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23 October - Zombie Nation: The International Scourge of Synthetic Opiates

Meth P2P is a neurotoxin. It causes psychotic behavior It systematically destroys the brain. It is now easy to manufacture from available chemicals. It is highly addictive and it is everywhere cheaply available. And a major contributor to societal collapse and the growing international madness.


16 October - The Amish and Covid: Lifestyle and Health

There are some interesting statistics coming out of the Amish community in America that needs comment. And no this is not a Covid rant...but it is about living a Kingdom lifestyle that makes the world sit up and take notice.


9 October - The Church in the Era of Deception

My thesis to you is this: The Abyss has opened and the Church and the world face an evil intent upon deception and destruction hoping to avoid their final judgment and destruction in the lake of fire. Before there can be peace on earth...this evil must be dealt with by the Church.


2 October - Has the Destroyer Been Released from the Abyss?

I believe we are in the era of Rev.9:1-11...the release of Appollyon the destroyer and his demons from the abyss. The international UFO deception phenomenon, the world pandemic, the collapsing civilizational structures...we are at the end of an era. And in the midst of great deception and great victory!


25 September - "If the Foundations Be Destroyed What Can the Righteous Do" (Ps.11:3)

I present to you a challenge for your consideration. King David presented that challenge to his generation in Psalm 11:1-3. Which is this: What if there is a direct threat from the ungodly to destroy the foundations of civilization? What can the righteous do?


18 September - The Convergence of Tech Power and Holy Spirit Power

There are times in the history of Civilization and the history of the Kingdom of God when a convergence of knowledge and power create new realities that create new possibilities. The 2020's is such a time....for humanity and the Kingdom of God


11 September - Building a Christian Civilization Across Africa

On this 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attack on America I maintain my analysis of many years ago: This was a sign from God, the world system as we know it is in a state of collapse. Time to re-imagine the futureā€¦.with a look at the past.


4 September - The Great 7 Stage Alpha-Omega Jesus Project

To help you get perspective of where we are in the great Kingdom timeline from Alpha to Omega I will show you the 7 great creation platforms that Jesus is building from Alpha to Omega when He delivers the Kingdom to the Father.

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