Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 12 January 2019
The Kingdom of God and the New Economy...Part 1

Any organization designed for success in the 20th century will probably fail in the 21st century. God has purposed His Kingdom for exponential growth...the Church of the 20th century needs to redesign for the 21st century of exponential growth.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 5 January 2019
Technology, Abundance and the New Jerusalem

The great technology revolution we are now experiencing will produce an abundance that will crumble the world economic and political system...but it will also be a gift from Christ to His bride, to assist Him in His great work.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 29 December 2018
Things to Come

Well its that time of the year. Last Sunday CNN's Fareed Zakaria on his GPS program asked two prominent public intellectuals what does the future hold. One for the good news the other for the bad news. I would like to comment from a Kingdom perspective....

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 22 December 2018
The Gospel of Jubilee and the Seventh Seal

I want to take you deeper into the Gospel of Jubilee and its significance for this critical hour that the church is facing. There is a deep mystery here that connects to Revelation and the plan of God for the ages.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 15 December 2018
Part 2 Rebuilding Economic Waste Places: Retirement and the Jubilee Year

Jesus began His ministry by laying out His Kingdom agenda from Isaiah 61. Part of that agenda was good news to the poor...."the acceptable year of the Lord." Neither the Church nor Israel has ever to my knowledge either preached or practiced the "acceptable year of the Lord."...and therefore the poor remain poor.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 8 December 2018
Rebuilding the Economic Waste Places: Part 1

It is time to put the national and international economic system on the Kingdom agenda...the agenda for change and restructure! The world economic system is headed for a mega-crash and the current church teaching on tithing and prosperity does not come close to addressing the issues.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 1 December 2018
Rebuilding Waste Places: Climate Change and Famine

I am not a climate change denier. I believe we need to prepare for world famine from a mini-ice age that is coming. I believe that just like Abraham and Isaac and Jacob's family had to go to Africa for food, the time is coming when the world comes to Africa for food....and that is part of the coming Kingdom Agenda, feed the hungry.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 24 November 2018
Whatsoever you bind on earth is bound in heaven

If we are to do the works that will heal our land there is one more important revolution that needs to happen in the church...we will need to make new bonds of covenant relationships for work...not meetings and talk.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 17 November 2018
The New Jerusalem and the Rebuilding of the Waste Places

Our first step to healing our nation and rebuilding our waste places is to get a new vision of the New Jerusalem, what it actually means and why it is the source of the coming great flood of healing and revival.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 10 November 2018
Rebuilding the Waste Places: Scope of Work

I want to get on with a positive message of how we can rebuild the waste places both here in South Africa as well as around the world. But first I must explain the scope of work because this is never raised in our churches and this will be new for most of you.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 3 November 2018
It Is Time.....Raise an Ensign

Several weeks ago Angus Buchan held the great "It is time" gathering in Pretoria. Something prophetic happened thereafter. For those of you asking "Time for what?" our new Minister of Finance answered without realizing the prophetic significance of what he was saying. Here is what I believe the Lord is telling us here in South Africa...

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 27 October 2018
The Kingdom Community Solution for Africa

The large mega-churches of Lagos Nigeria have had enough of dysfunctional and corrupt government. They have come up with a novel solution...their own cities. Here is a report from The Economist magazine that asks a question I would like to answer:

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 20 October 2018
The Strongholds of Zion

The Church is the Israel of God, the army of God. Israel in the Old Testament was our example. If we are to possess our inheritance in Christ we will need to pull down the strongholds of Zion...and build the temple of God in their place.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 13 October 2018
Occupy Till I Come....and the mystery of Zion

For those waiting for the rapture there is a common preaching call..."occupy till He comes!" But the context of this verse gives us interesting clues as to what Jesus meant...which is why we must understand the mystery of Zion.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 6 October 2018
Protestant Radicals 2.0

The movement that radically changed the world 500 years about to do it again. Alec Ryrie's new book "Protestants: The Radicals who made the modern world." Get ready for world changing New World Order. Here is what to look for....

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 29 September 2018
God's Wrecking Ball and Mammon's End

Evangelicals in America are rallying around President Trump as "God's wrecking ball". But they are not prepared for what I believe the Lord is really going to wreck. Because Mammon must fall to the growing Kingdom of God and they do not realize Donald Trump has a big part to play in the coming world economic collapse.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 22 September 2018
Contending with the Logos: The Challenge of a Sheep Nation

I am going to introduce you to an entire new battlefield: The Logos Creation of God. Understanding the Logos Creation is the key to subduing the earth. And it is for that battle that the Lord is raising up "sheep nations".

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 15 September 2018
The Rise of Sheep Nations

We are moving into a new era. The era of the separation of sheep nations from goat nations. But first the Lord will do a new thing. He will create sheep nations. This is how He will do it....

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 8 September 2018
The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End

There are two long trends coming to a conclusion in our generation. The one in church prophetic history and the other in world prophetic history. And they both will conclude in one of the most intriguing and un-preached prophecies in the Bible.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 1 September 2018
The Mystery of the Resurrection

When does it take place? What happens when we die? Do we sleep? I want to present you with a radical idea based on scripture and Albert Einstein and his relativity theory that has revolutionized our understanding of time.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 25 August 2018
The Mystery of the Coming of the Lord

Let me share with you some radical gospel of the mystery of the coming of the Lord. Like I shared with you on the Rapture, I think there is more here than what you are being told. Here are some thoughts for you to research further...

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 18 August 2018
The Mystery of Meeting the Lord in the Air:  Part 2…the Eden Exit Plan

Let’s go a bit deeper in considering an alternate scenario for the rapture of the saints.  What was God’s original plan in Eden if Adam had not sinned?  Could it be that Jesus the Second Adam is going to restore the Eden Exit Plan?

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 11 August 2018
The Mystery of Meeting the Lord in the Air

The rapture of the Church is one of the most beloved doctrines of the evangelical movement and one of the most controversial.  For those of you who love scriptural mysteries and want to dig a bit deeper on this….here are some things to consider. There is more here than the sudden disappearance of 700 million evangelicals

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 4 August 2018
Please note that there will be no blog this weekend. PC is in for repairs. Blog will be live and loaded again on the 11th of August.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 28 July 2018
End of Empire: Strategic Analysis

There is a very important decision for America coming that will deeply affect the world. Donald Trump could be facing his King Josiah moment. There is much speculation by political commentators that the decision to bomb Iran is close...

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 21 July 2018
Trump, Putin and the Beast of Babylon

The Trump summit in Helsinki with Putin has elicited hysteria among the American media, politicos and commentariat.  And this after again a very bad media reaction to the Singapore summit with Kim.  Something is afoot here that I want to analyze from the Kingdom Vision perspective. And it is good news and bad news...

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 14 July 2018
Elon Musk, SpaceX and the Future Puritan Space Trek

Elon Musk the Tesla and SpaceX entrepreneur recently announced the coming of their new Falcon BFR Heavy Lift rocket.  Space experts said with this cost and weight lift capability they can put 2,5 million people in orbiting space colonies by 2040….in 22 years. Here is why I think the first long term space colony settlers will be “Puritan” the Mayflower Puritans who settled America in 1620.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 7 July 2018
The Coming of the Glory Cloud

Last week I introduced you to a new timeline for the Kingdom of God...the Alpha and Omega timeline.  This week I introduce you to the coming of the Lord in the glory cloud...the end of an age and the beginning of a new age.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 30 June 2018
The Alpha and the Omega: But When is the End?

Jesus said to His disciples, "Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall never pass away." And they asked "When shall this be?" The answer was not for their time. But since 1995 cosmologists can answer it . And it has profound implications for the vision of the Church of the 21st Century.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 23 June 2018
Economic Warfare and the Death of Nations

We need to connect the dots of the background to the world economic warfare now erupting. Behind it is the coming death of nation states, the rise of corporate states and the capture of the Church into the cares of this world.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 16 June 2018
North Korea, Billy Graham, Kim, Trump and the Presbyterian Connection

There is a fascinating historical connection around the Presbyterian Church connection of the Kim dynasty of North Korea, Billy Graham's wife and Donald Trump...and it could prove to be the breakthrough for the gospel in North Korea.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 9 June 2018
Cultural Degradation and the Culture War of the Church

There is a cultural war now raging in the world. It is not about race or class or East vrs. West. At its core it is a centuries old war on the man created in the image of God and the satanic attack to turn man into an animal and his culture into a battleground of predators and prey. And the Church has a battle on its hands.....

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 2 June 2018
Storm Clouds Ahead: The Church and the Coming Economic Crisis

I am continuing my series on the road ahead and the challenges for the Church. This week...there is an economic storm straight ahead and the Church needs to prepare. And prosperity preachers are not providing any scriptural answers..

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 26 May 2018
War Clouds Gather: Israel’s 70th Anniversary

Evangelical leaders open the American embassy in Jerusalem with prayer. But behind the scenes preparations for war mirror the catastrophe leading to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. What is the prophetic significance for the Kingdom of God?.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 19 May 2018
Koinonia Discipleship and Kingdom Government

I am continuing my reason why Koinonia discipleship is critical to the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth....and it has to do with how human government is no longer working and how the Lord governs in His Kingdom.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 12 May 2018
Kingdom Discipleship or Kingdom Violence

I want to teach you something about the importance of small group discipleship by explaining one of the most misunderstood sayings of Jesus...the violent take the Kingdom by force..

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 5 May 2018
The City Church and the House Church:  Platform for Exponential Growth

There is something very important to learn from companies that are experiencing exponential growth.  Create a platform that brings people and services together.  This is the new model for the Church of the 21st Century..

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 28 April 2018
Transitioning the Church into the Kingdom Agenda

Just as Israel was captured by Babylon so the Church and its Kingdom agenda has been captured by Mystery Babylon. But the great exodus has already begun. Here is what lies ahead....

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 21 April 2018
The Transition to Exponential Growth

There are two groupings in the world today who are planning and executing a program for universal endless growth...the world's richest 1% and their technocratic elite....and the other is the government of the Kingdom of God led by Jesus Christ.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week: 14 April 2018
Corporate Capitalism and the Death of Nations

The transition of the Church to the ministry of healing the nations starts by recognizing that nations are dying and honesty about one of the major causes of the death of children caused by Corporate Capitalism.

Kingdom Vision Report
Week:7 April 2018
Issues in Transition to Kingdom World Government

I want to give you some  analysis of world power dynamics so we can understand our path as a church towards God's goal of handing the Kingdom to the saints. There are important things happening in America, Russia, China, the EU, Israel and the Catholic Church that need analysis...but lets start with some economic analysis.

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