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14 May- American War Prophecies Part 2

I want to clarify last week’s prophetic bad news. When prophets speak about visions they are open to judgement and analysis. Who is the woman of power over America? What does destruction of the nation look like? Herewith my different interpretation.


7 May- The Nuclear War Prophecy

I did not want to do this blog. It's alarmist. But this week the threats out of Moscow were nuclear war threats. The threats out of Washington were we will win. Herewith the most credible prophecy I know from many years ago of nuclear war on America. I leave it for you to decide. I need to be's not all wonderful prophetic revival ahead.


30 April- The Shaking of the Nations Update

World War 3 and asymmetrical warfare of Russia, China, America, Europe. Prophetic analysis of coming move of God. Major oil find in Southern Africa.


23 April- Why Are We Poor?

It used to be the global south that was the "poor of the world". And it was the "west" with the easy answers to third world poverty. Watch as poverty becomes global. And the "rich west" start asking why are we poor? Get ready for God's global economic "reset" found in Luke 4:18-19. The economic shaking of the nations has started.


16 April- Russia-Ukraine Prophetic Analysis: Gog, Magog End Times or Babylon Falling?

Christian media and prophecy preachers are full of the usual end times narrative: Putin and Russia are Gog and Rosh and Magog. I offer another prophetic perspective of our times for your consideration: Babylon is Falling!


9 April- The World Economic War Has Started

On February 24, 2022 World War 3 started with Russia against the West. Soon the economic war started. My prediction: The dollar and the Euro will lose. A new world economic order is coming. And not what the prophecy preachers predicted.


2 April- The Come World Famine....and the Church Response

By the time the vastly decreased northern hemisphere grain harvests are reaped in September/October it will become evident to everyone that the world is facing a food catastrophe. I predict this is a structural long term problem and as a Church we need to be involved in solutions...especially here in Southern Africa.


26 March- The Horsemen of the Apocalypse Let Loose

Several photos that prompt me to ask "What's wrong with this picture?" And it explain why things are about to get much worse. Starting with the expanding war on all fronts and world famine.

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