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11 July - The Lie of 4th of July: The Road to American Dependence

Last weekend American's celebrated "Independence Day". Ironic actually. Because they are more dependent on government than ever. This lie started on 4th of July 1776 when they rejected the Puritan constitutions of the 13 colonies. There is a lesson here.


4 July - The Dominoes are Falling

I saw a graphic this last week that illustrates what is happening now in our economy and the world economy. It reminds me of the Promised Land that the Israelites saw...giants and walled cities squatting on their inheritance that must fall.


27 June - Revival is not enough....!

Under king Josiah Israel had the greatest revival in its history from about 624 BC to 608 BC. Four years later in 604 BC they were in bondage in Babylon. Revival is not enough...we need to disciple the nation and not just the individuals.


20 June - God's Plan for the Meek to Inherit the Earth

In the midst of the world of politics and economics collapsing around us, rejoice the Lord has an economic plan for the meek to inherit the earth. Today's lesson...the 7 year economic building blocs to Jubilee economic prosperity.


13 June - God's New Prophetic Voice: Tell-A-Vision

God uses visions and dreams to prophets to send a message. But when some visions of the future are too difficult to articulate and dreams are graphic nightmares a new medium must be found to send the message to the church. Here is my attempt at interpreting these new visions from God's new prophetic messenger.


6 June - Signs in the Sky: The Ouraboros over Cape Town

I want to show you a recent dramatic photo of the Ouraboros over Cape Town taken from Table Mountain at 5:00 in the morning. Ezekiel saw this in a vision and it has great prophetic significance that encouraged Ezekiel and should encourage you in this time of trouble.


30 May - Good News and Time Cycle Update

Something important happened in South Africa three years ago that gives me great hope for our future. Plus I want to give you an interesting historical teaching about the cycles of time and the preparation we are now in to manifest the Kingdom of God on earth.


23 May - The Cycles of Time: And the Time for the Kingdom

This is one of those times when the tares of the field are ripe for removal so that the good seed of the Kingdom of God can flourish. Covid-19 is like a threshing machine to uproot tares so that the Kingdom seed can flower. I have a theory about our time of transition we are going through. See if it makes sense to you.

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