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27 February - Global Warming....Really?

There is a reason why "Global Warming" has changed to "Climate Change". There is something critical happening on our sun. The elites know it and are planning for an economic "Reset". Southern Africa and the church has a critical role to play in this coming disaster.


20 February - Nehemiah and the Great Transformation Era of History

Something incredible was happening all over the world during the time that Ezra and Nehemiah were rebuilding the Temple and Jerusalem as a witness to the world. A lesson for the Church of the 21st century as the world goes through the coming great "Reset".


13 February - Nehemiah and the Creation of Sacred Spaces

When the Lord told the Israelites it is time to get of Babylon they left in three waves, three leaders and three tasks. Zerubbabel rebuilt the destroyed temple, Ezra restored the priesthood and Nehemiah rebuilt the city of Jerusalem and its economy and culture. The church in its journey out of Babylon has done the first two, now it is time for the Nehemiah ministry.


7 February - Creating A Platform for Kingdom Dominion

You have heard about the great prophecies of Cape to Cairo fire revival. You might be wondering When? How Lord? Should we call another mass prayer meeting? My response? No, It's time for action and a new strategy to release the creative power of God in our land.


30 January - The Coming Reset: The World and the Church

We are at a momentous turning point in the history of the world and the Church. I want to give you some indicators of the direction of the turning and the destination of the roads ahead. Along with my updated Covid pandemic projections.


23 January - What Went Wrong? part 2: Revelation Revealed

I am going to give you a controversial interpretation of the book of Revelation. The miss-interpretation of the book of Revelation is a major reason why prophecies and prophets have gotten the end-times wrong for the last 70 years.


16 January - What Went Wrong?

In 49 AD emperor Tiberius kicked the Jewish community out of Rome because of serious disturbances in that community. There is a dangerous prophetic parallel to the storming of the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6. The underlying problem in both was prophets and prophecies.


9 January - Analysis of the Wash. DC, 6th of January Prophetic Disaster

On that day Donald Trump officially lost the presidential election, the Republicans lost the Senate and a mass demonstration called for by the prophetic leadership across America to "Stop the Steal" invaded the Capitol building to stop the Electoral College. It was also the day that the prophetic leaders in the Charismatic movement lost all credibility. It's time for honest analysis by the Church of the Global South...what's going wrong in the American Church?

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