transition". The best sign of these times was displayed recently on a sign in Las Vegas. As in the days of is now time to build the transition arks. The world economic elites already are...

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