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22 June 2019 - Trump's Re-Election Launch and Facebook's Libra Launch

Two initiatives were launched this past week. One by President Trump and another by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's new international crypto-currency Libra. Evangelicals flocked by the tens of thousands to Trump's re-election rally, but Libra was far more important. Here is why....


15 June 2019 - Cultural Destruction

HBO's new shock teen series "Euphoria" is one of the those signs of the times to be noted. A multi-generational attack on the family to destroy civilization is now bearing a bitter fruit. An enormous challenge for the church to rebuild the waste places of cultural destruction.


8 June 2019 - The new World religion of UFOs

There is something serious that happened this last week. The major news media in America reported that the American military affirmed that UFO's exist...and they do not know how they fly or who is flying them. It's time to reconsider the coming new world religion....


1 June 2019 - The Mystery of Resurrection Morning to Resurrection Evening

Something critical happened between the time Jesus rose from the grave Sunday morning and told Mary Magdalene 'Don't touch me..." and Sunday night when He met His disciples and said touch is the central key to all prophecy.


25 May 2019 - Building the Future Arks of the Ages for the Kingdom

We evangelicals have not really grasped the enormity of God's Kingdom program or the generational projects needed to span the ages. But our history is filled with those who have. Noah, the Israelites, Notre Dame, the Puritans and Huguenots...people called of God spend generations to build the future.


18 May 2019 - Jeff Bezos Vision of a Trillion People in Space Colonies

In my series on building platforms for the endless growth of God's Kingdom a fascinating new development. Jeff Bezos the richest man on earth wants to build a space launch system to create space colonies for a trillion people.