Kingdom Vision

The Dominion Mandate

It is time to take our first commission of Genesis 1: 26-28 seriously and get on with the job of subduing the earth, take dominion over all of God's creation, be productive and multiply. All things including the economy, philosophy, science, culture, the earth and the cosmos must be brought under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Dominion over all God's works also means endless growth of His Kingdom and space colonization of the solar system, the galaxy and the entire cosmos.

The Dominion Mandate

Our first job given by the Lord to all mankind is found in Genesis 1:26-28. We are to be fruitful, replenish the earth, subdue the earth and have dominion over all the works of God's hand. Adam failed in this task...but Christ as the second Adam has restored our ability to get on with the job of dominion over all the works of the Lord.

The Purpose of God's Kingdom Economy on Earth

The Lord is the creator and owner of the all the earth and all who dwell in the earth. He wants a return on His investment. We need to redesign our economy to produce what the Lord wants from earth and its people.

Alpha and Omega: Space Colonization and the Kingdom of God

The Lord has given us trillions of galaxies and billions of years to take dominion over all the works of His hands...and then comes the end!