Kingdom Report for week 17 March 2018

The Second Renaissance and the Second Reformation
Are we interpreting the signs of the times correctly? Well it depends on what you are looking for.  And that also depends on where you think God's prophetic timeline is heading.  Let me give you some ideas on an alternate view of the times...

Kingdom Report for week 10 March 2018
Prophecy Questions to Ponder
For your research I have outlined an interesting list of prophecy questions that contradict
the usual interpretation of prophecy lots of scriptures for you to consider.

Kingdom Report for week 2 March 2018
Election?, Predestination?, Free Will?....My Third Option. I want to offer you a third option in the long standing debate between Calvinists and Arminians. Neither works for me. I have not read this solution anywhere so look at my proposal critically and prayerfully and see if it is scripturally sound and makes sense to you.

Kingdom Report for week 24 February 2018
"The Great Church Transition"; Science Tech: Elon Musk and New World Internet; Finance: New Kingdom Mutual Bank model; Political Report: South Africa's new President.

Kingdom Report for week 16 February 2018
"The World that then was....and the World to Come"
Why the earth is not 6000 years old and why tech billionaires are running from the apocalypse to New Zealand

Kingdom Report for week 10 February 2018
"Drought and Dominion"
Some thoughts on the media attack on Angus Buchan and the call for prayer for
Cape Town.

Kingdom Vision Report for week 3 February
This week analysis of culture wars, TV series Handmaid's Tale, movie critque The Shape of Water, the rise of Dagon and cross specie sex. Economic watch.

Kingdom Vision 27 January
Due to business responsibilities there will be no blog this week. Please join us again next week.

Kingdom Vision Report for week 20 January
Kingdom Report "Roadmap to Growing the Coming Holy Nations"

Kingdom Vison Report for week 13 January 2018
Growing New Nations for Christ Using the Israel Template

Kingdom Vision Report for week 6 January 2018
"2018 Trends Analysis using the Tares and Wheat Paradigm"

Kingdom Report for week of 30 December 2017

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