Kingdom Vision

Kingdom Vision Reports

12 June - Kingdom Policy: The Biofuels Revolution and Poverty Relief

Southern Africa can become the Saudi Arabia of the biofuels revolution creating millions of sustainable jobs for the poor, eliminating carbon emissions and rebuilding our rural communities. The Church needs to catch this vision.


5 June - Kingdom Energy Policy: Poverty, Population and Prosperity

The Kingdom of God on earth must have an energy policy. "You shall receive power" is not only needed for spiritual growth but increasing energy is vital for prosperity and family growth. Here some guidelines....


29 May - What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn't

I have major questions about this whole issue of global climate change, carbon and human actions on climate. I see too much politics and not enough science. I want to recommend a great book I recently came across that has helped me.


22 May - UFO Update: Disclosure Goes Mainstream

A very important development this last week: The American mainstream media went all in, "they are real and we have a big problem here"; President Obama in an interview this week, "they are real and we have a problem". My analysis: They are real and we have a spiritual battle ahead for occupation of planet earth.


15 May - The VOC Most Valuable Company in History: A Parable for the 2nd Reformation

The VOC (Vereenigde Oostiendische Companje) or better know as the Dutch East India Company was the world's first company, and reputed most valuable and a direct result of the Protestant Reformation. There is a parable here for our coming Second Reformation of the Church.


8 May - SpaceX: a Kingdom Parable For Bad Theology

I am really tired of the usual "Kingdom yes...but not yet". This has become an excuse for a continuation of church as religious entertainment. An excuse for "yes but we need to wait till Jesus returns before we can....". So here is a teaching parable for our times...


1 May - King David and Kingdom Entrepreneurs

This is the most exciting time in the history of God’s Kingdom on earth. The time for Kingdom entrepreneurs to do exploits. Some valuable tips from David on how to use your Melchizedek anointing for such a time of exploits.


24 April - You and the Mystery of Melchizedek

Who was Melchizedek and what does that have to do with you and what the Lord is now doing? How do I enter into a Melchizedek calling? What are the benefits and responsibility of such a calling?

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