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Kingdom Vision Reports

8 August - Madness as the Nations Approach their End Times

Have you noticed all the absolute craziness that the politicians are up to around the world? There is a strategic reason for this as well as a prophetic reason. The next four months will be hectic...


1 August - The Reformation and “White Privilege”

The issue of racism has become a world wide discussion. The accusation is that “white privilege” is inherently structural and evil and caused “white” prosperity. Here is my counterargument: It was the Reformation and Bible believers….


25 July - The Monastery Movement and Rural Development

We have a hunger and unemployment crisis. The city churches can learn from the history of the church from that era that created Western Civilization. And Covid-19 lockdown and closed churches are a good time for new strategy.


18 July - Covid-19 Bad News: Update and Analysis

Recent research results were reported this week. Covid anti-bodies fade over time and previously infected can infect again. That means "herd immunity" will never happen. If true this is a serious crisis for the world economy and how we do church.


11 July - The Lie of 4th of July: The Road to American Dependence

Last weekend American's celebrated "Independence Day". Ironic actually. Because they are more dependent on government than ever. This lie started on 4th of July 1776 when they rejected the Puritan constitutions of the 13 colonies. There is a lesson here.


4 July - The Dominoes are Falling

I saw a graphic this last week that illustrates what is happening now in our economy and the world economy. It reminds me of the Promised Land that the Israelites saw...giants and walled cities squatting on their inheritance that must fall.


27 June - Revival is not enough....!

Under king Josiah Israel had the greatest revival in its history from about 624 BC to 608 BC. Four years later in 604 BC they were in bondage in Babylon. Revival is not enough...we need to disciple the nation and not just the individuals.


20 June - God's Plan for the Meek to Inherit the Earth

In the midst of the world of politics and economics collapsing around us, rejoice the Lord has an economic plan for the meek to inherit the earth. Today's lesson...the 7 year economic building blocs to Jubilee economic prosperity.

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