Kingdom Vision

Kingdom Vision Reports


20 April 2019 - The 2020's : The End of Propheteering in the Church and Government

The populists in both the church and government promise the masses what they want to hear....something for nothing. In the coming 2020 decade the masses will have a meeting with economic, political and spiritual reality. After that coming disaster we can start getting serious about Kingdom economics and real prosperity...


13 April 2019 - 2020's Transition: Preparing for the Greatest Move of God

The decade of the 2020's will see the emergence of a great new move of God...ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This will be the conduit for the greatest release of God's power in the earth in the history of the Church.


6 April 2019 - The 2020's: The Decade of the Endgame

There comes a time in God's historical timeline when it becomes evident what is built on sand and what is built on the rock and will last. I see the decade of the 2020's as such a time...these are the things to watch for...the good news and the bad news.


30 March 2019 - History Repeats: The Two End Times of the Early Church....and our future.

Twice in the history of the early church their prophetic world view collapsed. How the Lord rebuilt the church is how He will rebuild the church in our future...because we face the same crisis of failed expectations.


23 March 2019 - Creating Storehouses for Wealth Creation and Distribution

Only the Church can reconcile the need for private enterprise and socialism. Only the Church can answer the marxist challenge of who controls the "surplus value" of the economy fairly. State socialism or private voluntary socialism? The Church has the answer.


16 March 2019 - The Israel Parallel Economy

It is vital for the Christian community to do what the Lord commanded Israel with regard to their economy. One economic set of laws for the Israel community, a different set of laws for those outside the community.