Kingdom Vision

The King and His Kingdom

Here are my articles on why I believe we are now in the Kingdom Age and my ideas of how the Kingdom of God is structured in the heavens and on earth and how it operates on each realm and what God's eternal purposes are for His various Kingdom structures.

This is the Kingdom Age: Jesus is Lord Now

This is not the end times. We are now in the Kingdom Age. Jesus is Lord now not one day in a 1000 year Kingdom. Kingdom now or Kingdom postponed? This is what scripture says....

The Church is the Kingdom of God on Earth...not the Jews

Christian Zionism is pervasive in the evangelical church around the world. This false doctrine of dual covenentalism is a strrategic dead end for the church and will end tragically.

The Government of God

I am going to divide up for you the vast domains of the Kingdom of God into three heavens, explain what each heaven is for and then we will consider how the Lord governs His great Kingdom