Kingdom Vision

Kingdom Vision Reports

30 May - Good News and Time Cycle Update

Something important happened in South Africa three years ago that gives me great hope for our future. Plus I want to give you an interesting historical teaching about the cycles of time and the preparation we are now in to manifest the Kingdom of God on earth.


23 May - The Cycles of Time: And the Time for the Kingdom

This is one of those times when the tares of the field are ripe for removal so that the good seed of the Kingdom of God can flourish. Covid-19 is like a threshing machine to uproot tares so that the Kingdom seed can flower. I have a theory about our time of transition we are going through. See if it makes sense to you.


16 May - City Changers

I want to show you the four step pattern in scripture that gives us the blueprint to the city changers and nation builders that God has called us to be in Southern Africa. The collapsed post-pandemic economy is going to require a new strategy from the church to rebuild our nation.


9 May - The Great Unraveling...and the Great Rebuilding

This is one of the great turning points of both world history and God's prophetic timeline. What lies ahead has never been done but the prophetic blueprints for what must be done are available. This week a quick analysis and blueprint revelation....


2 May - When Governments Go Crazy: The Haggai Solution

Have you noticed all the crazy stuff that governments are doing to destroy their economies? The prophet Haggai will give you some fascinating insight as to why God shakes the nations and when He gets our attention what He wants done. Pay attention...its our way out of this economic disaster.


25 April - Publishing the Vision

I have posted on the website a PDF download of my new book "Southern Africa's Prophetic Destiny". In this crisis time we need a positive word from the Lord about His plans for our nation and a strategy for rebuilding the waste places. If this speaks to your heart please pass it along by email.


18 April - Preparation for the Vision

Next week I am publishing online my new book "Southern Africa's Prophetic Destiny" In preparation for that this week I have posted a lot of new articles on the website and revised some previous ones. This week I want to share strategy with you for what is coming....


11 April - The Fire Prophecies and the Search for Answers

It's started as I predicted, the world media are talking of possible solutions to the international economic crisis that have already been prescribed 3,500 years ago in the Bible.....and some wonderful visionary reading for Easter for we South Africans in lockdown...."The Southern Tip of Africa Fire Prophecies". The time has come!

Download the new book here