16 December - Trump, Jerusalem and the coming Evangelical Persecution

Sorry about this week's blog. I wanted to move on to more exciting things but something happened this past week that I believe is going to lead to persecution of evangelicals worldwide.

9 December - Trump, Prophecy and the Two Jerusalems

This last week President Trump took the historic step of official recognition by America of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Evangelical Christians rejoiced. They are wrong. We are now firmly on the road to a prophesied Middle East is why.

2 December - The 2018-2030 Technology and Finance Revolution

There were several breakthrough reports this last week in the world of technology and finance that confirm to me that the Church will be forced by the Lord into a Second Reformation during the period of 2018 to 2030.

25 November - Mugabe, Zimbabwe and the Journey to Armageddon

Some commentary from me on what I believe are prophetically important happenings  here in Southern Africa....and will I believe repeat itself in many nations in this time of the end of the age and the transition to the new age of the Kingdom of God.

18 November - Move Fast and Break Thing

This is the title of Jonathan Taplin's book that I am currently reading. He is complaining about the vast network effects of Google and Facebook in destroying industries and culture. I see great tools for realizing the prayer of Jesus "Father that they may be one..."

11 November - Inheriting the Nations....inheriting a mess!

Here is the good news: Scripture says Christ will inherit the nations and it also says we are joint heirs with Christ.  Here is the bad news: We are inheriting a mess!

04 November - Bitcoin, Banking, Money and the Second Reformation

My theme so far has been God has given us new technology for a New Reformation.  Critical to the vision of the Second Reformation is new world financial order to replace "Babylon is Falling".  The key to a new Kingdom financial system lies in the technology that created Bitcoin.

28 October - Disruption of the Old Order...Creating the New World Order

This weekend is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We Protestants disrupted an old world order and brought about the new world order. But it is nothing compared to what the disruption we are about to do to the present world order with our second Reformation.

21 October - Iran, North Korea and Signs of the Time

The evangelical church is going to be shaken by the next phase of the Middle East war because of false prophecies. And Pres. Trump, Israel, North Korea and Iran will be key to the coming destruction of Jerusalem.

14 October - Alien Disclosure and Revelation 12

With regard to my recent blogs on Revelation 12 interpretation I want to make some really far out speculation here about these angels in Revelation 12 who are cast onto the earth.  Bear with me because this is weird....and I could be wrong.

07 October - The Las Vegas Tragedy and Rev.12 Prophecy

I need to write about that terrible massacre in Las Vegas.  I need to comment on it in the context of what we have been saying about Rev. 12 in recent weeks.  I see a deeply occult sign in this tragedy of the war in heaven.

30 September - The Tale of the Dragon's Tail

Now that most people who study prophecy and Revelation realize that Rev. 12;1-2 is a cosmological sign of Virgo on a date 23 September 2017 (and misinterpret it) I can now proceed to reveal to you what the "tail of the dragon" means in verses 3-4..which is also greatly misinterpreted by every preacher who quotes it! And reveal to you why it is important for our time.

23 September - The 23 Sept. Sign and the Travail of the Woman (Rev.12:1-2)

Well it is 23 September this morning as I write and the expected rapture of the church in fulfilment of the Rev.12 sign did not happen.  Tomorrow the media mocking of the "Rapture-ready" Christians on talk shows will start.  Let me tell you what everyone is missing about this prophetic sign....

16 September - New Heavens and Habitats for 10 Quadrillion People

Let's have some fun imaging the New Heavens and the New Earth that I believe God has in store for the future and which I believe John saw and described in the end of Revelation.

9 September - Part 5:  The Warrior Saints and the 144,000

The cosmic signs in the sky and on earth?  We are moving into the era of the warring saints.  These are the signs and these are things that will characterize this new age of a triumphant Church.

2 September - Part 4: Signs in the Sky and the Dominion of the Saints

A popular speculation in the Church is "When is the return of Jesus?". But it is the wrong question.  The real question should be "When do the saints take dominion?". I will try to answer that question instead.

26 August - Part 3: The Government of Kings and Priests

God has a form of government planned for mankind that will be stable enough to last forever in order to administer endless growth. It is called a "royal priesthood" and the good news is that everyone is invited to participate.

19 August - Part 2: The Government of Heaven....on earth.

I am going to describe to you the very radical vision presented to us in the Bible as to how the government of heaven is going to be run on earth. Just a warning, most theologians and preachers are going to disagree...but give me a hearing on this.

12 August - Part 1 The Government of Heaven....on earth.

I don't know one prophetic book that actually tries to describe how the government of God actually works and how it would work on earth except to say, "Well you see it is a theocracy. Jesus comes back and rules from Jerusalem for a thousand years." Well, frankly there are a lot of problems with that picture....

05 August - The Restoration of Genesis 1 & 2

Evangelicals do not understand the government of God.  That is why they do not understand the coming of the Lord.  They want to see Jesus as King on earth...but Jesus wants to make us kings and priests on earth.

29 July - The Coming of the the Clouds

I have deliberately not called this "the Second Coming of Christ". Because we have been given a wrong picture by popular preachers.  Let me give you the real picture that scripture reveals to us how the Lord will manifest Himself in all the earth.

22 July - Building the City of God

I have come to reject all the various theories of eschatology; dispensationalism, pre-millennialism. post-millennialism etc.  Why? Because they just do not properly describe what God is doing in the earth and through history.  Here is my road map or blue print of the plan of God for the ages....and where we are today in that plan.

15 July - Judging Angels: A Goat for Azazel

I need to explain a very enigmatic scripture to you that happened on the great Day of Atonement in the Old Testament and which actually never gets preached on....the goat for Azazel.  It is critical to understanding the mission of the Church to judge and execute fallen angels who plague nations and peoples.

08 July - Genesis and the Ancient Astronaut Theory

There is a very ancient lie that was first promulgated by the Sumerians and picked up by cultures all over the world. These lies are now getting a world wide audience again. Genesis was written as the counter to these lies and arm the Israelites with truth. But the modern media onslaught has convinced a large part of the world that Genesis is the myth....and the Sumerians were onto the truth.

01 July - Cosmic War: The nations and their gods

I have been watching the new TV series "American Gods" with fascination as it visually illustrates some important truths about the background plot to the cosmic war scenario that we see in scripture. A nice visual parable enlightening us to some difficult scriptural texts....

24 June - Brexit and the Gate of the Gods

There is something important happening in one of the great power centres of the world...London.  God's "wreaking ball" is in action and the powers in the heavens and on earth ate being toppled.  Let's take a peek behind the scenes in the spirit realm....

17 June - Babylon's World Religion : The Love of Money

Prophecy writers are looking in vain for a coming world religion that will unite the world under a supposed coming Antichrist.  But there is a world religion already with a god loved and pursued by devoted!

10 June - Hollywood and Babylon's Gate

I want to reveal to you the "mystery" in the enigmatic phrase in Revelation 17 "Mystery Babylon".  And to support my thesis I want to reveal something interesting about the yearly Hollywood Academy awards and the "Oscars" and the "stars".

03 June - Part 4 Babylon Falling: The 2025 Seven Year Transition Revolution

Technology is creating a profound shift in structures of relationships from hierarchies of control to networks of relationships. I predict a seven year transition revolution ahead that will in effect amount to Babylon Falling with profound implications for political, economic, social and spiritual hierarchies of control.

27 May - Part 3: Babylon Falling: The Journey into the New Age

As the Babylon World System crumbles the Lord calls His church to be the vanguard leading the world into the New Heavens and the New Earth.  He has given us both spiritual tools and technological tools to get on with the job.  Lets analyze....

22 May - Part 2 Technology and Babylon Falling....the EV Revolution
I am introducing you in this series to a revolutionary idea I am developing for a new vision of the "end times". What if the fall of Babylon the Great in Rev. 18 is not caused by World War 3 but a worldwide technology revolution that releases the church to enact a global Jubilee?  A closer look at the Electric Vehicle revolution from a Stanford University study will prove my point....

13 May - The Church, the World and the New Technocratic Age: Part 1

Both the Church and the world system is reaching a crisis point with regard to the future now rushing toward us.  The cause is the unexpected impact of the technocratic age now permeating the world. I believe God is forcing a New World Order on both. I want to explore the essence of the crisis as well as the coming new world order in the next series of blogs with you.

06 May - SPQR and the Ambassadors of Zion

There is a very interesting parallel to the spread of the Roman Empire and the Kingdom of God to which both Jesus and Paul made use of.  And it gives us a strategy for moving the Kingdom agenda forward wherever the Lord has placed us.


29 April - What Now? Reflections on the National Prayer Gathering.

Last Saturday over 1 million South Africans answered evangelist Angus Buchan's call to gather outside Bloemfontein to pray for the nation.  This was a truly historic and miraculous happening.  But the question under discussion in the Christian community is What now?

22 April - Power and Responsibility

In 1748 two Scottish ministers, Robert Wallace and Alexander Webster changed the history of the world with the establishment of the Scottish Ministers' Widows' Fund. It was the world's first pension fund...and still operating today.  I want to illustrate a critical truth about the operation of the Kingdom of God from that.

15 April - South Africa: Rebuilding the Nation

Last week I blogged on our president Mr Zuma and the judgment of the Lord. This week let me give you a brief outline on what we as a church can do ...besides praying.

08 April - Jacob Zuma and the Coming of Jesus

I need to make a commentary today on the enormous political ructions this week here in South Africa and put it in a prophetic context of what the Lord is doing in the nation.

01 April - Einstein, Relativity and the Resurrection

I have argued for the endless growth of the Kingdom of God. But what about the "last day" and the resurrection? To answer that I need to get some help from Einstein, Relativity and how a day can be a 1000 years and a 1000 years a day....

25 March - God's Jubilee Plan to Redeem the Earth

Here is a radical idea of the  gospel of the Kingdom: God has a plan to redeem the earth, not just the salvation of souls but that all the assets of the earth must come into the Kingdom of God that there be no poor in the land....

18 March - The Seven Essential Foundations of the Radical Gospel of the Kingdom

I need to encapsulate for you in hopefully a simple outline what are the essential seven basic foundation truths of the what I call the Radical Gospel of the Kingdom. It is radical because it will forever change your outlook on the past, the future, the Church, prophecy, your purpose on earth and the plan of God for the ages.

11 March - Part 6:   The Great Wealth Transfer

I want to describe to you the great wealth transfer process of the Kingdom Age we are now living in.  And I want to encourage you to be a participant in it!

04 March - Part 5:  The Jubilee Economy

The Jubilee economy that God mandated for the prosperity of Israel has in fact never in the history of either Israel or in the world been applied. And yet it is the only realistic plan for universal prosperity.  It is also now possible to implement for the first time in our virtual Covenant Community to show the world the way forward.

25 February - Part 4: Creating New Storehouses of God

God is creating a new world order in which all things must come into His kingdom and under the authority of and dominion of Jesus Christ. Our key focus in this series is how to create new receptacles that can contain the riches that must flow into His kingdom.  That means we need to imagine a new financial system in which our money works for the kingdom of God....and the technology for that is now available.

18 February - Part 3: The Pattern of the City

I want to show you the pattern of the virtual city of God that we are to build over our cities and over our nation and then we need to look at strategies and technologies to achieve that goal.

11 February - Part 2:  The City Walls and the Commonwealth of Believers

Critical to the success of the believers creating a City Church to impact the world around them is the need for restricted access and qualified entrance. Those who belong together must come together for the work of the Kingdom. Here is why and how....

04 February - Part 1: Building the Virtual City Church

Ok, lets get started with the Second Reformation by drawing the blueprints for the church of the 21st Century. And what is really exciting is that all the tech advances of the last 20 years now make this very possible.

28 January - King James, Geneva and The Second Reformation

It is time for a Second Reformation because of the unfinished work of the Reformation.  And the unfinished work is the battle between King James and his Bible and the Geneva reformers and their Bible. 

21 January - The Seneca Cliff and the Problem of Complexity

I want to explain to you two insoluble problems facing the world governments that only the Kingdom of God can solve. And it will help you to understand why His Kingdom is not of the world and why the Kingdom must be in you before it can be in the world.

14 January - Quantum Time and the End of Time

I have made a proposition that I believe there is no end to the growth of the Kingdom of God in this universe....and yet scripture seems to indicate and talk about "the end" and "the last day" when the trump shall sound and the dead rise. Is this not a contradiction?

7 January - The Birthpangs of the New Age: The Second Reformation.

Greetings for 2017...the 500th year anniversary of our Great Reformation that changed the world...and the beginning of the great Second Reformation that will establish the Kingdom of God on earth.  Let me lay out the vision and agenda for the  work ahead this year to conceptualize and actualize the new era of the Second Reformation.

23 December - Rogue One Death Star Conundrum

For we Star Wars fans it's always good news to have another instalment in the series and next week. I plan to see Rogue One. But in the meantime let me challenge your holiday imagination a bit with some theological speculation on the enigma of the Star Wars Death Star and the moon of Saturn, Iapetus...and lets see where it leads!

17 December - The Antichrist Conundrum

The worldwide UFO phenomenon certainly qualifies for what the Bible describes as the "mystery of iniquity".  But the Antichrist conundrum the Church faces in the 21st century is that we have yet to analyze or solve this mystery of iniquity and come up with a plan and program for its defeat.

10 December - Revelation 12, Disclosure, Arrival and UFO's

Warning. This blog is pure speculation. It's about Revelation 12, war in the heavens, Satan and his angels cast onto the earth, worldwide deception....and UFO's.

03 December - Revelation 12 and 23 September 2017

There is a celestial phenomenon that will happen next year on 23 September that seems to correspond with Revelation 12:1-2. Already the talk in the "blogosphere" is "the Rapture is coming". Like with the Blood Moons yes there are signs in the heavens....but what do they mean?

26 November - Time to Build the New Jerusalem....and possess the land!

If my interpretation of the signs of the times we are now entering into are correct then here is what to look out for with regards to...Babylon falling, the Cyrus release, the building of the city and temple and the possession of the land.

19 November - Signs of the New Times:  Babylon Falling...Cyrus Rising!

The Cyrus phenomenon is a worldwide trend. Not just in the American election but everywhere in the world God is raising up new leadership to accomplish His purposes: The coming establishment of His Kingdom over all the earth.

12 November - American Elections: A Prophetic Turning Point

I was wrong. And I am very glad I was wrong. I saw a Hillary Clinton presidency and disaster for America. I had lost faith in the prophetic voice of the Church in America. This miracle election has enormous prophetic implications for the Church.

05 November - Do you see a man diligent in his business?

Last week I challenges you with a vision of 2 trillion galaxies and the endless growth of the Kingdom of God.  This week's challenge: Let's get started by considering how to get started with God's endless expansion program.

29 October - The Kingdom of God and 2 Trillion Galaxies

Several weeks ago a team of astronomers announced the results of a new mapping of the universe.  The estimate of the number of galaxies has been increased from 100 billion to 2 trillion.  These are my "end times" speculations....

22 October - Trump, prophecies and making America great again.

I am amazed at the incredible amount of prophecies on Youtube from American preachers that the Lord has raised up Donald Trump to make America great again. Let me test this with my "end times" hypothesis and see if you agree...

15 October - Game of Thrones Endgame Part 5: Aliens, Disclosure and the Great Deception

Evangelical prophecy expositors seem to have run out of ideas as to who the Antichrist is supposed to be....things have just not turned out the way all those books predicted. Well here is my idea...and it's really way out there...but see if it makes sense to you.

08 October - Game of Thrones End Game Part 4: The Old End Times and the New End Times

New Testament church was alive with excitement..."it's the end times and Jesus is coming."  Two thousand years later the church is alive with excitement..."it's the end times and Jesus is coming".  Both are right and wrong...they did not and do not understand the nature of the end or means of His coming....

01 October - Game of Thrones Endgame Part 3:  Goals, Strategy and Tactics

Unfortunately the broad evangelical Church has missed the goals, strategy and tactics of both the enemy and of the Lord.  That is why the Church is seemingly wandering in circles waiting for Jesus to return instead of getting on with the job of lets define victory!

24 September - Game of Thrones Endgame Part 2: Rise of the Psychopaths

There is not one prophecy book I have read that either describes or predicts the world of the 21st Century we now live in as an accurate description of the "end times'. Every confident "sign of the end times" has been wrong for the last 60 years. Here is my road map of prophetic scripture for you to follow on the real end game as it is now unfolding.....

17 September - Game of Thrones Endgame: Part 1 Winter is Coming

I have introduced you to the concept of a great cosmic drama that is playing itself out on earth through history.  Let me now in the following blogs skip to the "Endgame" which I believe we are now entering. This is what I expect lies ahead and this is what I believe how things will play out.....but as they repeat in the TV series, I repeat here...Winter is coming!

10 September - Cosmic Game of Thrones Part 7:  The Enigma of the Dying Earth

Why do people, nations, civilizations submit to rule by the Archons? Because they offer solutions to the age old problem from the days of Eden....the enigma of the dying earth.

03 September - Cosmic Game of Thrones Part 6:  The Alien Invasion

All great powers of the world are trying to come to grips with the "watcher" phenomenon.  That mankind is not alone on planet earth...that we are being watched and surreptitiously interacted with....but for what reason?....and by whom?

27 August - Game of Thrones Part 5: Communication with the gods; temples and High Places

One of the great themes of preaching for many years now has been "hearing the voice of God".  Is it then any wonder that among the various competing factions of the enemy empire that all world power structures at the highest levels have developed means to communicate with their overlords?

20 August - Game of Thrones Part 4: Understanding the Kingdom of Darkness

I want to give you my working hypothesis as to how the kingdom of darkness is structured and operates, not as titillating horror stories but as preparation for spiritual warfare that is coming for the Church world wide. 

13 August - Cosmic Game of Thrones Part 3:  Principalities and Powers; Sigils and Ensigns

Ephesians 6:12 is one of the most preached verses in the Bible but our "traditions make the Word of God to no effect".  Nobody seems to want to identify who are the principalities and what are the powers.

6 August - The Cosmic Game of Thrones: Part 2 The Plan of the Ages

There is a profound geopolitical shift taking place in the world today that I believe is a road leading to WW3.  There are no prophetic ministries I know of dealing with it. In fact every prophecy book I read is absolutely fundamentally wrong on the times we live in.  That is why I am doing this you can understand the behind-the-scenes reality of the war now going on in the heavenlies...and your part in this great cosmic drama.  The endgame is in sight!

30 July - The Cosmic Game of Thrones : Part 1 The Division of the Nations

 Game of Thrones has become one of the most watched TV series of all time. I believe that is significant because the Lord still speaks to each generation in parables they can understand. In our case our "end times" theology as currently taught is totally incorrect because we are not taught to understand the cosmic Game of Thrones now happening in the spirit realm around us.  Using the TV series and scripture I want to hopefully give you new insights as to what is actually going on and open your eyes to all the signs around you.

23 July - Turkey, False Prophecy and the Greater Deception

 I need to respond to a number of false prophecy interpretations of the crisis situation in Turkey that have appeared on the internet in various ministry websites and then use that is a basis for my real concern....a coming great deception that the Church is not prepared for.

16 July 2016 - The Inevitability of World Revival

 I want to make a case for world revival apart from prophetic scriptures. It rests in part on fascinating recent statistics coming out of China as well other parts of the world and part on the now inevitable and visible collapse of belief systems world wide...which will leave evangelical Christianity as the dominant world belief system.

09 July 2016 - Three Revolutions now Changing the World

 I want to explain for you three world shaking revolutions now happening and that will impact the future of the Church in a profound way.  They are happening worldwide in the social order, the financial order and the technology order.  They are harbingers of the coming Second Reformation of the Church of the 21st Century.

02 July 2016 - How Many Angels Fit on the Head of a Pin?

This question by medieval philosophers has always been a sort of measure for useless speculations. Actually modern physics has attempted an answer and interestingly it helps us to understand why the resurrected saints are not destined to live on earth.

25 June 2016 - World Analysis Update

Brexit and world economy, Russia, Israel, US Presidential elections, East-West war build-up. What are the prophetic trends on the world scene?

18 June 2016 - South Africa: The Task of Discipling our Nation

 I am going to include below an article that appeared recently in the Sowetan newspaper by Prince Mashele on the problem we face now here in South Africa and then connect that with my series on the vision of the City Church.

11 June 2016 - Discipling a Nation:  The Israel Template

 I want to put the vision of the city church in a wider context.  The context is that it is a critical step in God's long term plan to disciple nations into the Kingdom of God. And He has provided a template or instruction manual on how to do this: Israel.

04 June 2016- The World Transforming City Church Vision

 Next year is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It is time for the Church to transform itself with a second Reformation to be the world transforming Church of the 21st Century.  Here are my preliminary thoughts on a suggested strategy of transformation.  Oh and don't forget June 6 when a large segment of the Dispensationalists expect the Antichrist to be unveiled (I kind you not!)

28 May 2016 - The Transition to a New Age

 The message of the "end times" is being heard all over the world in the church.  But the end of what? And after the end...then what?  I believe we are indeed in a momentous transition in the eternal plans of God. Herewith some further thoughts on what we are transiting from and what we are transiting to....

20 May 2016 - My Vision of the New Heavens and the New Earth

 This week I want to digress to the end of the book of Revelation to give you my interpretation of what I believe lies ahead of us....a great and wonderful unlimited future. Warning: This is a very unconventional interpretation of Rev.21-22 but hopefully it will stimulate your own thoughts of God's plans for our future.

14 May 2016 - The Coming of the Gods

 I want to connect some ancient myths for you with scripture to give you a deeper understanding of the emerging deception that is now unfolding in the world. What I am writing here in this blog series is going to be very critical for you to understand and not be confused by the coming great deception.

7 May 2016 - Abaddon and the Days of Noah Strategy

I am presenting a series of blogs on the strategic dead end the church finds itself in with regards to the "end times".  One of the worst mistakes revolves around the search for "the Antichrist".

30 April 2016 - The Emerging Deception

 This last week my researches took me to two interesting directions. The one was the recurring "end times" deception in the church and the other was a very revealing comment of General Mark Milley's comment of the threat faced by the US military.

23 April 2016 - The World That Then Was

 I want to introduce you to the idea of a world before Adam. A world that was destroyed. A world that Adam had to rebuild as God's High Priest and king. Because it is this great task that the church is facing in the future as this world falls apart and God calls us to be his kings and priests to build a new heavens and a new earth.

16 April 2016 - King David's Temple Scam: Meeting for Money

 The last tragedy of king David's life was caused by his obsessive need for money to build the most magnificent Temple in the world. And David came up with a money scam that brought down the wrath of God on Israel.  A terrible lesson for the church today where money for ministry has become a similar obsession.

10 April 2016 - The Great Council of God on Mount Zion

I want to introduce to you the concept of the Great Heavenly Council of God. I do this because it is critically important for you to understand this concept to understand how the Kingdom of God is administered and it will help you to understand how to function as a priest before God.

2 April 2016 - Does God Torture Sinners Endlessly in Hell?

I am asking a provocative question to introduce a very necessary series of teachings on specifically: How does the government of God operate? How are we called upon to participate in that government? But why the issue of sinners and hell?

26 March 2016 - Commentary on Failed Expectations

Sorry for the negative blog this week but sometimes I just need to comment on the proliferation of "fables" and bad theology in our evangelical movement. A series of false prophecies need comment and popular author of "The Shack" has a really bad new book called 'Eve".

19 March 2016 - Kingdom Trend Analysis: The Storm Clouds Gathering

 There are a lot of fascinating things happening in the world that I would like to give you a quick trend analysis on. My trend analysis is simply that...where I think things are heading using the Kingdom Now as paradigm to evaluate.

12 March 2016 - Part 2: Gods of Egypt and Corporate Oppression

The oppression of the Israelites in Egypt by the gods of Egypt resonate today with the oppression of God's people by the corporate state.  In fact I maintain it's the same gods and the same oppression and the same deliverance is coming....let my people go that they may serve me!

5 March 2016 - The Gods of Egypt

 I went to see the recent cinema spectacular "The Gods of Egypt."  There is an interesting hidden message in the movie that I want to explain.  And you will be surprised at which world powers are still worshiping the gods of ancient Egypt.

27 February 2016 - Cashless Society:  End times scaremongering or Kingdom opportunity?

 Front page of this month's Joy magazine (and the Afrikaans edition) says: "The danger of a coming cashless society".  Let me counter this common "end-times" sign with the good news of the wonderful opportunities for the Kingdom of God in the future digital money system.

20 February 2016 - Why do Angels Sing?

 Everyone knows angels sing. But I have a radical idea as to why angels sing. And it has to do with how the world was made and why the universe is billions of years old.

13 February 2016 - Lucifer, the X-Files and David Bowie

 Here is my take on a veritable media onslaught of occult themes. I am not trying to be clever or prurient or sensationalist.  In fact I want to give you the positive Kingdom Vision aspect to this media speaks of interesting times ahead for God's Kingdom warriors.

30 January 2016 - The Economist: By 2025 Pentecostals will number 800 million.

In the 23d January edition of The Economist magazine is an important article on the word-wide spread of the Charismatic movement. I include it below.  I say again along with prophetic scripture...the Kingdom of God will grow till it fills the earth.

23 January 2016 - Drought, Judgment and the Cycles of Time

"To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." (Ecc.3:1) In the midst of our drought and economic hardship allow me to give you some counsel about judgment and cycles of life and time.

16 January 2016 - Eating Ourselves to Death

 A healthy long life is the desire of the Lord for all.  Healing is much preached on but what about living a healthy lifestyle? Here is my confession as a sugarholic.

09 January 2016 - It's time for Revivalists and Dominionists to work together

 There are I believe two great movements of God in the world today. I call them Revivalists and Dominionists.  They have two different views on the coming of the Lord. Both are doing great work. It is time for them to work together.

02 January 2016 - Kingdom Trends 2016

 Here are the trends that I see ahead as we enter a new year.  And it is not good news.

World trends; South Africa, the global economy, the local economy. And the church trends that will have to change to meet the changing world.

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