Kingdom Vision

Research and Analysis

I do a lot of research in areas like history, technology, cosmology, etc which sometimes provide fascinating insight into the worlds that God has created. All creation is done by "the Word of God" and as such to read and study the Word of God is not just Bible study but study also of all that God has created.

Ezekiel's Wheels, the Dragon's Tail and the End of the Age

Ezekiels famous wheels are not ancient UFO's and the dragon did not cast a third of the angels to earth. The signs of the stars and constellations tell a different story.

The Prophetic Significance of America and 9-11

The prophetic significance for the world of 11 September 2001; the Puritan founding of America; the Masonic revolution of 1776; the Isaiah 9 prophecy; the end of the New World Order.

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