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6 August - Long Term Growth Strategy: Family & Community

For the Kingdom of God to grow and fill the earth we need a long term growth vehicle. The Amish in America and Solidarity/Afriforum in South Africa show a way forward for the Church to create new platforms to implement the Kingdom agenda on earth.


30 July- South Africa, Isaiah 61 and the Kingdom Come

Last week I said we in South Africa are in Isaiah 60 time as a nation to be a witness to the nations. This week we move to Isaiah 61 to see the Lord's strategy on how we accomplish this.....and why the American gospel of the coming of Jesus is totally wrong.


23 July- South Africa, Isaiah 60 and the New World Order

The Ukraine war is accelerating the world order collapse. A new world order is emerging from the nations of the east and the south. As a BRICS member South Africa will be the Isaiah 60 nation whose light shines in the darkness to light the path to a new world order.


16 July- Kingdom Policy Paper: Solving the Power Crisis

South Africa and the world for that matter is entering a power crisis. The Church is not ready to provide the solution because the problem is not desperate enough...but it will be. And wind mills and sunlight is not the answer to abundant cheap energy. But the answer is in sight and so is the coming Ekklesia: City Church.


9 July- It's Tower of Babel 2.0 Time: The War for World Dominance

The ancient book of Jasher (mentioned in scripture) has a fascinating insight of the fight between Nimrod, Esau and Jacob for the Birthright to World Dominance. It has great relevance for the church in 2022 and the current world system collapse.


2 July- Zondo Report and Our Suggested Constitutional Changes

Two critical reports this week for South Africa. The Zondo damning indictment and the Eskom 2035 electricity report. 2024 is the pivotal year we Christians must change the nation's Constitution if we are going to fulfill our prophetic destiny.


25 June- Kingdom Vision Policy Paper: Our Response to Carbon Neutral and the Fuel Crisis

People and nations perish from lack of knowledge and vision. We can replace expensive imported fuels with cheap home made biofuel, create hundreds of thousands of jobs and inject R100 billion into rural poverty incomes. This is Kingdom dominion in action.


18 June- Another Trip Around the Walls of Babylon Before the Fall

Update: Crumbling world economy; Progress on WW3; Ukraine and Russia; Iran and Israel; Missing nuclear bombs; Russian 'Sleeper Cells" in America?;

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